What are you going to do today?

All my family still live in Huddersfield, my bro in Newsome (not far from Castle Hill) and my Mum in the parental home in Waterloo. Spent a lot of my teenage years around Holmfirth, Denby Dale, Honley, Meltham etc, a small world… And yeah the Shambles seems to have lost a lot of its ‘old world charm’ these days.


I think I’ll try again for a Huddersfield meet up of Wine soc people!


Did you know Tim Sykes was once a local lad?

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Back from two weeks in France - Paris, Clermont, Nimes, Carcassonne and Toulouse. We had some lovely wines and clearly our wine hearts are there. Highlights were these ones including first ever Zalto wine glasses. Excellent meals out, ice creams and scenic train journeys.


If you go again to those areas the book to read on your stay is “The Albigensian Crusade” by Jonathan Sumption. That book explains both the religious and social foundations of the whole area.


Finland road trip chugging inexorably northwards; not a lot of wine-themed postings options though. But frequent road hazards, checking out Ruka ski resort - all of its 490m elevation; oddly the gondola and chair lifts were working yet there was hardly anyone around let alone actually boarding them, crossing the arctic circle, and finally the sun broke out illuminating the Lapland fall colours. Tomorrow we get to Inari.

Fingers x’d for some Northern Lights…


You need to listen to Sibelius’ 5th symphony…it will tune you into the wooded mystery and exhilaration of the landscape.


Thanks if today is anything to go by it could hardly get better. Bring on the next 30.

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Stunning photos! :heart_eyes::+1:

Got lucky tonight…


Both decent and won’t break the bank …


Not quite the same, but we have an amazing thunderstorm nearby just now. The thunder is absolutely constant.

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Valladolid in the sun and a very nice Rosado Cigales to enhance the day.


Gold, Sword, Juno beaches and Pegasus Bridge along with sometime with Madame Grondee….that was quite something.


There is a great museum around that area with a huge model of the Mulberry harbour…well worth a visit but alas I cannot remember the name of the museum! But as you are in the region it is probably well advertised…hopefully…

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Just looked it up…it is the Arromanches museum

Thanks for that
We dropped by yesterday - stayed Sunday night in Arromanches at The Normandie hotel not our best hotel night but it’s right opposite the museum and had a car park.

The museum is well worth a stop - fabulous.

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Not having much luck tonight re post…… last attempt from the north east of Portugal! Two great walks in the Montesinho National Park. Wild crocus, chestnut groves, stunning scenery and a Lagotto that strips grapes from the wines(sorry)!


Well driving home from Austria over a few days so decided to check out the Mosel area. My goodness some of the slopes are crazy and the guy who sits on the grape collection contraption makes grape picking look like a less scary option. We stayed a night at Trittenheim.


A day foraging, cooking and eating in the Finnish countryside at around the level of the Arctic circle; vaguely east of Rovaniemi, courtesy of a local bespoke tour company (finncredible.com), and it was just the two of us with our host Alexi.

First a hike into the Kaihuanvaara nature park to pick berries - usual suspects at this time of year are lingonberries, bilberries, crowberries and if you’re lucky, cranberries. We’re not that keen on the crowberry as I find it quite bitter, but the others were picked with enthusiasm. I got a boxful of lingonberries which I’ll keep frozen in the motorhome until going home then make some jelly. The rest a “breakfast mix” will go with our daily muesli or yoghurt for the next several days

Stage two was a drive then hike to a summerhouse by the Lake Iso-Kaarni to learn how to fillet, and cook on an open fire a Northern Pike, (which was also made into ceviche), as rillettes cooked in cream, served with not bad at all reconstituted powdered mash (much nicer than the Smash of the 70’s), followed by berry cake and coffee.

Luckily the weather held, and was even a bit sunny at some stage. All in all the outing was about 10 hours and thoroughly enjoyable. It made up for tonight’s cancelled Northern Lights trip (weather too rotten)