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What are you going to do today?

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


We got to the park - daughter met friends and much happy fun was had, despite a few falls off the bike. It was a typical sunny Yorkshire day (i.e. driving rain) but everyone was happy, till after a few hours, exposure/hypothermia set in.

My watch has just put up a grumpy message saying I didn’t get enough quality sleep last night but again I slept.

@Inbar - the Crémant de Limoux is good. I’d say it’s got a lovely floral mid palate thing that I got from the very lovely Domaine de Mouscaillo Crémant - which either they’ve stopped making or the WS doesn’t do, and which is wonderful. So all good apart from a STUPID bottle, which won’t play nice and has to go on top of the wine racking…


Don’t get me started on stupid bottles not stacking!

There should be 1 type of Burgundy bottle, 1 type of Bordeaux bottle, 1 sparkling bottle (Champagne maybe?) and, because I like them and they stack well, Albeisa bottles for everything else Mediterranean (please take note Apostolos Thymiopoulos). Thats it. Oh, and all sweet wine should be in 500ml bottles like Pacherenc du Vic Bilh. Nothing else.

If only I was in charge of the world…


Keeping everything crossed for you :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Try and store a Vin Jaune in the rack… Nearly smashed the damn Clavelin! :scream:

Thank you so much for the notes! It’s going in the next order for sure :+1:

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We shall soon be tuning in to a live stream concert from Brighton Dome, featuring the fantastic Gildas Quartet with Joanna MacGregor on piano for the last piece.

Schubert, followed by Hyden, but the icing on the cake will be Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet in G minor Op.57…

Hot coffee and pastries free of charge, courtesy of the husband… Looking forward! :sparkling_heart:


Worked late last night on all sorts.
My dinner was more a glorified, tarted-up snack, accompanied by a half of the Guigal CdR 2016, which decided not too play ball in my hour of need. Not corked, just very flat and non-descript!! :cry:
More work today, but will watch all the political shows be they BBC, Sky, CNN or CNBC. :+1:
Dinner to be a rather impressive free range chicken that I will roast, and a half of Bolly and a half of Thalabert 2013; after a good decant.
This weekend has been a personal sporting desert, the autumn International rugby does not count given Wales’ lacklustre performance against Georgia! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: TBH, who cares about this made up series of games??
So at 18:00 it will be the Titans@Ravens, Packers@Colts culminating at 01:10 with the Chiefs@Raiders.
I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and @Rafa, I really hope that you are bearing up at what must be a difficult time. We Sir, are with you!! :+1: :dragon:


Have spent the first part of the afternoon cutting plastic report binders to slip on wine racks. Now to to get the wine moved…

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I’m trying my best ! Making beef short ribs and opened a bottle of Malbec to keep spirits high:)


Beef Ribs - YUM!! :clap: :+1:
Malbec like Riesling -Hemlock!! :open_mouth: :rofl:
I’ve got a Cosme Crozes 2011 kicking about here, that would “Suit you Sir!!” :rofl: :+1: :dragon:


I did that yesterday. Works a treat, thanks @peterm


Adding my good wishes…this is a doubly challenging time to be going through this.

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late to the party - hope all went well

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Although, not on my list for today - I just drew a line in the sand.
I cancelled a £77 “dribble” order, of nice to have wine, but not important.
I have enough!!
I have spent enough.
And unless the Society comes up with something quite extraordinary, my debit card is due a well earned break. (Famous last words!!)
So sorry @Sarah, if I cannot have some Bolly PN VZ 15 or another Festive Bolly NV offer, then I suspect that @owmarcel will be the grateful recipient in January of these funds in the 2019 Rhone EP Offer.
I am having fun sorting through all of my purchases/Reserves withdrawals plus others made since August.
I have found bottles that I thought that had been consumed, bottles that I had forgotten that I had bought and so it goes.
So this cancelled £77 order, truly was the straw that broke… :open_mouth:
In truth, me and my nearest & dearest can drink like Lords until June, I am not kidding. :+1: :dragon:



Same here @Taffy-on-Tour. But I suspect I am talking a June many, many years away :rofl:


Today I am tackling the labeling of recentish wine arrivals. I imagine I will get side tracked by making stollen and planting next year’s garlic cloves (bit late I know) but at least the majority of the rows were planted at the right time.

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I’m a bit late to this thread, haven’t looked at it for a few weeks, so only just read your news @Rafa. Hope the consultation went ok and send you my best wishes for whatever lies ahead.


Heavy day of work today - one presentation to my director done already with another one to come. Then clocking off for the week at 5, and settling into 6 hours of NFL, and a glass or 4 of wine. Could be worse!


Today I received my last order for the year (the mixed case with all the Planeta wines plus the 3 desert island wines that Jancis selected). Over 90 bottles purchased since the beginning lockdown. I have (way) north of 360 bottles of wine stored at home and away at this point. I think this is enough for the time being.

Where do you draw the line?


I draw it every week. Then I see something irresistible so I get the rubber out. This is why it is so important to ‘draw’ your line in pencil if you haven’t got any sand.

It’s no good using marker pen (permanent or otherwise) because Lady Brentw1 can spot a re-drawn one of those immediately.