What are you going to do today?

A ‘sparkle’ effect can be created by over sharpening, so it might also be worth checking if the camera settings have a fairly high level of digital sharpening set up by default. This kind of ‘sparkle’ can vary based on the monitor you’re viewing on.

Emley Moor mast in the background?

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Certainly a great work and probably my favourite too.

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That’s interesting - I shall have to look at the phone settings (leastways, I’ll get Daughter No.2 to do it).
The LG 27" is on 3840 x 2160 (and has the sparkle effect) - my other monitor, the Samsung 27" is on 2560 x 1440 and seems OK.
I’ve never calibrated them 'cos I do product / interior design - not graphics or video.


Nope - thats Black Hill. Although Emley mast is a very good guess - its the one I can see from the spare room (my office), currently there are two masts on Emley whilst they do repairs.


Whilst I was in London at a Wimps lunch today my wife was watching Ride London come past. Just watched the highlights on TV and you can see her and our dog by the road.
Interesting how beautiful our silly old Essex countryside looks.


Back to my Homeland for a week or so, bookending a friend’s eldest son’s wedding here near Tralee this weekend. En route somewhere I’d never actually visited - Blarney Castle, near Cork. Blarney stone and all that. It’s a well-oiled money making operation ! The visit is padded out by a trail through the grounds with sculptures, standard issue flower beds and Druid stones dotted around, then visitors clamber up the castle staircase to the top where the eponymous stone is embedded in the crenelations. For a €2 “tip” a couple of disinterested staff suspend you by the trouser legs upside down so you can Mmwwa the stone and have the moment recorded for posterity for the princely sum of a further €10. The visitors (mainly Americans I reckon) seem to lap it up.

Not a repeat visit.



Lambrusco and defending the bbq from the gulls


Where are you staying @DavidCB? We’re thinking of going to Chania this summer. Not booked yet.

Feeling v lucky with the weather in the Lakes this week. Never had consistent sun like this before.


Headed out to west Kerry today but in the morning a detour south to Bantry Bay to revisit the Garinish / Garnish (spelling seems to be arbitrary) Island gardens, which are a 10 minute ferry ride from Glengarriff.

Once owned and developed by the Bryce family, the last family member left it to the Irish State on their death. I went there about 30 odd years ago and have wanted to return again ever since.

It’s in good hands - well maintained and a pleasant half day excursion. The family home is now also open and has been kept in its original state including furniture and fittings. Soon after the Bryces moved there - fully loaded - they intended to build a massive mansion - completely inappropriate - on the highest point of the island, but their fortune was staked on Russian investments which all crashed, of course, following the Revolution, and so they compromised on building a simple cottage instead. But it retained and houses many grandiose items intended for the mansion, which makes for a fascinating visit.



Will send you a PM!

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Does anyone have recommendations for vineyards to visit in South Devon?

Yes. Probably the pick is the recently moved Sharpham Estate to here https://sandridgebarton.com


Thanks for this. We are camping down near Hope Cove for a week and somehow my mind turned to vineyards this afternoon. Will try and squeeze in a visit.


unexpectedly fantastic weather in SW Ireland at the moment. Yesterday a trip up to the summit of Valencia Island for the spectacular look back at the Iveragh / Kerry peninsula then a boat trip out from Portmagee to the Skellig Islands, more or less about as far west in Europe you can get. The more pointy (Michael) island was the opening scene for the 7th Star Wars film, the broader more jagged (Little) Island is the second largest gannet colony in the world.


Climb Scafell Pike. Never done it before. The long way from Langdale. Wonderful day


I’m deeply envious. Looking at a map, that is a long route! and a fine pint to finish with.

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Went for a walk around the Lee and the Lee Commons, with a stop a the local pub.


We’re in Devon for the umpteenth time and are heading there for some tasting on Thurs - looking forward to it!

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Went to Uzès to see the old castrum and then to the hilltop village of Vezenobres…stupendous views

Looking south east from Vezenobres vaguely in the direction of Nimes.
Uzès is a delightful medieval town.