What are you going to do today?

Drive(n) from Langebaan to the Robertson Valley.


Didn’t say I wouldn’t still drop in the occasional one! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Big tour up the Argentiere glacier today Beautiful scenery and lovely to get away from the crowds:

Slightly scary passage through the crevasses on the descent!


I love that big smile on your face, @MikeFranklin! :+1: :grin:


Yup it was a great day and there were lots of smiles from both of us. Especially during the apres beers!


Brain’s not addled yet then…

Six of us formed a team for a charity quiz at the local town hall last night to raise money for the North Norfolk Ukraine Relief fund - all 20 tables sold out. The night raised over £3k and will contribute to purchasing items to go on the periodic men in white vans convoys to the Ukraine border with Poland.

Anyway - we won !! Yay !! And none of the rounds were remotely to do with wine. 114 points to beat the second placers’ 110 - out of a possible 160 points so some questions very challenging, such as 10 brief intros into James Bond theme tunes to name the film and the artist. They all sounded the same, but I did, to my shame, spot Duran Duran in the mix…

Fabulous 1st prize of a mystery hamper too heavy for one person to lift which we divvied up democratically amongst us. Much of the booze items I simply didn’t want but had to make a choice between some Moet NV and a J Creek brut; very easy decision…

The Best prize was the ironic booby prize to the team which came last - a group of vociferous 20-somethings - which was a magnum of Liebfraumilch - with the caveat that they had to actually drink it…

IMG_1930 (2)


Having a go at cooking cannelés de Bordeaux. I was pretty pleased for a first attempt, but I think that I might try to find some deeper moulds.


Badminton tournament today. We’re only social players but thought we’d enter a team just for shits and giggles - we knew we’d get thrashed but had fun in the process, and it’s always a good workout anyway :badminton:


One up one me. I still commit the sacrilege of doing them in a muffin tin.


First attempt today at a new sport…

Its fair to say it’s not as easy as it looks, but a complete novice can be up and running, and scoring points pretty quickly. Great fun if you ever get the chance.


And to complete the Scandinavian weekend, a rare sighting of the northern lights this far down in Sweden…

Please excuse the dodgy mobile phone picture.

The next couple of days should bring some significant chances of further sightings following some impressive solar activity, with chances in the UK as well. Monday night probably best, and quite likely in the northern half of the UK if you can find a dark northern horizon.


I did use silicone moulds, which I suspect a true purist would also consider sacrilege, compared with the traditional copper and beeswax. But they turned out very easily :slight_smile:


We had a go at curling, too, just before lockdown in March 2020, and everyone had a great time. As you say, harder than it looks, but easy enough to not be demoralising.


Curling is great fun - one of those sports where it is easy enough to get to an enjoyable level, but then a lifetime of practice to actually be good!


A little clearer tonight…


Tonight was the best conditions yet…


Wow! That’s amazing. Really special views.


Out of this world…! Quite literally :star_struck:

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No northern lights here in the Pyrenees, and this is not up to the adventurous level of @MikeFranklin… but to report very good snow here atm, unusually for late Feb when it’s habitually a bit tired and either scrapy or brown sugary by now. Temps minus 8 and wind chill brings it down to -13, but was lovely when a sunny piste was found. Most of the resort was shrouded in fog, seen in upper left of photo, which is not fun. Might be better weather tomorrow.

YT is on the left.


Not in Yorkshire, too much cloud. But at least you get those views of the snow and mountains !


Alas missed the northern lights by flying to Portugal so just have to put up with blue sky and sunshine … oh and of course very nice Portuguese wines