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What are you going to do today?

That’s a brilliant idea! Ah, the pages I could have filled so far with their little observations and malapropisms…


My mam was a primary school reception class teacher and had a lot of amusing tales to tell. The best had to be the little one who told her his mum was going into hospital for a hysterical rectum😳


Deal with seven year old boy being a total monster then demanding bed time stories halfway through the first half :innocent:

He needs the sleep so this can’t be avoided. MrsB is laid up in bed with vicious flu


Having watched the first half I’d vote for bedtime stories too!


Let’s face it England have no idea how to play football.
I have lost count of the number of times we have passed backwards. We are timid, scared and have no belief.

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Yup. In keeping with our deserved relegation on the world stage.


Luckily USA either.

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I bet! :grin:

We found some hilarious photos to go with each quote. In a sense, it was more a book for us than for her…

There are so many favourites, but one of the ones we still tease her about, was her knack of asking very seriously (aged 5 or so), after a bog standard fish fingers and baked beans sort of meal - “What are the pudding options?”

Options…?! :flushed:


Ah yes, I feel I could have been more generous with my time.

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The USA showed far more adventure and forward movement. They were unlucky against waĺes. They showed far more determination and belief than England. Their passing and shape left us standing.

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That was pretty depressing…we seemed to be so lacking in creativity and so timid compared to Monday. And were muscled off far too often as well, they pressed so well.

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I feel like I’ve said exactly the same as you in slightly different words…

We lack a strong leader. Maguire is weak. Nobody is driving the team from the midfield. We need a Roy Keane and we don’t have one.

Agree - we lost control there. I feel the truism that « we needed to be better with the final pass/in the final third » was not really the problem tonight. Actually thought Maguire did ok.

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I have just watched Southgate spout a lot of self serving drivel

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I agree. He’s not weak. Occasionally makes the wrong decision but not in the air. He kept us very safe at corners (of which there were far too many)

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I love the idea of your book and have started a few Evernote notes for each child to record notes as we go.

My middle child still says bollock naise. I have no idea how he’s picked it up, but it cracks me up every time. It’s one of his favourite dishes too. I stress that this is not a common phrase around the house


Ha ha!! That’s hilarious! :joy::ok_hand: Don’t you just love kids malapropisms…

My daughter used to plead to “watch the TB”… Yes, watch out you don’t get it, dear! :grin:


Into her early twenties, my daughter was convinced (understandably to a degree) that archipelago was pronounced as if it was two words - archie & pelago; brings a smile every time I hear the word :smile:


Me: “…sure, just leave it with the recycling, next to the washing machine.”

Twin #1: “In the nativity room?”

Me: “Er…yes, that’s it, that’s what it’s called.”