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What are you going to do today?

Sounds like an excellent plan! Best get some tasting in just to be sure.

Visiting Banyuls today, some pictures of the wines tasted this morning and the Terres de Templiers cooperative winery.

Updated 25/9 a pic of the coop marketing material


A minor update: Tonight’s supper = Cote de veau, sauce pizzaiola, potatoes dauphinoises (with some German cheese on top). So a right mish-mash of European cultures. And EXCELLENT.

The 2012 Ardanza Rioja Reserva is the undoubted star - I can see why other members love it. As with all good wines, now out of stock.

At first sip this is a lovely Rioja: uncomplicated, oaky, nice fruit & mild tannins - classic wine bar Rioja. This with a bit more time, is opens up to be a very complicated wine done so well that it appears simple, but isn’t.


Very interesting - I thought they matured it outdoors in glass donjons (or something like that). Do you have any tasting notes for us back in blighty to enjoy vicariously?

Looks like there is some left. Torn betwixt helpfulness and selfishness as I type…

Out of interest, which of the second lot of bottles was your favourite? The La Serra genuinely blew me away, I preferred it’s slightly more balanced(ish) style, but I felt all were really high quality for a co-op.(although sadly we didn’t get to visit the HQ, having to make do with the shop in town)

We departed Banyuls on Saturday having spent an extremely hot week there on Rue Aristide Maillol. We did the petit train run into the hills ending in a tasting at Templiers. If you are still there the wine shop on Rue St Pierre, between the poissonnerie and the fromagerie, is excellent.


Wagon with £1.5 m worth of spirit on board




Looks good, did you do a tour / tasting?

No I didn’t …I actually tasted one of their gins …. I did buy the distillery Ledaig single cask bottlings

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You’re absolutely right…La Serra was fabulous. Might go off piste here but I thought the Vidal was to intense and given its price this was a further detraction…
Our first time at Banyuls and trying this style of wine and it was really a learning experience and absolutely fascinating.


Here you go….

This from a vineyard in Collioure, more to come later as boxes and paperwork resting in the boot.


Tasting menu with sherries at Mantua in Jerez.

Some highlights:

Best of the 3 fino/manzas was this

The Fossi, from Chiclana was complex and subtle.

I’d never previously heard of Leon Domecq although, as it happens, the bodega is only a few streets from our apartment. Another classy and penetrative wine. Very expensive as well, looking at their website.

The PX was the best I have ever tasted. Wonderful fruit nose with peach predominant. Sweet but with a balanced acidity. They don’t all have to be dark raisiny and super sweet.

All the others we good/very good apart from this one which was dull and simple. I mentioned this to the sommelier and he offered to find something else but I’d had enough by then.

The meal finished with a decent moscatel from Valdespino, another regional wine, often forgotten.


Wine tastings limited due to lack of interest from Mr JayKay but I managed to persuade him to humour me with a tasting in the Blaye/Bourg area. So off we popped to Chateau Nodoz. Lovely whites (one unoaked, one oaked), tasty rosé and lovely reds. Wine duly bought

Earlier purchases from Rousillon underneath.


Sounds very similar to my kids :joy:


Got the bus to Sanlucar, home of manzanilla, which has a fabulous beach. The view is of the mouth of the Guadalquivir river, with the Atlantic beyond.


We went there at easter when it was equally deserted but more windswept. This looks far preferable!

Yes, although mosquitoes can be a problem in the evenings.

Took no time today to gather enough sloes for a couple of litres of sloe gin. :grinning: