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What are you going to do today?

I’m with Clive. They were always my favourite vegetable as a child, until I discovered parsnips. Worlds apart from ‘sausages’ made from bundles of barely cleaned colons IMO


Sprouts, when cooked with butter and bacon, aren’t bad


They taste like solidified farts to me, hence the comparison. It doesn’t matter what you do with them. I read it’s genetic; that there’s something repellant in them that only around 1 in 5 people can taste.

Or shredded, raw, in a salad.

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This is how I like them, the one meal a year I’ll eat them being Christmas dinner.

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Coming shortly…


I’m quite partial to decently cooked (ie not murdered and then hostess trolleyed (yes, Mum, I am thinking of you….)) sprouts, not that I have them very often as no-one else likes ‘em chez nous. I am with you on the colonic “treat” called Andouillette though, disgusting, on several levels.


I adore sprouts and I adore broad beans (and I grow both). Both seem prone to splitting opinion. Strangely, though, the only cabbage/kalethat I’ll eat is sweetheart (which I also grow!).

(incidentally I would never dream of skinning my broad beans! :wink: )

Now it’s getting complicated. I love broad beans, hate sprouts and adore dark green cabbages - especially cavalo nero.


Ah, we’ve finally arrived (and then gone out to Lerclerc then arrived again).

Just waiting for the fridges to get down to temperature and chill our wine!!


Looks fantastic, @Brocklehurstj!!! :heart_eyes:

Oh to be on holiday… (well, will be a reality come Saturday! :smiley: )


Gosh, that looks good :yum:

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Every bit of that photo is inviting!

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Very nice!

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Today I have mostly been looking at the second red line on the little test kit and grumbling. That said, taste and smell still very much intact and general feeling substantially better than during my previous trip round this buoy in March 2020 - so at least I’m grumbling into a home made beef and pancetta burger with a very pleasant Mencia.


Wishing you a speedy recovery! Hope your symptoms are mild and the whole thing is over soon :pray:

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Proper modern sprouts are good!

We went on a day trip to Whitstable on Saturday, with friends and their kids. Always lovely. We had 2 dozen oysters :oyster: and tried some of their lobsters :lobster: at the Lobster Shack, by the quay. The water temperature was unusually warm.


After two days away in Constable country (Dedham Vale in Essex), we’re packing again for a camping expedition to the South Downs.

Given the ongoing weather, no doubt more trips to the beach will be on the cards, and I will be packing some rose along with the standard kit.


Oooh! Where will you be based? Or will you be camping in various places?

For a lovely outdoor swimming experience other than the beach - I can highly recommend The Pells in Lewes - the oldest freshwater outdoor swimming pool in the country. Unfortunately you need to book in advance, but you can easily spend a couple very happy hours there. Lewes itself is beautiful too and small enough to explore on foot.

Our other favourite outdoor swimming place is Barcombe Mills - a beautiful stretch of the Ouse. You can also hire boats in the nearby Anchor Inn

If you’re around Brighton at all - Ovingdean Beach is probably my favourite - much calmer than the main beach near the Brighton Pier, which is likely to be very busy. We used to take my daughter there rock pooling every summer when she was little.

Enjoy your trip! :grinning: