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What are you going to do today?

What a fabulous village Montacute is @Herbster , so close yet far from the bustle of Yeovil and all those roundabouts!!

Must have been a great place to live.

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I can hear @Herbster sighing now “If only…”

Much is revealed by predictive text😉


The only drawback of living in Montacute would be trying to give directions. “We’re in the yellow house” just won’t cut it….

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Fixed now …ooops

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Off to Festa wine festival for the evening slot. Really looking forward to it.


A day spent digging out our 4 box hedges which are about 20 years old. Alas they were attacked by box blight/moth and despite efforts to save them they are now dead.I have not used a garden fork for some time. Digging out the roots is a bit of a struggle…


Pick axe is my favourite gardening tool for hard ground and troublesome roots​:slightly_smiling_face::pick:

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Thanks for the recommendation, I will pop down to Notcutts…



Ah, got my terminology wrong- that is the very weapon of choice!

I’m no expert, it so happens that I used one for digging out roots just the other week.

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When I was doing battle with bamboo roots earlier on in the year, I resorted to a Slammer Tool. It was both effective and lots of fun!

I would say cut out the middleman and use a drain spade, like a knife through butter even in heavy clay soils :grinning:

Slammer Tool is basically a drain spade with its own built in sledgehammer/pile driver for when the roots get too thick. :smiley:

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Today is Midsommarafton, and just in time summer has arrived :sunglasses:

Schnapps, herring, strawberries and dancing frogs is the order of the day.

Glad midsommar til er! :sweden::clinking_glasses:


Ahhh! happy memories… Have a good one!! :heart_eyes: :clinking_glasses: :sweden:


This is good. Exceeding high expectations. Top producer so far is Hugo Mendes from Tejo.


Some family stuff needs doing today. Coping Mechanism. Just back from the butchers with a rather small piece of cow.

Picked some horseradish leaves from the garden and ad lib’d a horseradish churmola to go with it.

Trying to work out which vinfanticidal bordeaux to have. Currently in the running are Lagrave-Martillac 2016 or a d"Armaillac 2017. Of course when I actually get as far as the wine rack to pull whatever it is out, I may end up with something Nebbiolo in my hand instead.


I had a bottle of the 2016 Lagrave Martillac whilst I was in France in Feb. As usual the stuff in the supermarkets there tends to be sold a little on the young side (for my tastes) but I actually found this one very much open for business. And I found the tannins surprisingly well resolved.


Now in a decanter. A whiff of brett when I first opened it. Plenty of brambley fruit and tannin too. We’ll see how it’s doing in a couple of hours.

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