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What are you going to do today?

sounds similar to my experience staying at a winery’s lodge in Hungary last summer, they had a selection of wines on the breakfast bar, it would have been rude not to…


Oh pure relaxation, convenience dominating this trip, so not destination or winery led. We’re on Zakynthos and the hotel put on a tasting of Grampsas wines. Highlight was this guy who’s nose edged palette but was a pleasant wine. That has been ruled out in favour of this I think for dinner tomorrow.

It’s our first sans children mini break since becoming a family of 5. Wee ones are in school/nursery to minimise child care (during the day!) back home. My wife’s 40th celebration. I had forgotten life pre children!


Is there such thing?? :smile:


Been a while since I visited Zakynthos, but I do remember one time having a really lovely “kouneli stifado” [long-slow-cooked rabbit stew kind of thing, with baby onions], with which a Xinomavro really was a perfect match. Stifado these days tends to be made with beef - very good too to be sure - but if they have a rabbit one, it’s a particularly excellent dish.


[Mind you, we’ve bitten the bullet and will be off to Corfu for a long weekend at the end of the month! Up in the mountains for some Zen silence (with a 6-year-old; yeah right …). Some spit-roasted Spring lamb very much on our agenda]


I’m unpacking about 8 boxes from TWS, most of them the Rhone EP which arrived recently in the UK. A slow business as they have to be carried down to the cellar but it’s pleasant to be reminded of what I ordered and I’m looking forward to the Brezeme! Tonight a rib eye steak with frites and creamed spinach from Cote followed by cheese plus a bottle of Grignan Les Adhemar 2019.


Walking around west Runton this week. Lovely :skull:


And tonight it’s French onion soup with a massive garlic bread followed by brie, camembert and Comte, all with a bottle of Cantoiseau Rouge 2021 from TWS, an honest bottle. Nothing too fancy with onion soup!


Trying not to hit a wall



Decide which of these new arrivals to try this evening - any recommendations?

I also have a 2019 Kunstler but I think I remember reading that Kunstler wines particularly benefit from age - is that true?

This order was supposed to be delivered by WS van but was told the day before it would be DHL instead. I saw this happened to a couple of others recently, perhaps the delivery fleet is getting overloaded.

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Try the Garden Shed Company. https://www.thegardenshedco.co.uk/ They installed a new shed in our garden and what impressed me was that they removed an old shed, prepared the base and installed their new shed all within an hour - I dread to think how long it would have taken me! However they are local (Essex) and only seem to do sheds rather than tool boxes.


Thank you David, I shall make enquiries.

I think they would all be delicious right now, but I’d go with the Hochheimer or Piesporter, depending on which style you fancy.

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I’d go Piesporter. Agree with @CCouzens theyd all be nice, but you’ve got two of those so can open a second if the first bottle miraculously evaporates.

Did you receive the Zilliken Kabinett or Spatlese, by the way?

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I got the Kabinett. I’ve a feeling I put in this order partly because I wondered if I’d get the Spatlese.

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Jeepers - that seems rather swift. 1 hour?

3 years ago we installed a ‘shed’ (for tax purposes HMRC know it as my Design Studio, The Lady Lapin has taken it as her She Shed) - it’s a year-round external office / craft-space.

Took two days for the contractor to put up the structure & make it weathertight with double glazing & 4" timber walls. Took another couple of weeks for me to do the interior fit-out and install a separate RCD & power / data / lighting. Total £5k for a 4M x 3M footprint.

The key to making it all-year is insulation - lots of it - 'cos for a small volume it has a large external surface.


Had some unusual bubble tea with the wife and kids after dinner at Shoryu on Piccadilly.

Mine was the second from the right: frosted snow lychee lolla (it has salted milk foam on the top and a sugary lychee concoction of a blackish colour on the bottom - strange combo but not at all bad).


I’m currently in Belgium, in part to help sort out the affairs of an elderly relative who is increasingly not in the position to live independently (dementia is a b******* - and so is Brexit which has dramatically reduced our opportunity to give them the support they need, but that’s for a different thread/forum).

In happier times this person and their late husband were renowned for their dinner parties and the quality of the wine that would accompany them and I will admit to daydreaming a little on the flight over about the potential for there to still be some dusty bottles tucked away that we could share with them and try and recapture something of those old days. This wasn’t to be, and today’s wines have been very pedestrian; an oxidised bottle of 2014 1er Cru Chablis went down the sink, a 2015 bottle of Lidl St Emilion was drinkable and exceeded my low expectations (just). But we have found a prodigious stack of empties that made me smile.

Highlights included:

I have no idea when they were drunk, but can only hope they brought joy. :slight_smile: Wine is for drinking after all, and I hope that when I reach this stage of life I can manage to do so having cleared my cellar as efficiently.

There are a handful of bottles left I’m eyeing with a mix a curiosity and suspicion. A 2009 Rheinhessen Eiswein (producer unclear, I suspect it may also have come from Lidl) looks like it might have some life in it, and there is some NV Champagne I suspect is at least 15 years old. I may just go to the local supermarket instead…