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What are you going to do today?

Both vintages of this I’ve tried have been lovely (sold out at the moment though)


The Society’s own-brand Cava is a reserva; it’s good fizz for the money :+1:

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Off to Chicago for a month to support my son after a big operation that has not gone well. Covid test tomorrow and hopefully on a plane Friday morning.

Taken a Dom Perignon 2010 and a 2014 Ridge Montebello with me to hopefully open if and when things get a bit better (although he can’t drink alcohol at the moment). His problem is not just physical, its coming to terms with what might be the final outcome regarding mobility. He’s getting all the right help but you can’t support someone properly when you are six hours time difference and several thousand miles away.

Anyway, I’ll stay in touch as I will have lots of time on my hands and the community is a real link with home and friends.

I’ll post some pictures of what everyday wines are in shops, sample a few things (and hopefully some great things) and report back. We are staying in an apartment opposite an awesome looking Thai restaurant as well.

Keep well everyone!


I’m sorry to hear this @Brentw1, I hope you have a safe trip and sending best wishes to your son!


Safe travels & Best wishes to your son!


Hope you have a smooth journey, and all the best possible wishes for your son’s recovery - both physical and psychological :pray:

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Hey @Brentw1, glad to hear you’re getting to spend some time with your son, despite the exceedingly challenging circumstances.

I hope the trip goes ok and you’re able to provide your son with the support I sense you desperately want to provide and I’m sure he really needs.

Stay safe

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Safe travels and best wishes for your trip @Brentw1

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Hope you have a safe trip, sending best wishes for your son’s recovery!

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It can be amazing how much support from close family can help and hopefully make a big difference. All the best for a positive outcome.


Hi Brent
Very best wishes for a successful outcome for your son


Best wishes to you and your son @Brentw1.

Today I’m mainly wondering what to drink with beef stroganoff tonight. A quick Google reveals strong and unequivocal recommendations for Zinfandel, Merlot, Barolo, Bordeaux, C9dP, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Brunello, Garnacha. The Chicago Tribune says there is ‘no easy match.’ So the field is wide open.

I’m leaning towards my last Ferraton 2016 Crozes, the La Matiniere. Had a bottle in the summer and it was a very drinkable blend of fruit, savoury and fresh, with not much tannin.



I’m tempted to say can you lay your hands on a decent Bull’s Blood, but I haven’t drunk any for about 45 years, or had beef for a similar period, so this is a bit of a shot in the dark!

P.S. All best wishes to your son and family, @Brentw1.

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Nice problem to have - the cream & mushrooms +(possible) paprika make it a tricky match. I’m inclined towards a herby white from Greece maybe? or one of those Etna whites?


I usually go for a Blaufränkisch/Kékfrankos with a beef stroganoff. Seems to work well with the sour cream element.


I think this - Kékfrankos - is one of the essentials of Bull’s Blood, possibly the essential! Maybe @szaki1974 would know for sure.


Enjoyed a lovely circular walk today near the village of Alfriston (home of Rathfinney Estate). Probably one of my favourite East Sussex villages, and a walk along the South Downs Way is always a treat, even without the sun showing its face. No wind at least… :sweat_smile:

Finished at the very cosy Smugglers Inn pub in the village, with a rather satisfying pint of The Long Man blond ale. The husband, of course, stuck to his preciousssss Harvey’s

A view towards Alfriston:


Today (and yesterday, and tomorrow) the Lady Lapin & I shall mostly be attempting to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Remedying an appalling bit of ‘joinery’ in our living room, where we paid John Wayne’s sidekick put up some MDF shelves and cupboards.

Filling all the gaps, re-sinking screw-heads BELOW the panel surfaces (& re-filling), fitting new scribes around the top, adding finishing strips to all the raw MDF edges, adjusting the cupboard doors so they actually line up. And that is before starting into priming & painting.

Good tradesmen seem rare as hen’s teeth nowadays. Fortunately I know what I’m doing, but its a sorry state of affairs.


My cousin and her partner live in Lewes and he is a Harvey’s devotee too. So much so that for Christmas they made him his own blend of Old Ale and Christmas Ale. I have to agree that it was absolutely delicious.