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What are you going to do today?

I have had an utter nightmare week.

I’m about to go out on a tinned fish run (which may be upgraded to a Borough Market run) as I am unable to go to the gym today (or rather it would be unwise as I need to train at lighter weights right now but my ego will get in the way of that given the stress in my system right now!).

Otherwise I think I’ll be glued to the sofa and may (or may not) have a nap.


Bristol Channel from Dunkery Beacon today


I’ll be watching Channel 4 News analyze with forensic skill the lies and half-truths emanating from the government about parties, etc., and feeling convinced that we need change at the top. As I’ve gone dry for January my feelings will not alas be moderated by a glass of something from TWS and that may be a good thing!


To avoid any doubt (not that there was any!), I did have a nap. I didn’t even make it to the Portuguese deli for my tinned fish! We are investigating the restaurant, which based on the wine list is owned (or at least gets its wine from) the same deli this evening. Not 100% sure, but I’d imagine I’ll be having pork with clams (they also cater to the local Brazilian community so I may end up having picanha).


Pan frying jackfruit burgers in goose fat. Feeling a bit guilty.


My son appeared with two tins of jackfruit tried to convince me it was like pulled pork


The pleasure of watching my dogs run around on Lyme Regis beach is one of the best things.


Surprisingly it is, but the name does send your mind elsewhere.

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Enjoy this trending: https://twitter.com/jed_mercurio/status/1483419587542761472?s=21



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Just doing a last bit of Cava revision before diploma sparkling wine exam tomorrow. Very delicious glass of brut reserva at Tapas restaurant Cambio di Turco in Old Brompton road.



Good luck @Andrew1990 !

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Thanks @Rafa sparkling tasting exam always tricky. Particularly with a bit of a headache that is not Covid caused!

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(apologies for taking your comment out of context) - This evening, ahead of the No3 TWS whisky release on Thursday, I’m doing a bit of Whisky revision with a glass of my dwindling stock of the excellent 16 y/o TWS blended whisky.


No apology needed.

Out of curiosity… what are the distinguishing features of GOOD Cava? what should one look for?

I only ask because Cava for me is: white pepper, green apples, aggressively fizzy. Needs to be really cold otherwise becomes sweetish & cloying. Which is why I would like to know what it should be like when well made, and perhaps what one should expect to pay for something decent.

This could be an exam question in disguise
Anyway, don’t buy the Freixenet or codorniu dross.
There are some very good single vineyard Cavas in the Parajae Calificado and the recently formed Corpinnat group of growers.
The key to good Cava is pick early, with a yield of 48hl/ha if you leave grapes like Xarel-lo to get too ripe they get those nasty burnt rubber flavours.
Sweetness depends on dosage sugar levels. Brut or lower will be dry.

Give me a day or so and I will list some specific suggestions.

Good Cava is dry but not high acidity. There are notes of fennel and herbs along with lemon and autolytic notes
In the past the mass produced stuff only had 9 months on lees but reservas and gran reservas have 15 and 30. Some go for 36 others now do 60. So those autolytic notes really come through.


The one in my photo was Juve y Camps reserva de la familie.
You can buy it at Majestic. About £14 I think. Very good it was. Fresh and elegant.


We love it! :heart_eyes:
Good luck tomorrow! :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:

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Brilliant - thanks for the advice and I hope you enjoy the exam.

Just as soon as dry January is through, I’ll look out for better Cava, didn’t know they did Reserva etc.