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What are you going to do today?

Decanted and my initial impression that it was going to be too acidic for me.
After a couple of hours the wine mellowed out, and became very drinkable.
Then after around 6 hours, a lovely mouthfeel became apparent, which lasted for an hour.
It finally settled down to be a really nice, cherry based pinot with good concentration. I would love to see the compost heap appear on this one!! :grinning: :dragon:


Iโ€™m off to take part in a vaccine trial. Iโ€™ve decided that means Iโ€™m allowed a non-weeknight wine this evening, so thereโ€™s a bottle of 2008 Tondonia Blanco in the fridge and a 2013 Domaine du Tunnel Saint Joseph upright in the booze cupboard. Iโ€™ve not decide which way to go yet, but itโ€™ll be one of the other.


Iโ€™d have a vaccine a day if I was rewarding myself like that :grinning:


Hope it goes well, does this mean you will be exposed to COVID-19?

EDIT: and not just the teeny tiny vaccine dose?


Not on that trial. I just get a couple of jabs and too much NHS strength coffee.


Be sure to report any adverse effects.


Everything is flowers and I am now guided by the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Jerry Garcia. It is the dawning of a new age of peace, love and happiness.


So far so good then :+1: :peace_symbol:


Wow, NHS coffee has improved! Iโ€™ll have what heโ€™s having :crazy_face:


Sweet. Does that mean youโ€™ve decided to open both wines then?


What a long, weird trip of a day, manโ€ฆ



Lord! Iโ€™m getting trippy just looking at their outfits (and expressions).

Now we know where the billions are going with these Covid arrangments. If I realised the NHS were providing wines like this alongside the vaccine instead of NHS coffee Iโ€™d be signed up. Every day :grin: :reminder_ribbon:


After all that (a flu vaccine, a covid vaccine or placebo, a couple of blood tests and a swab) I really donโ€™t feel like a drink :frowning: I am reliably informed that no one will try and steal the wine over night and I can have either/both tomorrow.


Good luck, we all support you!! :pray: :clap: :grinning: :dragon:

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I have just made my industrial version of the Hairy Bikersโ€™ Big Soup (I can share the recipe sometime). Itโ€™s stuffed full of good things and seriously good and tasty.

Girding my loins for the end of term. Partner taking wee one up to Scotland. Iโ€™m going to stay and maybe potter around the house and do some chores. Sadly, Scotland is in pretty major lockdown so I just feel it wonโ€™t be much of a break for me. However theyโ€™ll sort of see family (distanced) and auntie, whoโ€™s in our bubble, so itโ€™ll be a tonic for the wee one who misses her granny terribly.



Delighted to read that your palate is coming back to form. That has happened to me several times after an infection, I found it quite unsettling. :+1:

Today, a late start.
There is more IPL on this afternoon and the Giants@Eagles, a very uninspiring match-up, but heck sometimes nothing games can be exciting and eventful. :pray:
But my main attention will be on the 3rd and last Presidential Debate in Tennessee. Only 12 days to election day, 40+ Million ballots already filed, so this event may not be (did I say that? :wink: :rofl:) THAT significant. Trump a few days ago, stalked out of a very important TV interview, he has been disparaging about the Moderator of this debate Kristen Welker(a highly regarded NBC journalist) and it would not surprise me in the least if we got some Trump histrionics, especially as the microphones will be muted for a time to stop interruptions . I will be glued to my TV, with popcorn!!

A favourite of mine tonight.
Some thick fillets of Cod in a baking dish, smothered with a good Parsley Sauce, covered with Mashed (Cream, butter, seasoning and nutmeg added) Potatoes, dots of butter and a good sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs. I do add pockets of frozen peas at the bottom of the dish, again with a smidge of butter for โ€œlubricationโ€ :rofl:!!

And a half of Bolly!! :champagne: :wink: :open_mouth: :dragon:


Iโ€™ll definitely pull an all-nighter for the election itself but not tonight.

I think that part of Tennessee is on Central Time, which just makes it too late for me on a school night, for a debate anyway, but Iโ€™ll catch up in the morning :+1:


Iโ€™ve also been googling various lefty bookshops to look for nice antifascist t-shirts. Hmmm. Just thinking out loud. Would there be a market for lefty t-shirts that combined left politics with wine loving?