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What are you going to do today?

Today emboldened by our Noble Leader… I embraced the full Peppa Pig experience, and started off some home made dry cured bacon. Which is dead easy - it just takes curing time.

1.7 kg of rind-on / bone-out pork belly which sounds like a lot but it isn’t - cut into two manageable slabs around 10" x 7". Plus 4.75g of Prague powder No.1, 80g of salt, 30g of brown sugar, and my (not very) secret ingredient: 50g of pickled green peppercorns whizzed to a slush. Combine, rub well in, put all into a ziplock bag and leave in the fridge for a week, turn every day or so.

That’s it. Drain and air-dry. You then have the most fabulous bacon ready to smoke or turn onto lardons or whatever (see Hugh Fernley-Whittingstal). It is SO much better than anything you can get in the shops.


Today I’m cycling through the vines from Beaune to Puligny


Vicariously, bottle by bottle. Or actually on a bike?


Last full day on our break down to the lakes in Fermanagh - nice not being in work! Rather more challenging trying to coordinate trips out with the 9month old’s nap schedule which MAY NOT be altered apparently. Who knew?!

Enjoyed a bottle of Nyetimber fizz this evening - Mrs enjoyed it which is just as well as there’s a case of it in members reserves from the current promotion that I haven’t quite gotten round to mentioning to her :slight_smile:


Actually on a bike, and I now have a far better appreciation of the geography of individual plots. And how unfit I am!


Absolute devastation from the storm in the North …… we got off lightly, we have garden walls, not fences , most people I know have lost their fences …. This is at the bottom of my street ;

My SIL lost her roller shutter ….
It’s been wild most of today and now it’s snowing :cloud_with_snow:


Looks horrific. Hope the storm dies down a bit and the snow stops soon


Ouch, that’s horrific. It doesn’t seem right to say they’re lucky but if the inner layer of bricks had gone…


Similar pictures on BBC News website. Awful for all those affected.

The wind is picking up down here but nothing too severe.

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Well, my task today was to buy some new wine racks for the cellar, in anticipation of various EP purchases landing over the next year or so. First you buy too much wine, then you have to spend money and effort on storage solutions.

Luckily I have a perfect home cellar, so no need for members reserves or wine fridges.


Another gable end house just down the street had the same, live electric wires on one end of the street and a tree across the top end …. I decided it wasn’t worth taking the kids anywhere today …. So it is now most definitely time for wine :joy::cloud_with_snow:!


You might be able to dust the skis off too! :rofl: I bet the kids are loving it!

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Tbh, they were supposed to be on the dry slope at 2pm but it wasn’t safe to turn on the poma and they’re weren’t letting anyone to the top so we didn’t go …. Maybe see what the snow does and find a hill tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Nothing but walking for me down here on the South coast! :sob:


I listened to Die Walküre from Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. It has a stormy beginning to Act 1. Full of turbulent strings and brass. Great piece.


Meanwhile (ok… next day) here in God’s Own County…

This afternoon I’m doing the sensible thing and heading out to the high Pennines for a walk. Assuming my car makes it (rear wheel drive, not so good in snow)

UPDATE: change to plans (cue international rescue/ thunderbirds theme music) went out in (my car) to rescue the good Lady in (her car) - stuck on an icy hill. All home and well now, fortunately I had prepared some cauliflower soup in advance.


I once got overtaken by a bin lorry in the snow when driving a RWD car…

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I managed to get out for another walk in the South Downs today. No snow (sadly) but plenty of icy wind! Bracing doesn’t really cover it. But, other than the wind, it was a lovely sunny day!


Blimey. Is it spring there already?


Not quite, in many places the ground surface never thawed despite that sun. It really was bitterly cold (which I love!). I was wearing more than I usually do skiing!