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What are you going to do today?

Great, eh! Huge turnaround in the 2nd half - full credit :~}

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They are in the Box Seat now, but one victory will not be enough for Warren Gatland.
He will WANT 3/3, as part of his legacy.
But for tonight, so happy!!
Roll on next Saturday, with nothing to be taken for granted. :dragon:


We seem to be following in your footsteps, as the boy brought home the gift of a D&V virus from nursery. Mummy and daddy aren’t enjoying it.

I suppose it’s one way to encourage a week or two without wine…!


Sounds awful! Hope you recover quickly! :pray:

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Oh no
Sorry to hear that. It’s everywhere. We should have a group for parents and the challenges of parenting
I was off wine for 7 days. Hope you all recover quickly

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Today, Hundred overload. :open_mouth: :wink:
Could not fail to be impressed by the 16 year old, Alice Capsey.

What a shot!!


Tonight, this lovely red with Roast Beef and Yorkies. Yum! :dragon:

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And this great value bottle lived up to the billing.
But it DID take around 4 hours in the decanter, to show it’s quality.
A terrific juvenile.
I tend to favour the Ventabren, but the Tradition on it’s day can be gorgeous.
If you cannot stretch to the likes of Gardette or Racines, please do not overlook the Cazaux Sarrasine which over the last 5 years has been in the £60 - £65 IB per 6, price band. :open_mouth: The 2015 and 2016 bottles were J L-L 4.5* bottles, but DO NOT discount lower scoring years.
The 2013 was a J L-L 3* wine, but my favourite Sarrasine EVER!!
Getting sniffy about lower scoring wines, can be a catastrophic error!! :dragon:

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Started the day lifting two large rugs which our Labrador had sprayed with diarrhoea. Poor boy got at some blue cheese sauce last night and was very poorly for it this morning. Now snoozing it off after a bland breakfast.

Meanwhile the adults are back at work. No wine tonight as we are alcohol free Mon-Thurs. I probably needed a glass of whiskey at 6am as I was hauling sisel rugs out into the garden, but abstained on the basis that nothing was going to change that wake-up call.


Oh god :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

The Hundred from Lord’s today etc… :wink: :dragon:

Video games with my children: won the rugby sevens, defeated the Ender Dragon.

Might open a bottle to celebrate.


Should say Caen up there

Embark for a quick snooze, then off to Bordeaux


Nice, bon voyage!

We did that journey a couple of years ago for 10 days in Normandy around the D-Day 75th anniversary. We had a full pipe band on the rear deck during the sailing and it was the start of a very memorable and at times pretty emotionally affecting holiday.


YAY !!! AMAZING! Save some sun for me :star_struck:

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Thanks, sun yes, vin no :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Taking a break from wine for a change, I’m off to deepest docklands for the late session of this:

I fear getting back home to the north London suburbs could be more of a challenge than getting there…


Pizzas on the roof, overlooking Bordeaux.

Early night, then further south tomorrow before ‘Black Saturday’ truly kicks in.


Set off early!! :smiley:

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I’ve seen the horror stories, how early is early? It’s my wife’s birthday and she has demanded a lie-in…

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How is your wife generally when nursing a hangover in a boiling hot car? :smiley:

To be fair they’re generally the roads further north, or further south east (The autoroute du soleil). If you’re on the south side of Bordeaux then you should be fine as long as it’s anytime morning, though I’d imagine attempting to enter any seaside resort will be the most challenging, as many have tiny winding streets that are just not designed for the volume of traffic they face.