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What are you going to do today?

I would track the moral decline back to Mrs Thatcher’s “ME, Me, me” and “Loadsamoney” generation of the 1980’s!! These days there is no constraint on “bad language” on TV, to the point where nothing is "Off the Table!!"
And as far as opening batsmen, Geoffrey Boycott was the nadir, a truly selfish batsman who was knighted in spite of a domestic abuse conviction.
Mrs May should be ashamed of herself. :dragon:

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I have a lot of time for Boycott.
I have no time got the 100
T20 is a slog fest
What could be better than Headingley 2019.

I love a bit of test cricket; there’s no game more strategically fulfilling, in my view.

That said, I also enjoy other forms and the 100 looks like a good way to get people interested, particularly in the women’s game where the 100 offers equal coverage. Is it the first time that has happened?

On moral decline, it is perhaps worth remembering how widespread racism, sexism and homophobia were only a few decades ago when we are looking back to a time of supposedly ‘superior’ behaviour.


A cracking game of Modern cricket.
No doubt WG would be offended, but this format is inclusive and that is a BIG +ive.
It has gotten youngsters to the matches and they are those who will inherit the sport after us.
Change, no matter whether it is work or play is inevitable.
This may well be the future. :clap: :dragon:


Can anyone help me out with the link to Toby’s how to enjoy Burgundy video. I started to watch it the other day and now I can’t find the link!

Thanks in anticipation.


Watch the Hundred from the Oval this evening on BBC2.
Oval Invincibles v Manchester Originals. (Men)


Getting set for ‘Jazz in the Vineyard’.


Really appreciated. Thanks.

Nice to see they got off to an environmentally friendly start there by recreating scenes from The Great Smog :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oooh! where is that…? Jazz + Vineyard surely = heaven! :angel:


As a Friday afternoon treat, we get:

14:30 The Hundred @ Edgebaston. Birmingham Pheonix v London Spirit. (Women)
18:30 The Hundred @ Edgebaston. Birmingham Pheonix v London Spirit. (Men)

I must admit that I have enjoyed the first two matches, the outcomes less predictable and can change very quickly. The Captains have to be quick thinkers!!

Battered Cod, Chips and Mushy Peas with my last bottle of Olivier Leflaive Meursault 2014. :dragon:

Just back from an overnight break on the wonderful Isle of Mersea in deepest Essex.

Where else can you eat fresh seafood sat by a slightly murky estuary, with a view of a nuclear power station (currently mothballed)!?


May I recommend you investigate a stay by Lydney for this picturesque view of Berkeley power station on an exceedingly muddy River Severn. Not sure about fresh seafood, but the eels are certainly very good! And they only glow in the dark a little bit.


North Somerset provides some lovely views of Hinkley Point, and the muddy Bristol Channel. Again, not sure where you might find fresh seafood.


Touche! Not mothballed though!

And to chip in on holiday destinations with power station views, I highly recommend Romney Bay, with Dungeness round the corner, and a Marsh to boot.



The North Coast of Anglesey for Wylfa is pretty spectacular too.


I’m going to - in fact already am - enjoy/ing the South Africa Vs The Lions game with some of a bottle of this:

I thought the mention of “iron-like grip” seemed rather appropriate; and it is certainly a very very enjoyable drop indeed - perfumed, savoury, hint of sweetness, grippy. Lovely. I do love a decent Etna Rosso, I must say.

However, gutted to see it’s now sold out!

Rugby not bad either :~}