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What are you going to do today?

I went last year with my folks during the Covid false dawn in October last year. Great food & what a wine list!

I seem to remember that hidden on the last page is a selection of wine from the owners collection, and all with a very reasonable flat mark up - which I love as it gives you an excuse to spend a little bit more. I had venison & we ordered a bottle of this, 2002 vintage:

My brief vivino notes say ‘lovely, fully mature but fresh with loads of tertiary complexity’. I love mature pinot and this really hit the spot.

Fond memories.


The section at the end resulted from a phone call he received from a lady who asked “Do you buy wine?”
“Err, yes…”
The lady’s husband had died, leaving a good cellar of aged mostly new world wines.
Paddy beetled straight over, she accepted his first offer, and so he’s able to offer these wines at little more than retail value (if you could find them) and still make a profit.
Everyone’s happy!


Very jealous @Andrew1990 such a great place. Happy future birthday! Do they serve serve wine in Zalto glasses still? My visit there was I think the first time I’d experienced drinking from Zalto. Lafarge Volnay in the burgundy glass was sensational, donnhoff tonschiefer in the universal I think.

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@GHobson yes indeed Zaltos are on offer, but they also use another make which I cannot recall but will ask Noble Rot, as they were very good. Not quite in Zalto league!

Also they use very good fine glass water tumblers called “Baron” from Habitat!
Thank you for the birthday wishes.


What a great story!

It was a lovely reward for my habit (which my wife & parents find highly annoying) of burying my head in any interesting wine list for prolonged periods to see if I can truffle out something unusual or that looks particularly good value.

Holly, the sommelier at Noble Rot has advised me that they also use Gabriel glasses as well as Zalto. Gabriel are very similar, but slightly shorter than Zalto Universals and a tad heavier.

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And more robust (important in a restaurant context!)

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Happy Birthday @Andrew1990! Were there any highlights from the wine you had? I absolutely love LCS Noble Rot. That and 10 Cases are my absolute favourites as they are very fair with their wine pricint and the quality of the food is excellent.

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Fishing again today, some success but nothing to write home about. What was notable was the insect life- some mayfly, hundreds of blue damselflies, and a number of these

I think it’s called a broad-bodied chaser (insert your own joke here)


Gorgeous outside today!! :grinning:
And a Test match to savour. :yum:
Apparently some Football for an entire month, I can only hope that at least one of the Home Nations does really well. My team did extraordinarily (and surprisingly well) last time, today Wales in Baku playing Switzerland. My Mum would shout “Hop Suisse” but I will be behind our boyo’s in Red.
Wishing all, a really good weekend. :dragon:
Keeping an eye out for a sneaky release by the Society on the website.
I would like to see a Mont Redon Lirac or Clos du Caillou CdR red or an Ogier Rosine rouge, but a Pataille Aligote ( :blush: Oops!) (to be released later this year) would be very, very acceptable. :+1:


Pataille Aligote?


Well spotted!! :blush: :+1: :dragon:

I bet Pataille would make a pretty good Auxerrois too!

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I would wager that he could do something special with Cypriot Grape Concentrate!! :rofl: :dragon:

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Thank you @CBiscuit
I had a glass of PYCM 2004 Les Referts PM which was still compact, high fresh acidity and citrus elegance. I then went onto Valentini’s trebbiano again very compact and then had a lovely Roussilion. Finished with an outstanding JJ Prum Auslese with pudding.
Delicious all round.
Fell sound asleep on train home to Norwich.


Having to firm up on hipster jive and general protocols, as son and wife are visiting, needing the rad’est retro metro to impress, have been looking at the latest smalley poor pouches and found packs of 3 in taster loads man, have found that the hot recent is blue vinos from a rad outlet in espanya, going to truck a haul ready to impress, see ya all. Ps ripped nees from all kegs in prep. Not to sure of celebration drinks though.

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Story of my commuting life.

Only ever missed my stop twice though🙄


Fortunately Norwich is a terminus…

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I did once have a colleague who had to get a taxi back from Shoeburyness to Southend about once a month.

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It doesn’t necessarily save you. Going to catch an early flight from Heathrow, I fell asleep on the train from Cambridge, and woke up to the sound of the beeps as the doors closed for it leaving Kings Cross on the return journey. Fortunately, those were the days when most trains stopped at Finsbury Park. What annoyed me most was that there were loads of people on the train, and nobody thought to wake me.