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What are you going to do today?

Thank you so much😏

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You’re very welcome :smiley:

I’m panicking about my plum which is blossoming right now and if it gets any colder I can kiss goodbye to plums this year! Even if it doesn’t get frosted I’m not sure there are many pollinators around since it went cold again.


Wonderful :see_no_evil:


Just filled my boots with some Bolly from Waitrose Cellar. :grinning: :dragon:

Would it be true that M&S has copied our Bin Series #00? through: :dragon:

‘UK premium retailers M&S…’.

God help us :smile:


Just crossing the N&N car park to go for an eye test, reminded me of Capt Oates setting off never to be seen again into the blizzard, “I am going outside I might be some time, it was like crossing the Russian tundra.”


That was the car park wardens opening some bubbly - get thee to Specsavers :~}

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Just had a golf club fitting at Royal Birkdale GC. It is not expensive as one may think


I’ve tried three from that range. Good VFM wines.


A pretty, to use a Scots phrase, shite day. I put together a wee proposal - well, the first draft of one and it was thoroughly savaged. I’ve a nice bottle in the fridge and was going to look at what I was going to buy next, but the WS website seems as speedy and snappy as a bunch of sloaths on Mogadon wading through treacle.

It’s not my day. So tonight will be either a

  • Wes Anderson film,
  • Whit Stillman film, or
  • a bunch of guys solving crime by Driving Round In Cars Very Fast.

With crisps.


Today… same as yesterday, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. And same as last 12 months in pseudo lockdown - I can travel the width of the country on business as an ‘essential’ , but cannot visit my family unless outdoors. Or maybe the rules have changed? who knows.

Ok… today I went over the Pennines to Manchester (A628) and got stuck behind a BOC tanker doing a respectable 25 mph all the way. But it wasn’t raining, which was nice.

On the upside - listening to Jim Capaldi. Glass of Sunier Morgon 2017.


Did my first online zoom tasting for a local tasting group. That was fun! Better than expected. I struggle to verbalise my thoughts on a wine. I reach my opinion quite slowly. Great to hear from those with greater articulation. I’ll try to join in with the society’s next online tasting


What was your theme ?

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I would be interested to discover if there has been a drop off in purchasing over this period of go-slow on the website. I have decided to wait until Friday to try again

NZ Pinot Noir. Some really great wines.

This was the star of the evening (for me) https://thevinorium.co.uk/valli-vineyards-gibbston-pinot-noir-2017 high acidity (possibly better in a year or two). Just enchanting nose on it. I am wondering when I am going to order a case. Giving myself time to ponder it so that my buying is spread out over a longer period :slight_smile:

Second was Greywacke Pinot Noir 2009. Most NZ produced for drinking relatively young but despite its age this was incredibly youthful tasting. Really lovely. Any Greywacke Pinot Noir at TWS i’d happily send a case to reserves.

An interesting thing for me was that price was not the single biggest determining factor in my enjoyment of the wine. There was one £55 wine that I’d be a little bit disappointed if I bought a case of…

The 6 bottles of felton road in reserves (bought without prior tasting) is looking an increasingly good thing

Nowhere to hide on these online tastings where you have to rattle off a tasting note orally with just 5 seconds after taking a sip!


Going here:


Taste test some more groceries from last weekend’s trip to a Chinese supermarket.

Ostensibly bought for cooking, but will mostly be forked straight into my mouth as I ponder life while supper gets itself ready.

Both excellent, liked the crispy onions in the smaller jar, but the black beans provided a delicious umami hit to the fiery kick that proved victorious.

Took the edge off the chilli heat with a mouthful of this cloudy Umeshu (plum wine) I found in the fridge.

Not sure when Mrs Brocklehurstj opened the bottle, but it still tasted fine to me. Will revisit later, not after a few mouthfuls of chilli oil.


Mr. Leah is absolutely obsessed with this very crispy chilli oil :see_no_evil:… puts it on and in everything … OBSESSED :joy:!


Me too.