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What are you going to do today?

Today I plan to avoid looking at the Brexit Planning thread in the hope that next time I do a certain agent provocateur (excuse my French :wink:) will have given up and gone back to the Daily Mail comments section.


@PaulM I use two oil filled radiators for the coldest weather (in truth not really necessary very often and two large cold air blowers for the really hot days (if and when) in the summer months. In general for most of the year the temperature in the back, north-facing wall of the garage is quite equable and I have never lost a bottle.


@AnaGramWords This is very interesting - I like the idea of mapping it. That might work well with a simple spreadsheet. Interesting.

Yes, those comments were pretty jarring. I think other people have found them so. I’d rather the keyboard warriors stayed away from this community…


I agree. I’ve stopped following this thread which is a shame as I really value the Community and prefer not to be discouraged by strongly worded and personal emails. As other have said we can go elsewhere for this sort of communication.


Looking forward to “Britain’s Biggest Dig” with Prof Alice Roberts (BBC2 - 21:00)
Last night, “The Sky at Night” was brilliant, with some speculative evidence that there may be life in the upper atmosphere of Venus, which is an incredibly acidic environment. :open_mouth: :astonished: :dragon:


Alice Roberts is a hero.

The Sky at Night is consistently good and I’m really enjoying it. Wow - Venus now?? I knew there was some interest - I’m still reeling from New Horizons finding so much of interest in Pluto - and that it, rather than being some dead rock, is a very interesting possibility for some sort of life. Things are changing in our view of the solar system pretty much year on year.


I read this at speed as “Britain’s Biggest Dog” and was in danger of lamenting the decline of BBC2 and their use of hired gun Profs :rofl: :open_mouth:

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It feels as if that should be a badge offered for forum contributors.

Or a really bad tattoo :smile:


Its near the Cleveland way north of Scarborough. Theres also a disused rail line now a cycle /walkers track that runs to Whitby. At places it is possible to walk up the Cleveland way along the coast and then walk down the railway track. At Hayburn Wyke theres a good . In 1974 i walked the Cleveland way . At Hayburn Wyke theres a stream that fals onto the beach. I found a largish heart shaped with some pinkish crystal in it . I still have it. Theres also a good pub by the same name a short way inland from the coast. We always enjoy a pint of draugh Black Sheep.

STREET VIEW is available on Google maps for Cleveland Way.


Very late to this thread but today.

Up late as early look out suggested the hot weather had broken. Now sitting waiting for a cinnamon swirl to heat.
Had planned to cycle to a building site my company is working on, will watch weather. This is because I’ve gone part time/ semi retired and help run the business remotely. This has been a revolution and revelation.
More normally I might be walking on the Suffolk coast, playing tennis, sorting newly replanted garden. We said just yesterday that the lockdown has produced one of the nicest summers we can remember for us.


I adore the smell of hot cinnamon in the morning, ideally with some good coffee. :yum:

Yes the coffee was good too, proper espresso based americano

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Going to be riveted to the cricket - England v Aussies at Old Trafford.
The weather forecast is good and/but England won the toss!
The IPL starts in the UAE on Saturday, a 57 match tournament!! :+1:
The NFL season has also begun, and the F1GP season has 9 races to go.
I am a v-e-r-y happy camper!! :+1: :wink: :dragon:


bit of Tour de France this afternoon too ?


Love a bit of IPL.

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Today I’m of course totally work-focused (had to google the spelling of that - seemingly it varies between here, Australia and the US) and not going to be watching a very exciting stage of the Tour de France. At all.

A telly may be on to help me focus on the very important work on my laptop. Which may be closed. Yes.

Tonight I’m mostly going to be drinking the wine below and seeing what it’s like.


Bad day at work so I “snuck out” at very late lunch and picked up

About to decant

Bit of a nuclear option but there we go!


That’s probably going to need a good decant, and that T bone…the 2005 I’ve got was only really coming round a year or so ago.


That combination should put a smile back on your face!! :+1: :grinning: :dragon: