What are you going to do today?

It’s definitely one of the better ones, especially of the easily-available cuvees in the UK.

But the truly individual ones are a couple of steps above this in my experience. I think I’ve picked them up in French supermarkets, or maybe even when I visited the coop itself a few years back (amazing setting right at the foot of Hermitage hill).

Thanks, something to look out for on future visits.

Thanks for the link! :+1:

Indeed I was ‘warned’ by friends in Munich about this promotion, and about the state of DB in general, but sort of laughed it off, because of excellent previous experiences. Perhaps, as you say, the infrasructure is showing its age too.

By contrast, the Swedish journeys were smooth, on time and service was fantastic. That was another surprise - DB customer service was terrible and rude, which sort of added insult to injury :confused:

In any case, as we’re hoping to travel mostly by trains in future - it’s all grist for the mill :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed! :+1:I have had a few different vintages of it - it’s often reduced as part of the ‘10 for £10’ promotion*. It’s a really approchaple and delicious Syrah.

  • Doh! Just saw that you mentioned this already. Sorry!

Congratulations on post number 5000 on this thread!


We have done the Rio Chillar River walk today, which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone visiting the Nerja area of Spain.

You begin just at the edge of Nerja and essentially walk up the riverbed to a variety of fresh water pools and waterfalls.

It’s not the easiest walk in parts and is about 15km if you go the whole way up and back, but the scenery is stunning, and even the little man thought the climb was worth it at the top :blush:


Looks brilliant. Good work dragging the horde round with you. As one of four kids I appreciate that’s not always easy :grin:

Definitely earned a nice glass of wine for Friday night.

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Ha. Yes I’m one of four as well, so they get no sympathy from me! :grin:


I received this wooden box on the post today. I’m really enjoying it.


I hope Taffy would be proud of this - bet he never expected this thread to go so well or be so varied and popular!


I thought I had a good evening up till now, then my wife brought me a late birthday present. The chocolate box to end all other chocolate boxes.


Love Nerja, a late aunt had a flat there and i visited for years. Many happy memories


Hedges (just) trimmed
Now to the bbq cleaning


Feeding the tractor addiction; then the village show in the afternoon; then some relaxation-Chianti in the evening.

I like weekends, especially long ones.


A small step to the hard stuff: diggers, cranes, bulldozers


Holme moss. Actually a short section of the Pennine Way and paved with flags from (I guess) old mills or something so a relatively dry walk all year round. Grouse aplenty, no mountain hares - you see them in the winter dressed in white but very hard to spot in the summer when they revert to mottled fawn.


Arrive at a somewhat depleted Lake Garda.

The good news (the Italians assure us) is that the biblical rain earlier, tomorrow, and later in the week is much needed and will help restore the lake. I can’t really argue with them, it’s clearly a relief.




Ullswater …. Side farm campsite

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