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What are you going to do today?

Roast a piece of Belly Pork, 1 Kg.
Watch the Italian F1GP qualifying.
Watch the BBC Cricket highlights, from last nights spectacular win.
Set up a cheap HP Chrome Book as a backup to my HP Laptop.
Do a little Charity work.
Pick a bottle of red for tonight.
And some ironing!! :grinning: :open_mouth: :rofl:

Not exactly a taxing day, what does your day look like.
Will you get it all done, so often I start with a plan - by 2.00 PM it is in the bin!! :cry: :dragon:


My days all look like this at the moment:

Cuddle baby
Change nappies
Hand baby over for a feed
Make food and do chores and/or do some work
Wish I hadn’t committed to going dry for the first 3 months of his life
Live vicariously through the drinking threads
Secretly order more wine for reserves

To my side is the baby’s mum, ‘enjoying’ a perpetual cycle of feeding, sleeping and eating while constantly watching or listening to sport.


And now I feel guilty.
You Sir, are a text book example of how a 21st Century MAN should behave!! :+1: :clap: :clap: :dragon:


Question my main non-wine hobby being weightlifting
Clean the kitchen
Moan about how sore I am (see point one)
Make an aubergine and halloumi pie
Nap/watch some Tour de France
Eat pie
Early night (see point one)


In no particular order (Except bolting and praying)
Tidy house
Supermarket shop
Long walk
Bolt much-heavier-than-expected bathroom cabinet door to plaster wall
Start praying
Referee approx 60 conflicts per hour between children
Survey open wines and consume as appropriate


First weekend not hungover in ages!

Already tidied up a bit, been to the supermarket, going to mow the lawn, comb the cat (she hates it but gets knots in her fur otherwise), have a bath then carry on watching Away on Netflix with a bottle of wine.

Tomorrow cooking Osso Bucco and then just lazing around.


Both my children upstairs napping - at least for the next 30 minutes or so.
Quick spin round the garden with the secateurs.
Meet my wife’s sister and her family in the park.
Tomahawk steak and potatoes with garlic and rosemary. I picked up some Batailley 2014 at Costco which I might open.
Kids bath & bed time.
Watch the last episode of season 5 of the The Bureau with Mrs E. Wonder what we will watch now we have devoured 50 episodes in less than a month.
Bed for me since my day started at 6.


Just back from a trip to Knebworth House to hunt dinosaurs with my 2 year old. We found loads and did lots of roaring!

As we were 5 mins drive from the society I thought it would’ve been incredibly rude not to pop in. I was both amazed and very impressed by the changes in the shop, a one way system around the store and staff making sure everyone keeps their distance. One customer was stopped from passing me on the way around the store. I actually thought it was easier to see the breadth of wines available in the current set up, sadly no bin end section to find a bargain or two. Kudos to the Society for the lengths they have gone to to reopen, make sure staff are safe and make sure customers are safe too!


I mean… could we really put that word in there ? :joy:. For me it was pure exhaustion :rofl::joy::joy:


So far:
Tea in bed with ginger nuts and online papers
Cooked breakfast
Chat to the neighbours just back from France with vino
Check PC messages etc
Wine society delivery also
Lunch with a glass of white wine

To come

Long walk with the dog
Prep a bbq for fish supper
Find a chilled Muscadet
Australian Masterchef and something else on TV


This morning, separated a 7 and 5 Hear old from killing each other and cleaned up their breakfast food fight, followed by multiple loads of laundry. Made a lentil salad, pulled pork and coleslaw to take round my friends later .

(It’s a surprise 40th, only 6 of us).
Fed the kids lunch… then more snacks … Bathed the 5 year old ! He’s feral and needs a lot of washing :rofl:!
Currently roasting a chicken and baking potatoes for the kids dinner which can be heated by the babysitter.
Friends daughter coming over to babysit at 6pm as the regular one partied a bit too hard in Falaraki and came back with covid :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:!
Off to jump in the shower and glam myself up before I get picked up at 6.45pm … Wine chilling so will have a glass before I head out ! Won’t be out late as my kids are excellent manipulaters and the babysitter will be “had” :joy::rofl::joy::joy:!


Nom nom nom

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You missed off “Share recipe for said pie with hungry internet stalker”


Yes, same here… Exhaustion in its purest form! Watching The Streets of San Francisco whilst breastfeeding was probably not the best idea either :smiley: long time ago now, though…


Good point. In my head, that word was sarcastic but of course that’s not apparent from how I wrote it. Now corrected…


Exactly my thought, too. Wine choice to accompany?


Get up for croissant and latte from the bakery.
Walk to M&S at Oxford Street to pick up some new knicks and shorts
Walk back (40mins in each direction but anything to avoid the buses)
Pack case for flight to France tomorrow (WOOOHOOO)
Do quick French online lesson to limber up for said trip
Think about the cava open in the fridge
… I’m at this point…

Watch the US Open tennis
Have cava
Order pizza
Bed early as up at drawn-o’clock for flight

Argh…Remember that I’ve forgotten to pack my running trainers so have to repack case…


Excellent! Have a fab time :+1::+1:

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A drop of Nebbiolo perhaps

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Hopefully will have some new wines to review over the next couple of weeks :slight_smile: