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What are you doing new years


Now that we’ve made it through boxing Day leftovers (mine with a Dr Loosen Kabinett), who’s given thought to something special for New Year’s Eve?

We’re out for an early dinner at the local fine dining haunt, then back to mine to watch fireworks on the telly and see in the new year with this


We will be back in a he UK by then, the following bottles will help us through the day…


We’re having a quiet family gathering and playing silly games/attempting to keep the dogs calm while the fireworks are on. :see_no_evil:

What to drink…? I’m not sure what if anything we have left from our Christmas purchases… any suggestions for a special but easy/fun to drink white and red between £10-20ish? :slight_smile:


I saved a bottle of the Society English Sparkling to have on the night, but I suspect we will need a few extras to keep us from drinking it before the allotted hour.

I suspect a few others attending will have bottles to share :slight_smile:


This is pretty special and easy if a Loire Chenin is up your street


Friends round for dinner NYE.

Got some Pol Roger 2002 to kick things off, then lamb shank is on the menu, so thinking will open one of these (or maybe both)


@szaki1974 Oh wow! You know what, I’d never in a million years have chosen a wine like that - but I’m very intrigued now and will grab a bottle ready for NYE! Thanks!

@woodap Ooh I think we have a bottle of Dead Arm in the rack too! Not sure what vintage though so might need more time. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the 07!

Come to think of it, we often have cocktails on NYE, so maybe I’ll kickstart the night with a Cosmo as well. :grin:


That Pol Roger will be minutes into its drinking window accordin to the Society’s dates :wink:


Well, that is a good point… might give it more time. Saying that they would not be released if they were not ready. Also have another bottle in reserves that I got as part of the 2008 vintage case


I’m sure it will be eminently drinkable.

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on it as I bought a few bottles from BBR a while ago and have been resisting the urge to sample the first…


There might be some fizz before going out, but then it’s cocktails, shots and JD until sunrise*.

*Maybe sunrise in the Middle East depending on my “condition”.:sushing_face:


Incidentally I just accidentally opened a bottle of Pol Roger 2002 thinking it was something else. :blush:

I was amazed at the depth and complexity and only once I’d looked at the label properly did I realise quite why I’d thought this was so good. Sadly we are going to have to finish this bottle this evening rather than keep it for the special occasion for which it was intended. Hopefully my daughter won’t be concerned with why we have 5 bottles her birth-year champagne instead of 6…! :blush:

I hope the 2008 will be just as good!


Little change of plans, will go for a Franciacorta instead is the Pol Roger this year… :slight_smile:

The Bonnes Mares is already open and is a treat!


Happy new year everyone! We’re coming to the end of our trip to New Zealand, spending the last few days in Auckland before the flight home.

After reading about Black Estate Home Chardonnay on Jamie Goode’s blog a few days ago I picked up a bottle in the supermarket and we had some before an embarrassingly early night (8.30pm)- it was delicious. Good balance between oak, fruit (citrus and tropical) and acidity, and very drinkable.

We’ll celebrate again at UK time New Years- 1pm for us here. All the best for 2018!


Happy New Year everyone.

As @Jonesy has already said after his “accidental” opening, the Pol Roger 2002 was a delight. Lots of yeast, bread & biscuit and a medium length crisp apple finish - think Granny Smith.

We opened both of the D’arenbergs and served with slow cooked lamb shank. Both decanted for 60-90mins. Both were wonderful. The Dead Arm remains quite youthful with lots of red berries, cherries and some pepper and violets. The Coppermine Road was in a great place. Wonderfully smooth with great balance of black currant fruit, some savoury notes, smooth tannins and a dry finish.

I have 3 more of each of these and can’t see there’s any hurry to drink them up.


Last year I shared a friends 1998 Dead Arm. Not generally an Aussie Shiraz buyer, but a big admirer of this wine and as far as I can see it goes on for years. Well priced for its superb quality and staying power.


A wee retrospective …


Beautiful & light, but too young, currently lacking the depth of what we saw midnight in with.

Smoked salmon:

Light oaky spice of the wine matched with the oaky smokiness of the salmon.

Beef Wellington:

Yum! Perfick!

Pavlova / cheese:

A little lighter than some vintages, at just 10%. Not at all cloying, and worked beautifully with blue cheese & the fruity/creamy/sweet dessert.

Midnight …

As reliable and delicious as ever!

All most satisfactory! :grin:


… and the same vintage is now available in the new Fine Wine List, I will try the bottle based on your recommendation :slightly_smiling_face:


Shock an horror the 2007 Dead Arm Shiraz comes in a screwcap. Very intrigued now.


I think all D’Arenberg does. Certainly the Coppermine Road and Beautiful View Grenache I also have a few bottles of do.