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What and why is NAP appearing as a drinking date on my stored wines?

I’ve been a member for over 20 years and have had wines in the Stevenage cellar from in bond offers for that long (not the same wines, I’m not that rich or patient). My reserves usually usefully tells me when I can drink the wine, even for mixed cases.
I’ve recently noticed an unknown abbreviation of “NAP” to “NAP” appearing on my drinking dates. How useless is that? Is it just a 2018 wine thing or have the Wine Society sacked the person who works the dates out? Sadly the wine notes for those cases haven’t been retained on the website either. Am I back to retaining the paper copies of in bond offers and hoping the dates remain accurate?

I think on mine I only see that on mixed cases. Is that the case for you or are you seeing it on single wines?

Mixed, but I’ve been ordering mixed cases for 20 years and they’ve always managed to give a date range for the box until now. My 2016 good value Rhone Villages have a date, as does 2018 Good Value Claret where as 2018 good value Rhone Villages has NAP as does 2018 Introduction to White Burgundy. I’ve no idea what NAP even stands for, although as it’s not a date it doesn’t matter what it is.

I have 3 mixed cases in EP, all with drinking dates, not ‘NAP’, so if it is something to do with mixed cases, it isn’t ALL mixed cases.

I have that showing on three mixed cases. However if I click on “Show more” the drink dates for each individual wine are shown.

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Odd. I’m sure Members 'services will know. I just checked mine, and all cases I mixed myself show NAP, but I have 4 or 5 pre mixed that also show it. Wonder what the criteria are.

If it’s only on mixed cases - and not the contained wines - my guess would be that it means “not applicable”

As @CCouzens says, if you click on the show more button, it breaks out the drinking dates by wine.

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Pretty sure my personally mixed cases have always shown as NAP. However having just looked the only remaining one is showing drinking dates for the case (which I’ve never noticed previously), while 2 Society mixed cases show NAP.

Really not an issue when one click will give you the detail anyway!

I guess it’s impossible to give an accurate date for most cases of mixed wines, especially member stored ones with lots of random bottles; would it be the earliest date or the median?

I’ve always assumed that NAP was Not Applicable too…

I thought NAP meant someone had been sleeping.

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Or the wine is in a dormant phase?

Mrs Page
I am sure it stands for " Not Always Perfect"

Bizarrely NAP also appears in the EP Offers section, which sets out what you have bought EP and is still with the producer, …against everything, not just mixed cases. So quite what that’s about is a mystery.

Where once there were drinking dates, NAP appears and stays until the wine lands at TWS, at which point the original drinking window dates reappear…

No, not my EP offers: 2019 Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgundy all showing drinking dates, both mixed and unmixed.

This is an example of what I see for EP wines that have yet to be delivered to TWS


I’d hazard a guess that it’s whatever the website’s back end spits out when there isn’t a value for something. Could either be short of Not Applicable as suggested or possible Not a Pointer or something like that in a more programmery type way.

(I like @BENEDICTNASH’s answer best).

NAP is ‘not applicable’ - we generally use it for products that wouldn’t naturally have a ‘drink date’ like some spirits and gifts and members-own mixed cases.

But the wines above almost certainly should have drink dates listed, so I’m going to flag this. I’ll give the examples in @Furryshark’s screengrab above - it might just be a few wines have mistakenly not had the ‘drink date’ field updated. In which case, a quick chat with Member Services should be able to sort that out as they can have a look at the affected products in your Reserves and ask for the notes to be updated.

I’ll let you know what I hear!


Not sure if someone’s said this already, but I think the workaround is to use the My Wines bit of the website - search the wines you’ve bought, and you can see dates for each.

I suspect this one is not quite as simple as that. I don’t think it is a case of the (horrible) habit of replacing the opening date with 'Now." Nor do I think it’s just a case of a missing date. For example take a look at this one that I have bought:

the details simply have no drinking window field (though it is, fortunately, stated in the description).
When I look at this one in My Wines I get:

Which has dates for the 2016 but not the 2018.