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Welsh Premiership Rugby


Free to Air Pro14 TV coverage is now PayTV.
No matter, never really liked the regional format as I was born in Cardiff but Aberafan has always been my team!
Tonight live coverage on BBC Wales via Sky, so watching Bridgend v Swansea at a mostly empty Brewery Field.
This looks like the game that I watched as a schoolboy!!:smile:


Used to be close enough to St Helens to hear everything when I lived in Swansea…! Went to see the Ospreys a few times in the Liberty Stadium but there was no atmosphere, no life. Much more fun in the terraces at Rodney Parade for a regional match.

Hard to tell if the move to the regional format caused or simply coincided with the revival in the fortunes of the national team…



And I am just super stunned and flabbergasted that someone else posted here.
This must qualify as a bone fide thread!! lol


There’s more than a few of us here - enough to get a WS tasting in December. But sadly Swansea weren’t good enough yesterday…


And neither were the Ospreys, who opted to take the B team to Munster for a thrashing.


We quite enjoy the half Welsh half English commentary on some of these games and will watch pretty much any rugby that is on TV


Occasionally pick up on Freesat. Sometimes refreshing to see lower rank games without the razzmatazz of Internationals. I do like grass roots sport.
Now what wine would you pair with an Oggy?



I would go for a young Beaujolais or CdR.
There again if the fancy took me, a bottle of Bolly 'cos a female companion would enjoy it and not think I was being a cheapskate on the comestibles front!! Note, I really like a decent bottle of Fizz! lol


Same here; Brewery Field as a boy and never developed a regional affiliation, in spite of several Osprey attempts. Even Championship Swans has a much better atmosphere.
As for wine and egg/round ball-bitter wins every time. Maybe Rioja with steak for international pre match meal.


When attending the Neath v Aberafan game, me and my mates would nip into the local Market for their sumptuous Faggots and Peas followed by a few illicit pints of Vale of Neath bitter. That beer had no middle ground, being either very good or quite bad. Looking back I think that how the barrels were treated and how often/how well the pipes were cleaned resulted in how the beer turned out.
Tonight Merthyr v Bridgend is the entertainment. The last time I was in a Bridgend pub, Gavin Henson and a bunch of his mates walked in. You would think that Welsh Royalty had just arrived, such was the hush and deferential murmuring, me I’ve always thought that he had talent to spare, sadly wasted!!


I was usually half cut somewhere in the middle of the Diff when watching Wales play, so my judgement wasn’t always the best, but I always felt he was at his finest as a playmaking 12, a second five-eighth I think the Kiwis call it. I much preferred that to the catch-and-bosh of Dr Roberts.

I always wanted to see an international starting 10/12/13 of Jones/Henson/Hook but I don’t think it ever actually happened.


Cardiff oops :grinning: might have the edge this evening, but as it is sport; who knows!!:wink:


Llandovery v Neath (Llandovery doing really well, against a poor Neath side)


Leicester v Scarlets (should be a good game)

And the F1GP Practice 2 is also on.

Decisions, decisions…my brain hurts!!:open_mouth::wink:

What do I watch, what to record??


Tape the Llandovery v Neath and watch the Leicester v Scarlets live - you’re more likely to accidentally see the results of the big-name games in the media :rugby_football:


I think that you are right.
Being slightly unkind, if Neath do get hammered as the points table indicates that they might, me being a die-hard Aberafan supporter might keep that recording for no little time.
I can still remember the days when Neath were truly mighty and getting a shedful of abuse on a Monday morning by colleagues after they had torn us apart on the previous Saturday!
Every dog has his day, even if you have to wait for decades for it to happen!!:grinning::wink:


Not a great Union fan prefer to watch League, however I had an interesting conversation with my dentist last Friday between extracting a cracked root and the mouthwash.
He is a South African and loves his rugby despite the nonsense going on in his home country, but he has just returned from a trip home and evidently there is a move afoot to have the northern hemisphere and the southern , six teams each to play each other each year on a home and away basis, this has already caused ructions as the home internationals and the super 15s
would in probability be swept aside as there is not room for the others if it comes to pass.
As there is according to him no money in Rugby Union the rumour is it will become another pay to view sport, seeing as the recent football internationals went this way it may well be more than a rumour or even suggestion.


I find it depressing as more sport goes behind paywalls.
When I was a child I got to see Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Stewart, Gary Sobers, Bobby Charlton, Gareth Edwards et al.

The money has gone stratospheric, the participants are now quite rightly being rewarded during their short careers but the school playing fields are increasingly being lost to housing, Kids today are less able to have sporting heroes because they do not get to see them, I wonder if a soon to be crowned 5 times F1 World Champion could emerge when confronted with the well heeled progeny of ex F1 World Champions or drivers? Cricket is predominately played in fee paying schools as is increasingly rugby.

The only upside as I see it is that interest is declining by dint of lower viewing figures. Sponsors demand viewership in order to pedal their wares. Barry John never got a sniff of a top end school, Gareth did due to a terrific Sports Master and a scholarship to Millfield. I saw some figure relating to British Olympic medal winners at the last few games and there was a disproportionate bias in favour of those who has received a top end education.
A balance must be found, I understand that live cricket is returning to the BBC. There was a time when waiting lists at top Golf Clubs were closed. Today you can walk in if you’ve got the subs.
The times, they are a changin,’ and if as a nation we don’t shake our ideas up, we will have little chance of turning out tomorrows heroes that don’t have a silver spoon…!!

Rant over!!:open_mouth: :blush::unamused:


But still Ebbw Vale v Cross Hands was a great game, even if the spectators were only 5 men and their dogs. The ref. Looked good in pink!


Ebbw v Merthyr

It is an education hardly knowing any of the players.:wink:
Happily they are reff’d by the best in the game.


I just found a pilot comedy called “Halfway” in either 6 x 5 minute episodes or one 30 minute one on BBC2 Wales.
Also on the iPlayer.
It is hilarious, or at least I think that it is??:smile: