Well done TWS!

I just got an email to inform me of the good news that The Wine Society was voted Wine Club of the Year at the IWC awards 2018!
Although I am usually suspicious of awards, of the kind voiced by Woody Allen in Annie Hall (“Best Dictator- Adolf Hitler”)- I nevertheless feel this is well-deserved, to say the least!
And to (badly) paraphrase Graucho Marx- I love belonging to a club that will have me as a member :wink:
Well done Wine Society! :+1::+1::+1::clinking_glasses:


Thanks, @Inbar :sunglasses: It was a great evening. Here we are enjoying ourselves after the event!

From left to right: Jon (Warehouse Co-ordinator), Keiran (Bristol Driver), @Ewan, Liam (Service Desk Analyst), Liz (interim CEO), Oz Clarke (IWC Co-Chair), @Freddy (Buyer), Steve (Bristol Driver), @JColbs (Campaign Manager), Jo (Buyer). Not in picture were @PierreM (head of Buying) and Marcel (Buyer).

Refreshment during the evening was made up of:


Ooh la la! Looks like you certainly enjoyed yourselves!! :tada:
Love the kilt! :wink:


Looks like well deserved reward for great teamwork !!! Just a thought for those of us with a streak schoolboy smuttiness, just what does a “Bristol Driver” do ?

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Our Bristol Drivers keep abreast of the wine distribution scenario in the West Country … shall I get my coat now?


I dont know where to put this?
This year i purchased two bottles of Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly Les Sept Vignes 2018 . I was very dissapointed with both bottles. So i wrote a review stating"“Didnt think much of this . Not as good as wines half the price . Not surprised its no longer available”

To my great surprise i have just received an email from member services . Stating that they were sorry that i was dissapointed with this wine and in keeping with the societies promise my account been credited with the cost of the two bottles.
So well done WS a nice surprise for the new year.


On the Credit note the reason for the refund is shown as “No longer required” Being a truthful person I have written and told them that that is not a truthfull reason ,as i drank it. The reaon is becauise i was very dissapointed in it and the refund was to fulfill the WS promise.
It maybe that the refund show up in statistics and they do not want too many refunds for dissapointed customers showing up?

Probably a keyboard slip when entering the reason. We have a ‘did not like’ category. Rest assured your comments will have been passed on to our QC team who, if they see further mentions from other members of the same wine, will take the time to taste bottles in our stock to see if there is in fact a problem.


Thanks for that. Its shown as no longer available so you may not have any in stock.

Hah, when I saw this thread appear I was thinking “that doesn’t look very socially distanced” and then noticed the date! Those were the days, he says, going all misty eyed!