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Well done TWS!


I just got an email to inform me of the good news that The Wine Society was voted Wine Club of the Year at the IWC awards 2018!
Although I am usually suspicious of awards, of the kind voiced by Woody Allen in Annie Hall (“Best Dictator- Adolf Hitler”)- I nevertheless feel this is well-deserved, to say the least!
And to (badly) paraphrase Graucho Marx- I love belonging to a club that will have me as a member :wink:
Well done Wine Society! :+1::+1::+1::clinking_glasses:


Thanks, @Inbar :sunglasses: It was a great evening. Here we are enjoying ourselves after the event!

From left to right: Jon (Warehouse Co-ordinator), Keiran (Bristol Driver), @Ewan, Liam (Service Desk Analyst), Liz (interim CEO), Oz Clarke (IWC Co-Chair), @Freddy (Buyer), Steve (Bristol Driver), @JColbs (Campaign Manager), Jo (Buyer). Not in picture were @PierreM (head of Buying) and Marcel (Buyer).

Refreshment during the evening was made up of:


Ooh la la! Looks like you certainly enjoyed yourselves!! :tada:
Love the kilt! :wink:


Looks like well deserved reward for great teamwork !!! Just a thought for those of us with a streak schoolboy smuttiness, just what does a “Bristol Driver” do ?


Our Bristol Drivers keep abreast of the wine distribution scenario in the West Country … shall I get my coat now?