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Welcome New 2018 Members!



I’m very excited that we’ve got a whole lot of new members who have joined us already in 2018.

Welcome to @Tonybea, @Marty, @WineIsOneOfMy5aDay (GREAT NAME!), @DPallett, @Mdt1927, @GrapeChaser, @horsleym, @SimonV, @Olympus_John and @Whitechild76 all of whom have joined in the last few days!

First, Welcome!

Second, do check out this post about some possible prizes!

But, if I may ask a favour, could the new members tell me if they’ve seen (and read) the welcome message that gets sent when you sign-up? There’s an invitation there to take a tour of the community tools but none have yet taken it, so I am wondering if I can improve that message somehow?


Not sure how many are chaps Robert, but since when did chaps read manuals on how to use tools? Just saying…


I concur with DrErm - I think I deleted your instructions without reading them :roll_eyes:


At least you’re honest! :wink:

If you fancy trying it, let me know and I can send you the instructions - it is fun - honest!


Posted this at 7pm yesterday and yet we had still more new members - so welcome @AshM70, @chromedome and @Glengolfer



It should be noted that with these new arrivals in 2018, the community has now gently popped it’s head above the 500 member mark!


I did not get a welcome message. I have read bits of the Community input and have enjoyed it very much. I have been a member of the Wine Society for some years (inherited from father).However, the Members bit I find rather confusing. I will keep on trying - and may persevere in time.


Anthea F


Yes, have read and am now ready to place my first order where do I go next please


Still trying to navigate my way… have read the welcome literature and now want to place an order, where do I go next?


Hi @Normanandbarbara, this is the “community” section of the society where we discuss different wine related topics . If you navigate to this page;

www.thewinesociety.com you will be able to search for wines and create your list.
Apologies I’m on my phone so have been able to share links .