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Welcome Back!


Welcome back, Community, after a long period of Error 500 and 502…


I had a shorter period of no access yesterday as well. When I asked staff on ‘chat’ they told me that the IT staff were investigating an ‘intermittent’ problem with the forum.


I had the problem on my laptop, but not on my phone.


Good to be back…! much better than thinking about difficult student issues, or the impending academic year… :open_mouth:


Apologies for the disruption!

There has been a small technical issue during the most recent upgrade of the forum software

We are looking into it so it doesn’t cause any more issues

More news soon, but the site should work fine now


Intermittently I go completely technophobic, so I haven’t noticed any problems recently !! :wine_glass::nerd_face:


No 501 !!! I used to be quite good at darts :wine_glass::nerd_face:


Were there other problems? The main website has been slow to load, and I didn’t get an acknowledgement of my last order, on Friday. (It’s all right; I’ve collected the order.)

But a warning tweet would be nice when there is a problem so we don’t keep trying.


The issue with the community would have no effect on the main website as they are running separately