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:wine_glass:Welcome to The Wine Society’s Community! :wine_glass:

This is an exclusive space for Society members to chat to each other and make the most of your membership.

We’re a co-op - owned by our members, run for our members, and since 1874 we’ve been championing the joy of good wine and putting passion before profit. :heart:

So how does that work here on The Community?

We created this member-only space for a few reasons:

  • It’s a place to talk all things wine (and spirits, beer, events, food…) with your fellow members!
    Get advice and recommendations, share your favourites and new discoveries, or just chat about your favourite topics, from wine to restaurants to travel and more. We also hold monthly virtual tastings!

  • It’s a place to make the most of your membership of your Society
    Discuss all aspects of membership, give feedback on our products and services, get the chance to ask questions to key staff in our Ask Me Anything Q&As, arrange meetups with your fellow members, and Get Involved in various ways.

Have you just joined The Community?

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And if you have any questions, why not ask our Mentors by sending a Direct Message to @Mentor or contact a member of Community staff:
@laura - Community Manager
@martin_brown and @Ewan - Community staff

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