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Weinert Tonel 111 Malbec 1994 - when is it really ready?


I’ve been a big fan of the Weinert wines for a few years now so I was straight in with the en-primeur offer for the Tonel 111 Malbec. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on why the drinking window is suggested from 2019. Is it because the wine is fresh in bottle and therefore needs to settle down a little? Have to say I’m keen to dig in - has anyone else succumbed and cracked theirs open yet?

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There was another thread on this wine:


Mine arrives in a week’s time - I’ll let it rest for a week or two and then I think I might dive in!


Thanks - for some reason that thread is blocked - perhaps because I’ve only just opened my account. Do come back and post your thoughts on the wine when you do try it… on my thread of course :grin:


@tonythepony - you need to join the en-primeur group to see it

go to GROUPS and click ‘join’ - then that link will work


In fact the drinking advice is inconsistent, since the narrative says ‘It will be ready to drink soon after bottling’, which I would assume does not mean ‘from 2019’.

I’ve raised this with the WS but not received a reply.


How soon is soon. Reminds me of an old smiths song. I took soon as meaning 2019. That probably seems very far away to my four year old daughter but quite soon to me.


The wine just got reviewed on Cellartracker, looks it needs a bit more time, but positive review.


I could no longer withstand my curiosity and coravinned one of my bottles. I did really enjoy it. You can taste the age, but there is freshness and fruit to complement. Will probably drink the coravinned bottle gradually this year and start opening the rest next year.


I agree with your comments. I tasted this wine recently. The wine is not austere on the palate. However, something I noticed when buying Rioja is that wines aged a certain time in wood do suffer from the bottling and need a year or so to come round, particularly as regards the aromas. That was the idea with setting a 2019 start to the drinking date. Its the first time we have bottled such a wine and sold en primeur so I am still learning about how the wine reacts. I think all the Weinert wines can be similar as they do not carry that much bottled stock, so most of the wines are bottled just before shipment and improve with bottle age.


Just to point out (again) that this contradicts the advice in the tasting note, namely, ‘will be ready to drink soon after bottling’.

Perhaps that phrase should be deleted?


Yes Richard you are right and I will remove that. There is a drinking date 2019-2025 which is my best estimate.


I can’t wait to try it next year (or perhaps over Christmas this year…)


Thanks. I opened a bottle from my half-case in reliance on that statement and was very disappointed.


I suppose maybe soon in the context of a 25 year old wine is maybe a year or two! Grateful to you pioneers cracking into yours early - I will leave mine in Stevenage until next year.