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Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial

Yes - decant a good idea but not strictly essential. The wine is certainly not fragile so it cant do any harm. There may be a very fine sediment so I’d advise leaving the bottle stood upright for a few days beforehand. Day 2 after opening oak is more noticable, leather, dark tarry notes (very Weinert, that). Was a bit of a ‘pig-in-a-poke’ buy, but I’m a very happy bunny.


How did you find it?

Or anybody else?

Gosh I can’t remember in detail. It was very nice I do remember that. Not as punchy as the ‘94 Weinert but a good buy. Worth trying

Anybody else taken delivery and sampled a bottle?

I have! Really enjoyed this wine soup (thanks tom), and slightly regretting not buying more. I took the Magnums, and have tried and really enjoyed two.

Certainly ready to drink, but might get a bit better with a little more time.


Brilliant thanks for that!

Yup - I had a case and open a bottle every now and then. It’s excellent, and makes me wonder why it is so rare to get a ‘vertical blend’. Amazing complexity, with secondary flavours of (typical weinert) leather & coffee - with fresh young fruit as well.

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Opened my first bottle tonight. After 2 hours in decanter I found the high acidity really off-putting - almost cough enducing. Interesting rather than enjoyable… Plus a certain “burnt rubber” thing going on

Now after 5 hours it has all settled down. I drank firstly with chicken kiev and then with Stilton. I suspect what this really needs is a huge steak - something like a medium rare ribeye off a charcoal grill. The proteins in the meat would probably really round out the wine.

I am going to forget this until BBQ season 2021. I suspect it will then be a star.


Interesting. I was wondering if I needed to get mine (magnums) out at Christmas but this suggests I can leave longer quite happily!

I love that the wine society do these offers. They have brilliant contacts and it’s great to try these.

Reminds me of Oddbins… in a very good way.

Please keep it up.


Tonight first sample of this wine.

Unexpected nose with no link to country of origin present. If I had to place it I would have guessed Italy.

Fabulous. Unexpected. I get why people enjoy Weinert now.

I’ve had their 2008 cab sav. A few of those had wine faults. Possibly a winemaker with higher risk of wine fault?

However, this is great. Experiencing wine like this is an unexpected joy. Thanks Wine Society