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Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial



I have had the email! Look forward to trying a bottle later in the year


Will you not be waiting until next year?


In reserves here too. Anyone opened a bottle - what’s it like?


I have 6 bottles being delivered by FedEx as we speak… will let you know tomorrow evening :slight_smile:


Probably try one at christmas. We did the same with the ‘94 Weinert last Christmas


Ah yes, I’m looking forward to another one of those this coming winter :+1:




So perhaps give it a year:

It will be ready to drink upon arrival but to enjoy it at its best, we suggest you wait at least a year if you can. Wines kept for many years in wood like this one can be ‘shaken up’ a bit by the bottling process, and as such, this one may need a little time to readjust after it is bottled in February


Anybody tried yet?


Yes, tried last night and as per @lorindavies comments above, it needs time.

I had a glass and left it over night and the taste profile is far better today (very smooth)

Will be keeping my 11 bottles for some time. Certainly got the minerals to be a good wine but don’t waste your money by opening it up just yet…


This arrived yesterday and I’ve mislaid it’s original flyer. On looking at the chat it seemed a good idea to try some. Damn good, full of flavour, red fruit,l a bit of leather, a wee bit of bret. The plan was to have a glass, I suspect we’ll drink most of it tonight. A good buy for drinking now.


That’s a really positive review, thanks for posting. I was going to leave mine in reserves a wee bit longer but I might draw a half dozen down the next time I do a withdrawal now. Cheers :wine_glass:


This is my first EP so if you can let me know how you get on I’ll consider taking from reserves now :grin:


Anymore reviews?


Personally I won’t be opening mine anytime soon, I think it will need a bit more time to develop .