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Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial



I think in this case I will get his bit delivered and pass it on to him. You could ask member services to transfer a part case to another member’s reserves, you would have to pay duty and VAT first (have done this before successfully).


Nothing in my wines yet :weary:!


You have to look at your phone in landscape… not joking


I can’t see the wine in my wines yet. I assume I didn’t get assigned any. I’ve not gone for EP in a while so I assume this is punishment :smile:


I was about to say “nothing showing for me yet” and then I followed your tip and there is is!


This is showing in my wines even though I didn’t order any! :joy:


AHA… mine have landed too :+1::+1:


Ah something seems to have popped up in my EP Offers section now! Looking promising


Woot! me too! My wines and in EP.


Who’d have thought turning a phone from portrait to landscape could bring so much joy?



Woo, looks like i got my magnums.assume all four, it doesn’t say, but i spy in my wines.

Also added to cellartracker for those that use it.


So date of arrival is Summer 19 - should be soon then?!


An update from TWS via live chat today for anybody interested

It has been delayed coming in to us , so we now anticipate September or thereabouts