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Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial



I am also struggling to understand why this is en primeur and find it a bit strange. Why not sell it as usual when it’s here? There are many other wines offered for sale that are ready for drinking but will benefit from a year or more ageing.


Maybe this transcript will shed some light on the matter:

*driiiiiiiiiing! *driiiiiiiiiiig!

"Hullo, The Exhibition Cooperative Wine Society, Stevenage Branch, Toby speaking?

TOOBEEE! It is cavas Weinert!

Oh hi! I’ve been meaning to ring you about…

Toby, I have an offer and you are unable to say no to it.

Well, I…


Right. And this offer is?

Toby, we know how you British like - how do you say it - eccentricity

  • coughs *

WELL! we have the perfect plan! It is perfect!

An eccentric wine?


A regular wine with a eccentric label?


I’m sorry?


I’m not sure I follow

  • background rustling in Spanish *


Once? Once?! ¡Esos británicos están locos!

Are you still there?



ELEVEN TOOBEEE! We put eleven wines together for you!

It’s a radical idea, but our members are more used to cases of 12.

Not in a case, in a bottle! We have 11 vintages of our crazy wine for you mixed all together. Like soup! You like wine soup, Toby?

I’m not sure I…

Excelente! We have 5,000 cases.how many you like?

I tell you what, we’ll do it en primeur and see how many we sell, and buy that many. That OK?




Agree might have stretched to 6 but not 12


:laughing: Right, I’m off to check I didn’t wake the children with my snorting! :laughing:



Just went for this EP offer. Looks great. I’ve tried all the Weinert wines and think they’re amazing and are always impressive to people I’ve recommended them to. The normal Carrascals are such great value, we even bought a couple to lie down for 8-10 years as an experiment recently. This NV offer looks really intriguing. Like some of you I’m usually sceptical of this sort of offering but the 1994 Tonnel 111 was fantastic (but still very young!) so I do have faith in this.

Due to tight funds at the moment, this does mean however that I won’t be going for any 2017 Rhône / LR this year (and I had my eye on a wine)


Ah well - that is another £75 spent. It seems suspiciously like a ‘lets clear the cellar of all these leftover casks, blend em all in together, make a bit of ready cash’ But to be fair, Weinert have never ever to my mind produced a duff bottle, they make seriously good wine so I’m happy to take a punt.

Report back in the summer!


I’m in!

Been rather busy with a new venture and :shock: the wine reserves are actually running rather low (well, not counting the Chablis and Burgundy I bought in France this summer, but not planning to quaff that quite yet)

Always loved their wines so have high hopes :slight_smile:


I have no will power, it’s too good to miss out on so I’m in too ! Go big or go home :rofl::rofl::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:!


In case anyone is interested, I checked with Member Services and the ABV is 14.5%. I checked as I bought the Tonnel without checking and was a little suprised at the 15%.

Think I might go in for some magnums for BBQs and family get togethers.


Buenos dias! Right: punter hat off, purveyor hat on. Thanks to everyone who’s asked questions about this offer and lovely to see some have taken the plunge: we’re confident you won’t regret it.

Good question. Whilst fine wines do form the lion’s share of our en primeur offerings (hence it sitting in the Fine Wine section of our site), it’s worth noting that prices in the current Rhone EP start at £59 per dozen, so it’s not strictly a case (no pun intended) of ‘EP = fine wine only.’ As to whether the Corte Clasico is a fine wine, my gut feeling having tried it is ‘yes’, because it has a lot of complexity and depth, but that’s my personal view and you’re absolutely right that a) the F-W words have been much abused and b) the price will certainly be contrary to others’ interpretations of the term. We have interesting debates around this subject when we’re putting certain sections of the Fine Wine List together, e.g. a wine that the buyer feels offers fine-wine-worthy complexity and flavour but which is priced at, say, £13. Does that therefore merit inclusion? We treat it on a case-by-case basis (again no pun intended)…

Very fair points, which I put to our Fine Wine Manager to get the best answer I could for you. His words: “Right to question. But for me this is why I’m a member of The Wine Society’s team, in that you get opportunities to try things like this that no other merchant does. You’re right that we didn’t have to offer it en primeur, but it doesn’t arrive until the summer, so it’s got time to settle and we wanted to offer as soon as we could to members at the cheapest possible price.”

To confirm, it is UK exclusive, and as a member-owned non-profit-maximising co-op, the secondary market is no consideration whatsoever for us: we sell wine for drinking and enjoying :slight_smile:

Great question. A magnum counts as two bottles when withdrawing a few bottles at a time. Hope this helps.

Lastly, something I’m simultaneously sheepish and delighted to divulge: Jancis Robinson only went and reviewed this wine, but it didn’t surface in our usual PR digests! Gutted, as I’d love to have used it in the copy, but chuffed she liked it as much as we did.

Here’s what she had to say (giving the wine 16.5):

" What an amazing concept! Virtually a solera. Really interesting and tastes de nos jours rather than an ancient relic. There is on the palate a hint of the syrups of old but then it’s enlivened by the zest of young wines. Definitely one for wine geeks. "

Guilty as charged on the geek front, but I hope this goes some way to instil confidence in those questioning the concept of the blend. Salud.


I have spent far too much money already in 2019 on wines that are already in bottle and ready to drink. …I…just…can’t… quite justify the punt…:cold_sweat: must stay strong!


Oops, my finger slipped and ordered the magnums :man_shrugging:


The exact same thing happened to me… inexplicable. Can still withdraw the request before allocation starts. :wink:


I won’t, but I didn’t know you could do this. It seems a bit of a pain but are we able to change ep orders like this? I have visions of wanting to swap my entire Rhone order following marcel’s AMA :rofl:


It is the same pain as cancelling a normal order…

Been there, done that…


I just got the email. Must be a second round of sending.


Martin, thanks for the prompt response. Interesting to see Jancis’ view on it too.


Have you got a link to the Jancis review? Can’t find it online.


It’s on her website, under the international market name for the wine: Carrascal Corte Classico


It looks like the same article on Jancis website also has a review of the 1994 Wienert Tonel 111 that we discussed on this thread https://community.thewinesociety.com/t/weinert-tonel-111-malbec-1994-en-primeur-just-delivered/528/30

She seemed to like it scoring it 17

Weinert, Tonel Unico 111 1994 Mendoza


From Luján de Cuyo. 100% Malbec. Cask-aged for 23 years. 233 casks produced varying in size from 2,000–6,000 litres. The casks are painted with linoleum oil. Weinart strive to keep brett under control but do not eliminate it completely.
Extraordinary history to this wine! Very deep crimson. Spicy with a hit of rancio but clean overall. Really fascinating… Rich, cigar aromas and a hint of old sherry. Masses of pleasure! Long and unique. Clean.