Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial

This email offer just in for anyone who is interested…


Ok this looks a bit special.

Damn you, Wine Society, and your wallet-lightening EP offers! :drooling_face::grimacing::sob::+1:


Beat me to it!

Does look tempting…

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Not again…! Another offer :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:!

For the single bottles it comes to £10 per bottle duty paid. This is comparable with the different vintage bottles of Carrascal now available for £9.5. This is an intriguing bottling though. 12 bottles of a curiosity still sound too many to me…


Now this has got my attention.

Has anyone here tried the regular Carrascal bottling? Lots of positive reviews on the site.

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I’m with you on this - 12 bottles of something i’m to sure of… 6 bottle case may have been the way to go ?

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why ?

the cynic in me says lots of old wine to get rid of… :wink:

I don’t mind - Weinert are forever getting rid of old wine, and it’s often very tasty, if a little off-the-wall at times.


I tried a sample of this and, speaking as a punter rather than a purveyor, I thought it was quite a step up from the normal Carrascal and will definitely be ordering.

If you like Weinert’s old-school style, like I do, it should float your proverbial boat - fittingly for a wine put together from a library of different vintages, it really did smell a bit like a library, in the best possible way!

When I was last in Argentina, my father-in-law and I visited a cracking wine shop, but to my horror he beelined it for the owner and started talking me up something royal (‘Societad de los Vinos’! ‘Conocedor!’ etc). The guy was really nice, but having been told I was apparently the next Hugh Johnson, he kept recommending extremely expensive wines every time I set foot in there afterwards. I tried a couple of budget-stretchers, but my main area of interest was a dusty corner of his shop that was full of 1990s Weinerts, available for the equivalent of about £10-15. It was a bit awks at times, to quote the parlance, but I’ve had a huge affection for Weinert’s wines ever since!

Hope you enjoy it if you do go for it :slight_smile:


To be fair their wines have longevity. Just think of the 2006 Cab Sauv that is still going strong or the 1994 Malbec that is starting to drink now.


Sounds like it might be delicious, and kudos to the Society for having these kind of relationships and being able to get hold of this kind of thing. I have two questions though:

-Is it really ‘fine wine’ (a much abused term at many other retailers) at the pre-tax price of £6 a bottle?

-It sounds like a Wine Society exclusive. If it is, what’s the logic of offering en primeur, especially when it’s multi-vintage? It doesn’t sounds like something that other merchants are competing for, or something that is likely to appreciate significantly on the secondary market. (Which, I suppose, is my way of grumbling that I’d quite like to try it, but I don’t really want a case of something experimental without trying it first!)

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Very fair points/questions :slight_smile: Some bits v easy to answer, other bits I’ll need to chat to colleagues - given I’m off home v shortly, I will endeavour to get back to you mañana! Thanks.


How would the magnums work if I were to stick some in my reserves? Does it count as one or two bottles when extracting?

And anyway, who wouldn’t want to pre-order the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th:

There is a wonderful polyphonic harmony and complexity from the deep bass note of mature, mellow flavours of leather and tobacco, with cedar from the tenor and a lovely top note of black forest fruit from the sopranos.





Thank you for the heads up on this.

Looks interesting. Resolve holding…for the time being.

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@martin_brown If 2 members fancied 6 bottles of this, could one of them order a case, and then when the wine is in Stevenage transfer 6 bottles to another share number?

This works… tried and tested.

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In that case if anyone might fancy a half dozen feel free to DM me.

Yeah the Carascal is a good drop. Not quite as good as the Cabernet was, but it’s still a mature, deep and interesting wine. I think this might end up being an absolute bargain.