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Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006



I think this wine merits its own topic. I had it open for 2 days now and it is still singing. I genuinely believe it is a steal at the price. I think @robert_mcintosh and @Bargainbob agree with me here. I know it is CabSav, still a discovery for me.

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

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Huge bargain! Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015

I do agree, indeed. I just received an order with another 6 bottles today in fact.

The Weinert wines are quite impressive. I also like their Carrascal.


I better add the Carrascal and the Cavas de Weinert to my next order wish list.


It’s an absolute cracker.
How much do you think you’d need to pay to get a Bordeaux this good? £25? More?

Knowing what tends to happen to wines that are heavily endorsed here, I think I might need to get some more in before they run out!


I enjoyed the Carrascal myself a few months ago, very nice.


Agree with the above. Weinert make very good wines indeed at a great price. I bought 6 bottles of the '94 Weinert Malbec in the En Premier. As advised, I won’t try it until next year but I’m keen to see if anyone else has gone for that and if indeed they have tried it!?


here you can find a discussion thread on the malbec en primeur


Hi! Thanks - although when I click your link it says I don’t have access to that topic!?


you will need to join the ‘en primeur’ chat group … go to Groups and click ‘Join’


Thank you very much for that.


This wine is still going strong and still available There is plenty more than just old wne flavours to enjoy here


I’m amazed the community hasn’t bought up all the stock yet lol


I see we are not alone in loving this one - it has got a 4.3 :star: average on reviews as well


Love all the Weinert wines, but especially Cavas de Weinert. I’ve been buying them fairly regularly since 2010 when (according to my history) the Cavas de Weinert was just £8.95 a bottle, and for me, represented just about the best value wine available anywhere.

Sadly it’s doubled in price since then, and I’d actually meant to ask the Society why the price went up so much?


I opened another one of these tonight. This wine just keeps on giving… and mind bogglingly is still available. Thanks @Bargainbob for the tip off.


You’re welcome!
We’re having moussaka for dinner, and I was thinking of going Lebanese and opening a Hochar or Ksara. Now you’ve got me hankering after the Weinert. Would it be too much for the moussaka?


Whilst I know I’m a bit late, I’d suggest having the Weinert and modify the spicing of the mousakka to cope.




This might be as TWS drinking window closes in 2018. Conservative as usual. I still have 5 bottles left.


I was thinking the same thing. I’ve still got 3 but I’m adding 3 more. I haven’t opened one for a few months, but last time I did it was showing no signs of fading at all.