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Weekend Wines - Friday 13th!



It’s lunchtime - so why would thoughts not be turning to tonight’s wine?!

Another weekend of relative abstinence - a glass of this tonight and the rest of the bottle on Sunday evening after the Brighton Marathon!


One of my favourite wineries. Their Bin 1 and Bin 0 Shiraz over the last 3 or 4 years have been outstanding although I didn’t know they were available in the UK. Does the back of the bottle say who imports them?


I’m going for this - Santenay always cheers me up after a tough week!


It is the missus’ birthday so I am opening this… (2015 vintage)

then following a Nandos (her choice!!!) tomorrow, the Society’s Exhibition Pomerol (no longer listed)


Plus an Eiswein with cake (Both Lidl)


Is that the half bottle with the light blue label? That one was pretty good for the price.


Looking forward to trying it. The back of the bottle:

Seems to be an Irish importer. I bought this privately and I think this was the last bottle he had


Yep half bottle of canadian riesling. The cab sav eiswein was awful. Twinning it with carrot cake, her fave.

I also picked up some sweet tokaji, grand cru gewurz and a dry tokaji…loads of hungarian stuff at 5-10 a bottle


Tonight we’re attending another tasting event, part of the Brighton Wine Festival- called ‘Make Your Case’. Six suppliers/wine shop owners and someone from Ridgeview will be pitching their chosen wine against each other, with 3 minutes to convince us why their wine should win. We’ll have to blind taste, and vote! And drink… and eat… hard work :wink:
Tomorrow I’ll be cooking a Sicilian butternut squash stew. Got no Sicilian red currently in the house, so opted for a Primitivo di Manduria from M&S instead… I find Primitovo goes nicely with a squash. Not sure why.

Sunday got friends for dinner, and hoping to finally open the Tavel

… but if they prefer white to go with the salmon, I’ll open the lovely bottle I got in Mallorca from Bodega Biniagual:

Hoping for a bit of sunshine! Oh, and good luck to those doing the Brighton Marathon!! :crossed_fingers::smiley:


I believe you can get them via Bibendum, though whether they are the sole importer I don’t remember



They must have heard us…


I like to think of myself as a pioneer :wink:


I just tried this at a tasting and was well impressed. It had the purest white peach flavour, very difficult to spit, but one must…


Favourite English wines

That’s good to know, they’re not far from us and I keep meaning to check them out…local wines for local people and all that.


Tried their white blend Shoreline, which was also very good. The grapefruit descriptor on the website is spot on. The Brut Reserve Sparkling was also commendable.


I feel a day-trip coming on!


It’s been a tough week - so tonight it is a Thai takeaway, and an interesting Pinot Noir:


Something from Alsace as I acquired four of these from a charity shop the other day


I can recommend this from Sicily, made with the Perricone grape, well worth a try, though it is out of stock online, may have in store, at M&S.


Second try of the remnants from Contino’s disaster vintage tonight…


I feel there’s a slight anti NZ Sauvignon bias in this forum but tonight sipping Greywacke and eating simply seasoned pan-fried sea bass the world seems a nice enough place!