Weekend wines 11 to 13 August 2023

Welcome to the weekend those of you who have chosen to take August in the UK, land of sunlit meadows (cheers, Boris)

Tonight I’m cutting back a bit on expenditure having done a rough calculation of my annual wine tab & the lack of sunlit meadows. Do I really need to drink bottles costing £15 and upwards ?


For a very reasonable £10.95. Which brings me to another point: we no longer buy wine with cash and the 95p is no longer needed (the cashier had to open the till to find a 5p change, thus preventing the checkout person pocketing the notes) - why do TWS and all others still persist in the .95 price?

Anyway - on to the wine. Absolutely ready to drink merlot/ cabernet blend, it could be from anywhere in the world but that is not to detract from a very decent glass of wine. A light Bordeaux nose, very correct, plums and redcurrant, a light balance of tannin, finish just gently fades away.

Thoroughly decent. Not a challenge to +£15 bottles but it is, what it is.


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