Weekend wine 3 - 5 March 2023

First of the weekend? Oh well, it had to happen sometime!

Pizza night tonight (that’s the dough proving in the background), so third go at a Mezzacorona red:

While I though they were well made and offered plenty in terms of body and complexity for the price, the single-grape Teroldego & Lagrein both came over as slightly confected previously, so trying this blend of the two.

Going to give it some air before we get stuck in, but even cellar cold this smells appealing, plenty of rich black fruit in there. Fingers crossed for third-time-lucky :grinning:

Happy Friday everyone!


A 2019 Rhône EP purchase this evening. JLL 4 stars and a good review from Marcel

This punches well above its price and is great value. Not sure if I have seen it on the list but if it does appear I’ll certainly buy more.

Inky dark plum colour. A little sediment. I decanted for 40 minutes but not sure it needs it. Sweet black fruit and herbs on the nose. Full bodied and typical lovely southern Rhône taste. Thoroughly recommended.


It’s great. I went to the winery in 2021, TWS bought almost all the stock for the EP but they sold me 6 of the 2019 that they had kept back for locals. I was disappointed it didn’t appear on this years EP as it gets a good write up from JLL again. Hoping we may get some on the list otherwise I may need to take a holiday to Rhône this summer!


Good to hear…I have a case of this in Reserves…probably coming out before my next Reserves invoice!

This arrived today

So I opened this

Chateau de Saint Cosme “Les Deux Albions” Côtes du Rhône 2015

Bought ep for £95 a dozen. Very nice, easy drinking for the price. If I was to be critical it has a bit of burn to it. That may be just because it is a bit jumbled up from the journey.



Another delicious Italian white - fresh, rounded, with enough acidity, maybe not quite a 1 on the scale. Apple and lemon are the frequent descriptions in the reviews, and I’m not going to argue with that. A pan of mussels awaits.


Are Tollot-Beaut still using those enormous bottles?

In for all four of the wines tonight, and a little solo pre-taster was had, you know, just in case…

Of the briefest notes:

Rives-Blanques - actually been to the vineyard, but they were busy with a tasting at the time. Had before and a lovely, rounded and textured buttery wine. I really like it.

Pittnauer - not as cidery as you’d necessarily expect. More like the occasional over ripe grape you get in the bundle. If you’re wanting to be converted to orange wine, this is not for you, but otherwise an interesting wine.

Castello La Leccia - really like this. Medium bodied, cherry and soaked raisin notes. Delicious.

Papa Luna - fruit bomb and, sorry, not for me. On the other hand (not being part of “they didn’t like it” brigade) it is exactly what it is intended to be, and it feels like a good example of the style if that’s what you want.


Also, very quick question: I think we have manifestly failed on the basics in the Alex household and failed to sign up for the event this evening. Would anyone be able to private message me the link to the event? :man_facepalming:t2: Or at least tell me the host so I can email!

Edit: got it thanks.

Decent 2017 Nebbiolo, ready to drink, nuanced, savory:


Oh yes. I don’t care cos they’re lovely. One day the Aloxe will be worth buying again.

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The second of two Chasse Spleen 1989 bought at auction last year. I had the first one on Xmas day and it was a shell of Chasse Spleen, a ghost. Maybe I’m being harsh as we still drank it but I reckon it could have made an episode of Silent Witness at the very least. Thin and little flavour.

After that, I had half expected the same from this. An expensive episode but no, it is, happily, singing. After, ahem, somewhat of a struggle with the cork….a wine en plein forme was discovered. Bugger, this ain’t a special occasion. Oh well, I’ll take one for the team. Light ruby, no browning and subtle fruits on the nose. So very together on the palate. Tastes much younger than its 34 years. A surprising vibrancy, plenty of dark fruit, noticeable tobacco, cedar and a smidge of eucalyptus, and still a hint of tannin. A very mature and performing Chasse Spleen unlike the first one. Yum. I shall enjoy this tonight and tomorrow. I dare not chance things for a third night. Excuses, excuses……

A long week. Good Weekends everyone.


This reminds me, not for the first time, that white burgundy may be expensive but it is lovely…

He probably didn’t need me to do this but I proved @Toby.Morrhall’s advice on serving warmer than other whites to be correct again. The first glass not long out of the fridge was very closed and appley but it opened up superbly into a peachy, creamy, toasty delight but with enough astringency to keep it well in balance. Yum.

Happy weekend


This evening: Chateau Lapin is complete… Daughters 1 & 2, a hound, the Fine Lady L, and Moi. Was going to be Provençal baked haddock (no hake today… if you know the words, sing along) with red peppers & tapenade. But the menu was converted at the last moment to Moules Frites - those with Daughters will be familiar with these changes - with ailoi.

Lacking parsley I chopped up plenty of celeriac leaves (from the chateau garden) which made an outstanding contribution… they add cinnamon to celary/ parlsey high notes.

With a RED burgundy: Pataille Marsannay 2018. Surprisingly a perfect match.

All is well in the world, happy Friday everyone.


6 x Bin 005! Wonderful. My joint favourite wine from the bin series, with the Pinot Noir!


Chapoutier St Peray Les Tanneurs 2019. Such a delicious find; has a texture that reminds me of a sweet wine yet is completely dry, I think the acidity as well adds to that. Plenty of stone fruit here, yet fresh, and not flabby.


Was just about to post that. An unbroken box must be a rare thing nowadays. I still have 3 in reserves but a box of 6 is a lovely thing.


Tried to order 6 of these in the '19 EP - only one I didn’t get!

I have a broken box in reserves now but also three magnums that I’m leaving for a few more years.


What a cracking parcel of ‘free’ wine that is… Grivot burg, Bin #005, Cosme & Chave CdR… wow!

I’ve had a couple of the '17 Deux Albion, they were great but would have been better with a couple more years. Be very interested to know how that '15 is getting on?