Weekend Wine (21st to 23rd Oct 2022)

Welcome to Friday ! and it has been an interesting week.

Tonight a special white Burgundy 2012 Louis Jadot Domaine Gagey Ladoix Le Clou d’Orge. I have a feeling I picked it up in Bremen Germany earlier this year… although maybe somewhere else (Penistone Wine Cellars?). Under £30.

Nose is classic mature White Burgundy: very ‘full’ and slightly spicy, definite French oak, linden flowers. Palate is apple pie with spices & cloves, lovely balanced oak, lime cordial finish which goes on and on. If only I could remember where this bottle came from ! I’d certainly buy again without hesitation.

With home made partridge pie: partridge breasts, smoked bacon, whole small shallots, creamy white wine sauce. In a proper butter pastry pie case. If nothing else, us Brits know about pies.

(pic robbed off tinterweb, my bottle is 2012)


Thanks for kicking this off , miserable day in the south west, pouring all day. So a late lunch , roast chook and sides with this…

Delicious, slightly sharp but with a soft clsssic Chablis finish.



Brocard do make superb Chablis… 2019 sounds about right.

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Grenache Gris or Grenache Blanc? TWS tasting note suggests it could be either. Still a tasty well made wine with plenty of character.

Edit: where’s the wine? A bright mid yellow.


Tell me about it! Even the tree surgeon bailed on us, not that I blame him. Good Musar weather, anyway :wine_glass:


That vin jaune is still going strong, maybe even a little more open, 2 weeks after opening. Nice with fleshy queen olives. Basilisco still good from last night, with some butter beans in spicy tomato sauce.
The Dom Rotier ‘renaissance’ is delightful. Unusual grape variety- Len de l’Elh / Loin de l’Oeil. Light gold. Rich nose, apricots, peaches; very sweet but good acidity to balance - just! Stone fruits, caramel, and quite viscous - 190g/l residual - but doesn’t have much of the sugary “texture” on the tongue you sometimes get with sweet wines. Bitter orange zest in the background and on the finish. This has a lively and has a lovely freshness … not at all subtle, and very decadent indeed.


On my own this weekend as Mrs @Winestwit and Master @Winestwit visit the in-laws. So I thought I would indulge myself. Rioja all the way, and wow the rosado is incredible



This - strictly speaking midweek as I opened it for a taster last night - really is very very nice indeed; a 2015 Vallone Graticciaia.

I think this is maybe a bit of a marmite wine. And also slightly unpredictable, though whether and to what extent that’s the wine itself or the drinker’s mood is a moot point to me.

Either way, this particular bottle is going down very nicely indeed this evening. The first of a 6-case, this seems more friendly than the 2013 I enjoyed back in July - less of the tar-stuff and more of the fruit-stuff with this one. Rich, quite dense, good dark fruit, slightly spicy-herby, tobaccoey and chewy, and just a little bit but very satisfyingly grippy. Very nice with an autumnal beef stew & mash, and even better now as an evening-sipper. Enjoyed by wife too - not always the case with our sometimes different tastes in red wine - so a vinous winner all round.

Just waiting to get sonshine settled in bed, and then it’s me & my Graticciaia & my recorded London Irish Vs Glaaaaarcester rugby - can’t wait :~}


What about the Ardanza - is it ready yet?



Such fine detail on the nose. Drawing this all in. Fabulous

Such a brilliant balance and such a long finish. Fruit laden despite its 17 years


Enjoying this very good value chenin after nearly a week hosting non wine drinking friends. No problem with drinking beer but it’s nice to have a few glasses of wine again. The blurb mentions melon, grapefruit, and white peach but nothing about apple which I certainly think is very much there. Light and refreshing, doing well with salmon fishcakes.

£7.99, with another 5% discount for buying 6 bottles, it’s a bargain, and on top of that I’m supporting the charitable works of the Waitrose Foundation. I feel the rosy glow of thrift, charity, and very slight tipsiness!


After a very wet and windy hour on the sidelines of my son’s football training this evening, I fancied a ‘fireside’ red. So, I went and pulled one of these out:

1st of 6 purchased in the EP offer. Was a little bit reticent because the CT noted have leaned to the ‘big wine, give it more time’ end.

However, it’s lovely, rounded and easy drinking. Really beautiful wine. Cheers all.

Edit: it’s the 2017. Picture doesn’t show.


The other half is away this weekend, and I was all set to go on a silent retreat… Alas! the Convent I usually go to was fully booked. Sign of times, perhaps! :thinking:

To cheer myself up I made some Keralan scallops curry which went like a dream with this Riesling:

Tonschiefer Dry Slate Riesling, Dönnhoff 2019

Bought EP, this was bottle number 1 from a mixed Dönnhoff case. My first reflection was that I wish I could drink more Riesling. I mean - I could, but it’s not a variety that makes my other half jump for joy, which is a shame. He does enjoy them from time to time, but I would have drunk it more regularly if this wasn’t the case.

Marriage compromise aside, the wine is a peach! Delicate and yet generous and broad on the palate, it combines notes of lime marmalade, peach, citrus blossom and wet pebbles perfectly. Similar notes on the palate as well as ripe pears and chamomile. The acidity is lively and the mouthfeel rounded and elegant. Finish is long and conjures up notes of kaffir lime leaves and a tingle of chamomile. Splendid! :+1:

I had a glut of blueberries slowly dying at the back of the fridge, so I knocked together a blueberry and coconut dessert, which went splendidly with the last glass of this South African delight:

I posted about it last week, so won’t bore you again… Suffice to say - this is pure joy in a glass! Kept its aromas and flavours too, and was a fine way to finish the evening watching Harry Potter… The husband doesn’t get Riesling, but he also doesn’t get magic… Go figure! :grin: :mage:


Extraordinarily jealous! That sounds like a fabulous evening!

I’m cheating on the Wine Society this evening with the wonderful Bat & Bottle (https://bat.wine, no connection etc etc.). Aside from the drive from Liverpool to Oakham, which - because I was going West to East - took what felt like years (I swear, a fuzzy 2013 Bordeaux matured while I was sat going around Stoke), it was well worth the trip. If you want individual and unique Italian wines, then this is for you… Wonderful night of tasting had, and doubtless a dent in the bank balance when I pick up tomorrow.


This is where others may disagree with me but I tend to think wines like the Ardanza are only released when they are ready, they just get even better over time. So yes, I think it’s great now but I’m also pleased that I have another 3 bottles that won’t be touched for a few more years as they will get better. I still have a case of the 2010s too which I’m not touching for at least another 3-4 years.


Made an early half-term escape to my brother’s place in the Cotswolds. He’d procured a selection of posh meat bits including some wagu steaks and burgers so I brought down this recent acquisition:

I would usually give Gigondas, and indeed most fuller Rhone wines, considerably more time but there are suggestions that this is good for early drinking. And indeed it is. Decanted for a couple of hours, this delivers loads of rich black fruit - but is in no way overpowering. Sufficient tannins to cut through the fatty meat, and easy drinking. Lovely autumnal stuff.


Tonight it’s roast chicken sandwiches (we had the chicken roasted on Thursday - a Duchy organic) with sliced stuffing based partly on venison sausage meat and a bottle of 2018 St Cosme. To follow we have creme caramel from Cote at Home. I had thought to break out a bottle of champagne to mark the resignation news from Westminster but then I saw Buffo Buffoonus is flying back from yet another holiday. Dear, oh dear.


Courtesy of the majestic mystery £90/12 case, we have a 2016 Edna Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir from central California. Originally at about £16, but really at £14 on their mix six deal, but £7.50 in my mystery case.

According to Cellar Tracker, this should have been drunk two years ago. That’s probably about right. Nice pale colour, very muted nose, but a definite whiff of strawberry. Taste is much more rhubarb, light wild strawberry, with a touch of earthiness on the side. Quite light in flavour which may be the old age. Surprisingly long finish. Not too sweet or overdone, which is always my fear with Californian wine. A delicate number for an autumn evening.

All in all, it’s good for £7.50 but I’d be rather miffed if I had spent the full price on it. Happy Saturday night to all the community


Paired clumsily with sweet potato mash and a butter bean cassoulet…

Chateau Caronne Sainte Gemme
Bought from TWS for £15

Confident nose with cranberry, candied orange, smoke and a faint whiff of freshly polished leather shoes. Full mouthfeel with ripe plum and blackcurrant, a green pepper freshness and plenty of tannins. Too much bitterness/acidity comes through late which lets down the rather beguiling first impression.

Nose 21/25
Initial taste 19/25
After taste 15/25
Length 18/25
Overall 73/100


We’ve arrived in Alsace on a lovely autumn day, so what choice was there but to eat choucroute garnie, with riesling? I chose Dirler-Cadé Riesling, 2016.

If you’ve read my previous posts about this wine, you’ll know how highly I rate it. It punches a long way above its price - a superb combination of fruit and minerality.

And for dessert, some tarte au fromage blanc with Rolly Gassmann Cuvée de la Rénovation, 2018.

A blend of gewurz, pinot gris, muscat and auxerrois, and unmistakably Rolly Gassmann in its sweetness and balance. Fragrant from the gewurz and muscat, with body from the pinots. Not a full-on dessert wine, but just right with the tarte.