Weekend Wine 17th - 19th Feb 2023

My recollection - and it’s hazy, but I’m sure this is right - is that Simon Hoggart always used to extol the virtues of Angludet, and indeed further, used to say save your money when it comes to more expensive Bordeaux (indeed, I think the point was any expensive wine) because, unless you’re loaded, you won’t see the benefit in the extra money spent in the wine you’re drinking.

(I’ve never actually drunk an Angludet, but I think I might in future, and I now bet @lapin_rouge is cursing you for publicising it here :grinning: ).


Well it is my birthday :slightly_smiling_face:


Tafelspitz with sweet mustard sauce and kale pesto sauce with a nice 2017 Rhone Vin de France. Should be an okay dinner with some boiled veggies.


Many happy returns to you. A great looking line up. Just the two,of you then :wink::wink:


A mag of Thalabert '10 here, up in Scotland with the family. Brought it with me as they like buying wine in Aldi. It’s rich and delicious.


Ooh nice to see a Marestel there. I haven’t seen one of those for years ! is there a story behind its provenance ? Looks like it’s from Domaine Dupasquier ? Was it holding up well after 9 years ? Lovely I’m sure, none the less. :+1:

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I might need to delete the post! Just having a day 2 sip. It’s as it was last night! Wines like this certainly make me think about per bottle spend, which for me has been rising over the past few years. Time to dial it back down. This is a terrific wine for the money.


That’s a top tip right there, thanks Mike.

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I would say amen to that. It’s easy to get caught up in the trophy wine vortex - and I am as guilty as the next wo/man - but sometimes I wish I could just delete CT and stop obsessing about drink dates/values/scores and simply enjoy wine as something I have with a meal (which, in general, is how we enjoy stuff).


Finally recovering from a chest infection. Here’s Petit Suneus, an everyday wine from Empordà which brings together Spanish star Garnacha with maligned foreign upstart Merlot. Strawberry, dark fruits, cassis. Somewhat muddled but fruity. Some licorice in there and a bit of lasting jammy sweetness. Pretty ripe without going over the top with mellow but persistent sweet tannins.


This Aussie Chardonnay was very much enjoyed on Thursday, with mushroom, chickpeas and spinach curry:

Petaluma White Label, Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2021

Another random(ish) purchase from Tesco, it delighted with its balance of the oaked and the fresh. The nose had lovely notes of pears, peach and tangerine, delicate vanilla and porridge oats.

On the palate it was rounded but not cloying or flabby in the slightest - rather dancing around richness, but remaining drinkable and vivacious. Vanilla was there, but also ripe pears, orange citrus, oatmeal and hazelnut nuttiness. Well balanced and easy to enjoy, if not overly cerebral. A lovely wine, which we will buy again :+1:

This evening with confit duck, roasties and kale this charmer of a wine:

Weinert Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2012

I’m yet to have a ‘meh’ wine from Weinert. All the ones I tried since joining the Society have been delicious, well-made, flavoursome - not to mention excellent value for money. This one is no exception; despite its 11 years, it shows just a touch of garnet, and the nose is a pleasing melange of blueberry pie and damsons, cedar and leather, clove and mint.

Silky on the palate, it still retains a certain raspiness which keeps it alive and kickin’. There’s damsons and blueberries and maybe some cherries and mulberries too, there’s spice galore (clove, cinnamon, a touch of liquorice, maybe?) and a woody cedar-y note there too. Acidity feels just right, and mouthfeel gives a sort of minty freshness. Tannins are a touch chalky. It combines youthfulness with development effortlessly and we both love the blood orange citrus finish. In a word - yum! :star_struck:

Have a good weekend one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


I’ve broken @peterm 's law by not having claret with lamb tonight


Still very youthful both in appearance and on the palate. Strawberry, perhaps cloves, the 14.5%abv showing through though, quite a long finish.


Maitenant with Lamb Shanks


Enjoyed this bit quite soft by the last glass - leads me to conclude it’s a drinker


Well needing to make cellar space and having just been caught up in 2019 Barolo time for a wine that was a TWS wine champion in 2019.

Very nice with a southern Italy lamb casserole and interesting with cheese afterwards where the cherry and plum fruits came through. Interesting aromas of marzipan, cloves, cherry and plum. Smooth tannins and good acidity.


I’ll join you in court on Monday.

A first here, and a happy accident. Livening up an overnight stay in an Ibis in Calais prior to crossing tomorrow, with a bottle of Ernest Burn Pinot Blanc 2016 that was lingering in the cellar in Alsace, and needed drinking. And needed drinking was right, as there was a large secondary fermentation, to the point that it was almost like a crémant. Quite the most drinkable faulty wine that I’ve ever had, and actually making a good accompaniment to a paté lorrain . Good thing that our cellar is pretty cool…


Boo Hoo :sleepy:, my last post for 3 months, Uni work has ramped up to the last, so wine taking a back seat for a while. Having said that I will continue to monitor this thread and live vicariously through you all. So back to wine.

Wineglass Bay Louis Tasmanian Chardonnay 2018

What a delight, it’s a really well-made wine, there’s fruit, oak and acidity, and all put together perfectly. The buttery element that comes across on the palate and finish is the highlight. Rich and smooth but still refreshing. Thank you Tasmania.


Lamb shanks will be dismissed by the court- technically not a roast.
Omission on my part talking of technicalities- Herdwick MuttonShanks


Wish I’d got more than one bottle. One of the loveliest wines I’ve tasted in a while.


So the full line up included a Bollinger aperitif, a couple of years bottle age was just about as good as you’d expect of any NV. Rich and biscuity, just lovely.

The Bongran was quite exotic with yellow fruits but still lots of freshness. We then had the Hugel which was quite reticent, no crowd pleaser, but opened up with time. No rich oiliness as I’d hoped, just good yellow fruited maturity. Maybe past it’s best?

The Melton Nine Popes was just magnificent. On opening, I’d thought it was past it’s best, but later in glass this was my WOTN, such balanced sweetness, richness, everything you’d hope of a Cheateauneuf, but somehow more.

The Muntada was super, my first experience of this wine. Syrah dominant blend but no Northern Rhone pepperiness.
Lots of lilies on the nose, much more savoury than the Nine Popes (old world vs new), not what I expected, but not disappointed either. Very classy.

The Flaccianello was more like the Nine Popes in character, sweeter, richer, yet still old world, also my first experience. This is great stuff, I perhaps needed more time to fully appreciate. Sublime balance.

We actually had the Marestel (Friday night leftovers) afterwards, leading the dessert, the apple notes working well with the apple-almond pudding. The Coutet 2003 was a great match.