Weekend Wine 10th to 12th November 2023

And a very warm welcome to the weekend. I say warm… except was distinctly chilly walking around Inchbirchworth reservoir late afternoon.

Where I found some blewits (probably) @Luccasman might wish to comment ! and picked up a very nice bottle of white Rhone from the excellent Penistone Wine Cellars. As you can see, brassy gold in the glass. This is 100% marsanne, pretty much bone dry although there is a rich & full bodied feel to it.

Nose is dried melon paste & pastry (Chinese moon cakes), palate again melon, over-ripe apricots, perhaps hazelnuts? it’s very good indeed. Was under £20 and I will most certainly be back for more, the producer lists it as good for another dozen years !

Crozes-Hermitage Petite Ruche Blanc 2018


Very late lunch after a soggy / muddy stretch with 4 legs…and this knocked it out of the park….

Happy weekend folks


Delicious start to the weekend, this is a really interesting wine with interesting labelling!

CVNE Monopole Clasico Blanco 2019.

Aged in oak and blended in sherry casks, very aromatic with a tropical nose. Has a lovely richness with a salty savoury long finish. I think it will age very well.

Happy weekend all.


The half bottle looked too cute to open - could almost be mistaken for a kitsch pepper mill. Surprisingly good after a couple of hours in the glass - slightly earthy nose with an elegant, perfumed finish with a touch of liquorice.


Just prior to heading to an Italian wine tasting with Bat and Bottle (no connection) in Oakham (small wine producers in Piemonte likely to be heavily represented this time - and no Barolo!), and stumbled across the Ovation Wine Bar, which had some excellent choices by the glass (https://ovationoakham.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/2022_July_Ovation_Wine_List_A3_V2.pdf).

I’ve gone for the Blank Canvas Gruner Veltliner, which is terrific indeed!

Terrific, round, fleshy wine, with some new oak but not overpowering. Very nice warm up.


As Ladieras, Cuevas de Arom 2020. Light ruby. Very slowly opening up. Cranberry, hint of raspberry jam, something like a conifer forest in summer. Very dry, quite tart and mid tannic. A slightly hollow long finish that could do with some warmth (a tad of sweetness missing? or some wood?). Very good and still representative of Calatayud with a whiff of Burgundy.

PS: it does fill up a bit after a couple of hours. Also, the red fruit becomes deeper and there are more spicy notes (clove, cardamom).


Started this a couple of evenings ago, and thought it needed a bit of air. Well, that hasnt made much difference to my surprise, Domaine Jessiaume Santenay 1er cru Les Gravières 2020… theres a quite bright, slightly subdued nose of cherries and blackberries, smoky. Quite full, sour cherry, oak is prominent as well. Bright acid, quite savoury, which make it moreish, though does seem a bit off balance. Seems to be “modern” in style - my interpretation is something that feels polished and forward, maybe trying to hard. But i think this could settle down in the years to come.


Happy weekend Matt!
There’s 5% Manzanilla sherry blended in this lovely wine.

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That’s them! And my wife comes from near Pennistone, Cawthorne, and knows the reservoir well.

Crab bisque, crab white meat and sea bass over-lay with this Auxey-Duresses, a wonderful 2018 vintage of mouthwatering argume scents with miel which follows through in the mouth with wonderful acidity and a fruit balance that is ‘mouth watering in every sense’. Bizouard, thank you.


Picked up from Aldi, fairly solid, no whistles and bells, but pleasing for the money merlot lead Bordeaux. I will buy some more.


Tinta Barroca from Swartland.
52 year old ( young, right? :sweat_smile:) vineyard . Bushvines, dry farmed.
Black fruit, spice and bags of ageing potential.

Happy weekend friends.


Evening fellow wine tasters…

A bit of a retro tasting. Largely as it was found (as ever) looking for something else. First world problems eh?

So. What did I stumble (literally) across…

Tim Adams The Aberfeldy Clare Valley 2006.

Definitely old school Oz Shiraz. Apparently 14.5% abv. Hmmm. Maybe…

Good colour. Good nose. One glass so far. Black fruits. Medium to long aftertaste. Some tannin present. Better than expected. Classic old style Australian Shiraz. Some way still to go.

From my ever failing memory. Tesco’s from the Stone Ages for less than an Ayrton…



Sounds good for £14.95!

The same meal as yesterday here but with cold gammon and an intentionally sloppier mustard dressing on the veg …

… with the wine, this time, being a ‘Heldenstuck’ Riesling Trocken 2019, Schloss Lieser.

Leesy minerals, yellow plums and other assorted orchard fruits on the nose with a touch of textural chew, in addition to those notes, on the fresh and vibrant palate. Although still in its infancy, with plenty more to give with time, it was a lovely match to the food and all too easy to drink without it. Er, as it’s disappearing rather rapidly, I’ve now got a feeling a low ABV kabinett may be broached later ! :crazy_face:

All the best everyone.


Something a bit different this evening; to go with local pink veal cutlet, (yet more) tabouleh, and a mushroom and chestnut sauce I made earlier.

Whilst PN was the obvious choice, searching the shelves I came across this travel souvenir from 2021, from Poland - a 2019 Winnica Plochockich, which is in the SE (where most of the vineyards are) halfway between Krakow and Lublin (https://winnicaplochockich.pl) .

Very small family set up, mix of hybrids and viniferas, including a tiny plot of Pinot Noir, which I was keen to buy on-spec, it wasn’t in the tasting and they only allowed me one bottle. Sadly the label had ripped at some stage in the transportation home.

Much darker colour / extraction than you’d get in England, and TBPH it was as good as an up-market village cru Burgundy in a good year. Lovely balance of the usual red fruits, plus damp moss, soil and mushroom. No idea on the %abv, felt about 12.5.

This was what was on offer for tasting at the time of the visit…


Do they suggest a 6-8c serving temperature? :open_mouth:


I had a bottle of this a couple of years ago when it was frankly rather rough and rustic. Still a very deep colour, it’s now much smoother and more refined. Quite savoury (but still some fruit) with a dry finish. “Saint-Joseph in all but name” you might say.


Clearly it is difficult to generalise across producers (and vintages) in Santenay, but I had a similar reaction to a case of Gravieres 2012 from Regnaudot when drank at 5 years old; they turned a huge corner in the last few years and in hindsight represent incredible value, are now very harmonious. If you have a few definitely worth holding some to the 8-10 year mark in my view


Huet le haut-lieu 2015 sec for us tonight. What to say… Huet is one of my favourite producers in the world. At first, I was convinced this had premox, but with a bit of air, it definitely hasn’t. It does seem a bit more advanced, which I’ve found with the 2015s. It has a nice nose of bitter orange marmalade, some honey and barley sugar, possibly a bit of apricot too. On the palate, it’s rich, fairly low acidity (for chenin), with some honey and almost a chalky finish. It has improved as the night has gone on, so it’s obviously just a phase of development. Still a great wine, just without the wow factor that an Huet has when it’s firing on all cylinders.