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Weekend Tipple Friday 20th May to Sunday 22nd May 2022

OOOH! I’ve never started this thread before. Happy weekend tippling!


Thanks. You too

No idea so far. Going to let it warm a little and see what I’m dealing with.


Uploading: image.png…
New delivery from TWS this week…looking forward to it


Happy weekend. Kicking off the with Muscadet tells me the weather is nicer where you are than where I am! I did put a bottle of Tio Pepe En Rama in the fridge, but I have a feeling that’s a little wishful thinking.


Out for a Friday Night dinner (not kosher) tonight. Tipple revealed tomorrow. Raining here now!


A voyage of discovery!

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Can we all join in the guessing game?

I reckon Picpoul de Pinet :grinning:

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Home alone this evening, and this Baden-Württemberg Trollinger for company:

Trollinger Fellbacher Alte Reben, Weingut Aldinger, Germany, 2018

A variety I really like for its juicy but also savoury side, and this one delivers both in spades.

Nice pale ruby in the glass, the nose is a melange of red fruit – cranberries, raspberries, pomegranate too with a slightly leafy and wet earthy edge to it.

Smooth on the palate, the fruit is ripe but there is a nice tanginess to it. There’s wild strawberries, red plums and cranberries, but the damp earth and slightly spicy note add an interest and piquancy to the fruit. Bright acidity makes this wine very appetising and it’s particularly lovely wine-fridge cool. Lots of character for 12.5% ABV, too!

Should work nicely with my rose veal sirloin steak and the Lord of the Rings film (I can only watch this when the other half is out…).

Happy weekend all! :wine_glass: :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t drink much Picploul, though I t is a bit Sauvignon Blanc-y. Definitely wouldn’t rule it out, though I detect a touch of stone fruit - would that be a no-no?


I’m guessing Grenache Blanc.


Having opened a half bottle of Bollinger my wife has berated me about the other half, which is now cooling in the fridge.

The first one is very nice.


It’s not typical, but I always think a bets are off these days as winemakers try to push boundaries. There are certainly a lot more ‘fatter’ versions doing the rounds than there used to (barrel fermenting, less stirring etc etc).

Edit: High acid is one of the giveaways.

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It’s a sample meant for testing in a hospital.


Ooops. Too late

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After being locked in a nearby garden centre - not very careful with their customers! - and eventually let out by their neighbouring shopkeeper, I decided it was a red wine night. So I opened a Delas Grignan les Adhemar 2017, another TWS wine which I can’t find in my wines, but fortunately have in my hand!


I haven’t had any red for a while, I mean weeks not months, but was amazed by the powerful bouquet on opening. Full of sweet, rich, dark fruit and peppery spices. Similar flavours in the mouth, very smooth and well balanced, but with a refreshing gentle acidity which makes it less sweet than the aroma led me to expect. Lovely wine, and I’m looking forward to my (veggie) burgers soon.


I think you are right on the mark

You definitely deserve a drink after that!! Did you set off an alarm?

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A deliciously dry Spanish Moscatel here tonight…

…an Alicante Moscatel de Abargues ‘Pureza’ 2020 from Pepe Mendoza. From vines planted in 1943 and fermented and aged in amphora.

The relatively pale colour suggests the grapes must have been previously pressed before fermentation began. A lovely fragrant nose, fresh flowers, citrus zest, mint, wet stones and, almost needless to say, grapes. All of those notes carryover on tasting, pure and fresh, light to medium body but with considerable depth of textured and mineral flavour, beautifully tense acidity to structure and a long tangy tangerine-like finish to end. Stunning stuff !

It was a good match to dinner too, which I rather enjoyed…

…especially the scallops and asparagus. Rubbish pic and plating up though !

All the very best for the weekend everyone.


No, just shouted a lot, and fortunately a bloke appeared on the other side of the fence. Said “I don’t have anything to do with the garden centre but I can show you how to get out”. Lucky he was there; I was just working out how hard it would be to get over the rather high fence (without damage!).


Plating looks excellent. I get the Asparagus, potatoes, scallops & prawns - what are the darker (chorizo?) items with the prawns?

Might well copy the next posh dinner chez nous

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