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Weekend sipping - Friday 13th to Sunday 15th May

Saturday evening in Yorkshire - and it’s glorious sunshine, blue skies. Which means it will rain tomorrow.

With an excellent mature Beaujolais cru, Regnie 2016 (pic stolen from tinterweb). I absolutely love mature Beaujolais & this is very fairly priced from Penistone Wine Cellars. Nose is light with distinct cherry blossom & almond. Palate rich and rounded with more cherries, the slight bitterness which I find in Regnie, there’s marshmallow roses on the finish. Very drinkable.

Alongside a Pizza Margherita with added oxtail meat & home pickled chillies.


After a few inexpensive wines lately it’s time for a treat

I bought a couple of bottles at a TWS Bordeaux tasting some years ago.

Still a deep red colour, perhaps just a hint of brick at the rim. Enticing nose with plenty of fruit. On the palate it’s smooth, smoky, with a touch of strawberry, a dry and quite long finish.

A weekend sipper indeed.


I confess we’re watching Eurovision tonight but starting with a bottle of Czech sparkling. It’s really interesting with apple and custard notes and some haziness and yeasty notes. Also apple, pear and white flowers. A bit wild but excellent.


Do like Dry Slate. Enjoy!

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The Ginglinger was a very nice surprise. I have never tasted a white Graillot CH before. The 2010 Belgrave is just getting into its stride. Another nice surprise!


Snap with @AnaGramWords! on the Crémant! :grinning:

We cracked opened a bottle of it to celebrate the 19-year-old’s health today. Her actual birthday was on Tuesday, but why not have a birthday week if you can, especially if the sun is shining:

Crémant d’Alsace Brut Prestige, Domaine Paul Ginglinger 2019

Absolutely love this Crémant, with its fresh notes of orchard fruit, shortbread biscuit creaminess and citrus zest. It disappeared all too quickly…! :+1:

And this Cab Franc, was heavenly with a rack of Dorset lamb, roast new potatoes and Cavalho Nero:

Gabriëlskloof Landscape Series Cabernet France, Bot River, South Africa 2017

What a wine! We were both awestruck by this beautiful example of a grape we love.

Everything about it was just beautiful – the colour, which was bold violet, with garnet on the rim; the nose, which was particularly enticing, with notes of violets, bramble conserve and plums, as well as herbaceous notes, pencil shavings, damp earth and sandalwood smoke; and the palate which was rich with fruit (plums, bramble, dark cherries), but also balanced with a tang of rosehip syrup, savouriness and spice (liquorice), and slightly sweet/sour balsamic notes. Tannins and acidity seemed in perfect balance – this will age longer, for sure, but is just beautiful right here right now.

Classy, generous but still Cab Franc for all that – I must get my paws on some more! :star_struck:

Happy weekend! :clinking_glasses:


After consulting @CCouzens and @Brocklehurstj I opened the Schloss Lieser Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Kabinett 2020:

Which went brilliantly with pork saltimbocca, creamed spinach and jacket potato. The nose was so muted and slightly cheesy that I thought it was corked, especially given the TWS notes promised a ‘heavenly perfume’ but it tasted delicious - a honeyed, tangerine, nectarine flavour and very gentle frizz.


Discovering that YET AGAIN Mr Leah hadn’t cleaned out the bbq after he used it last :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t3:……. He is bloody lucky he’s in India at the moment or h might have been wearing the grill …. Anyway … cracked this Rock Angel open , it probably would have been better last year but the fruit is still there with red berry fruit and some flint notes too. Good acidity and texture , it’s seen some minimal barrel age which helps to give the wine a roundness and improves the body and texture. Nice structure and I’m glad I haven’t left it any longer …happy weekend all :star_struck:!


The instructions that came with my barbecue say that you should leave the gunge and then cook/brush it off next time you use it.

If, however, it’s been festering since last summer…:grimacing:


Needed something to wrap around me. Got it.


BBQ here tonight too - with this:


A little sweet, but good acidity and promised chalky tannins. I don’t want to judge too harshly as we are still recovering from a miserable cold, but definitely better value at it’s current sale price. I’ve had better Australian Sangiovese - but at nearly double the current price. Probably a rebuy - if only to test with a better sense of smell!


Simpsons Gravel Castle Chardonnay 2020 tonight. The taste is alarmingly like something from Burgundy…


First time we’ve watched Eurovision in years and it’s brilliant. Go Moldova!


Eurovision from Turin, Piedmontese food from a recently acquired copy of The Food of Italy by Claudia Rosen. This was supposed to be quails cooked in white wine with grilled polenta, but quails proved impossible to source, so I replaced them with half-poussins. Served with spinach with raisins and pine nuts, and then a dessert of a hazelnut torte. We drank Dragon Langhe Bianco, Luigi Baudana 2020, and very good it was too.


There’s a really nice herbal quality to the wine to complement the crisp apple and crunchy pear fruit. Quite light bodied, good length, and it cut the richness that pancetta gave the sauce, while the herbiness complemented the sage and rosemary of the marinade.


I had a very memorable bottle served with a fantastic meal at a bistro in Biarritz. Lovely wine with lovely food in a lovely location (the bistro, I’m less a fan of Biarritz as a town). It’s a wine I keep meaning to buy, but then don’t in case it’s not as good as that evening was.

Less sophisticated drinking yesterday evening for me. We’d been to Riverside Studios in Hammersmith to see a musical based on Operation Mincemeat (which was pretty good, but was the first “Post-Hamilton” musical I’ve seen. I felt like they’d have been better of G&S-ing the **** out of it, rather than occasional attempted Lin-Manuel-esque interludes and very musical theatre people trying to rap). We then walked along the river until we found a pub where we could get a table (inside for half an hour while we got to the top of the waiting list for an outside/food table). Sat right by the river in the sun.


Reserve du Gassec Rosé 2021 to be exact, not that we particularly need to be. While it was a cut above most pub rosé, it wasn’t anything to particularly write home about in terms of flavours but did exactly what we needed. Something slightly red-curranty, slightly mineral, plenty of citrusy acid and very easy drinking. Slightly richer than its Provence equivalent, well made and very reasonably priced. This review probably comes across far more negative than it actually is.

Probably slightly tainted by the food in said pub which was overpriced and mediocre. We were paying for the location, and that’s OK because it was a really lovely evening.


We also drank a Cabernet Franc last night, in our case a long time Loire favourite. The VV from Dom. Filliatreau

I wish a bottle did only cost £11 but that is for the half!

I was glad to read your excellent tasting notes Inbar because I too was enjoying pencil shavings. In my mind Cabernet franc is Cabernet Pencils whilst Cabernet Sauvignon is Cabernet Blackcurrants or Cabernet Tannins. Basic but usually accurate for my taste buds! Reading the more learned tasting notes for this grape it is supposed to give a nose of bell peppers, green or red. So I am now going to have to sniff peppers and decide if they smell of pencil shavings :thinking::thinking:


Like the kamado built into a kitchen area had mine cooking yesterday


After welcoming my brother and sister in law to France ,an enjoyable few days in Paris and a week at home we are lamenting their departure tomorrow but not before roasting this Dorade and enjoying a brilliant Ixsir, Altitudes 2019 from Lebanon and an equally unscious Crozes Hermitage , Heritiers Gambert, Les Hauts d’Eole 2019 from the excellent Co-operative in Tain. The indigenous grape, Obeidy gives the Ixsir enough acidity to balance the ripe luscious tropical fruit of the Viognier and Muscat. The Cozes was full bodied in comparison but handled the Gremolata rub on the fish perfectly.
Great to have family and friends, soon, coming to visit again.


I’m loath to defend someone not doing their promised chores but, yes, it does make sense, during the season, to leave the grease on the bbq until it is next used to protect it and then burn and scrape it off when it is at its hottest after being re-lit. However, I would also recommend disposing of the ashes the morning after rather than letting it sit.


Saw this appear on the list recently
Which prompted me to open one of my 2016’s

Really dark and concentrated, Syrah and Carignan doing its spicy, wild thing that I like. The 2016 is still very young but becoming approachable with some air.
Tempted to get a couple of the 2012’s