Weekend in Paris

I’m off to Paris over the bank holiday weekend.

Talk to me about tasty places to eat (looking more bistro/traditional that Michelin/Modern), drink and be merry. Also assume I’ve never been and tell me the (non)touristy must dos.

I have been to Paris before, but it’s always been a whistle stop for a specific thing or work and I’ve never touristed there.


Boucherie Roulière, 24 Rue des Canettes, which looks like it’s changed it’s name to Atelier Roulière, but still seems to sell lots of meaty stuff, as the old name suggests. It’s been a while since we went to Paris, but having discovered it, we’ve eaten there almost every time we’ve been.


Le Trumilou is good, or was when we last went to Paris around 8-9 years ago. Great food; Parisian atmosphere; not too pricey.

Not sure how non-touristy these are but I’d recommend just wandering around one of the restauranty areas after dark, for the feel of it all, or grabbing an ice cream on the little Ile Saint-Louis.

Have a great time!

Edit: memories returning now. The speciality at Trumilou is canard aux pruneaux, a gorgeously deep, dark, ducky dish. We’ve been several times and it was always good. Now I want to go back….


We love Comme Chai Toi. Excellent food and wine in a fab location. Mind you, have’t been for a while, so if you’re intetested just double check reviews etc.


One of our favourites was Chez Rene at the corner of rue Cardinal Lemoine and Blvd St Germain. Also. L’Ilot Vache on the Ile St Louis corner of rue des Deux Ponts. Happy days in Paris when we were young and carefree and not too penniless and you could still stand on the bus platform at the back to smoke a Havana!


Let’s start with some questions:

  1. adults only?
  2. which area are you staying?
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I haven’t been to Paris for a few years, but based on lots of trips in the past my very crude rule of thumb is to stay and go out in the eastern arrondissements, which I find far more vibrant, interesting and down to earth than the more ‘upmarket’ western areas. I’m sure there are lots of great places I’ve missed out on though!

Have a look at Vivant, not far from Gare du Nord. I think it may fulfil your ‘eat, drink and be merry’ criteria pretty well. But you’ll have to take a leap of faith as the website is… limited.

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Adults only!

We’re staying in the 5th, Near the Sorbonne/Latin Quarter.

I’ve disregarded proximity and fashion. The recommendations below come from countless trips to Paris (sometimes for work, others for pleasure - I used to go there a lot). Now I’ll go at most 3 times a year.

I’ve been known to take day trips there just to buy groceries. And I’ve made a routine to take a detour during our annual trip to the Alps just for the sake of having a meal at Le Train Bleu (which is a notorious tourist trap, but oh so beautiful to look at).

So here we go. Looks like your trip is short, so is this list.

La Fontaine de Mars - this is as traditional as it gets. When Barrack Obama had time off for one meal while in Paris, he chose to go there. I’ve been going to this place well before him, the trendsetter I am.

Brasserie Floderer - one of the last family owned brasseries in Paris. This one has been in the hands of an Alsatian family since it started in the early 20th century. The steak tartare is prepared table-side, as it should.


If you are taking the Eurostar into Gare du Nord. I can recommend
Chez Casimir
+33 1 48 78 28 80

Its a Breton Bistro with a decent brasserie menu. It is literally less than 100m from the facade of the Gare du Nord. I always end up there if I have up to an hour to kill before checking into the Eurostar. And I’ve been know to arrive and have a meal there as well. They have a selection of wine by the glass and some decent Armagnac. (and of course cider if you are into that sort of thing).

The cheeseboard is excellent. They often have rabbit, sweetbreads, and a decent pate.

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I’m going to sound like a right chav BUT, if the weathers nice, go and sit on the steps on the Sacre Coeur overlooking the city, buy overpriced cans of Heineken from the blokes with backpacks flogging them and enjoy the free show of athletic guys Doing stunts on the lamp posts with footballs etc …. It’s a mini cirque du soliel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


Following this thread with interest for my (too short) trip later in the year. I :heart: Paris and have missed it over the Bad Times.

I’ve enjoyed La Buvette the times I’ve gone for a glass or two. I"ve got my eye on Chambre Noir for my trip, I’ve not been but what I hear appeals to me (if you go do report back). And if you’ve never been to Clown Bar you should put that on your list as a bit of an institution. All hipster natural wine sort of places but I don’t think you’re opposed to such things. :wink:

I’ve just realised I’m missing Beaujolais Nouveau by a day which honestly is a bit of a shame because I’ve got happy memories of its own special charms in the City of Light.


I’m staying up that way this time so may well check that out. I might bring a wine though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do it :fr::+1::joy:!

Our all time favourite is the Dome Bistro on Rue Delambre. Vavin metro stop nearest but if you use Edgar Quinet you can walk doing the street and it’s amazing collection of food shops , especially opposite the Bistro the most fabulous cheese and fish shops. I am mentioning the Bistro as opposed to the Restaurant of the same name, the latter being on the corner opposite. Twice the price for ??, not a lot as far as we were concerned. The Rue has a Cave on the left which also sells jazz albums! We’ve stayed in the hotel Delambre for visits over the last decade and the Rue is a great bit of Paris left bank life. Enjoy your trip where ever it takes you.


They used to have a second small restaurant at La Bastille which I always recommended. Now closed, I may go to this one instead.

I had always wondered about the grand restaurant so grateful to know I can save the cash.

Thanks everyone.

I have a list. A couple of reservations and a couple of frustrations that Paris closes in August and I am going in August (because that’s when the gig that initiated the trip is). Let’s hope I don’t get stuck in a tunnel for five hours on the way.


Well there is always the Plage, Paris style!

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So how was Paris, strawpig? Any establishments worth sharing?