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Weekend drinks thread October 9th-11th 2020

Thought I would kick this off as it seems all quite so far. After pre dinner drinks we’re trying this after all the South Africa :south_africa: Chenin chat this week.
Found this in the wine fridge left over from late summer looking for a fish supper.


For tonight’s Negroni I am trying out a new Vermouth that was donated as the original owner wasn’t too keen.

I can understand why. Negroni is ok (probably thanks to TWS high strength gin), but not the best I’ve tasted. I’m afraid this won’t take up space in my fridge, will have to go into the cave at 15° to be used in emergencies or discarded if it expires.


Have seen that on the shelves. Pricey stuff so thanks for the tip to avoid.

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After a chilly walk on the beach I’m warming my cockles with this amontillado


Starting with a portonic (white port and tonic) as introduced to me at a WS tasting (remember those?) a while ago. Grown-up long drink that’s not too alcoholic.


First one of this case recently received. Not the intensity of fruit I have had from Koyle’s wines in Chile so a little disappointed. I wonder whether I have left this one too long?

My notes were - Deep red centre, almost opaque. Red rim. Medium nose. Black currant and blueberry. Raspberry. Hints of leather. Earthy. Rich palate. Fresh acidity. Soft tannins. Dry. Lacking fruit - mineral, slightly austere. After an hour the austerity lessoned but the fruit did not improve. Medium finish.


Enjoying some Riesling which is becoming a top favourite in our house. This is exotic fruits (mango - yum), jasmine , good acidity, balanced and a touch of pepper. Luckily we have more in reserves.


This tonight and tomorrow

Except it is the 2012 vintage which somehow got missed among the bottles. Hopefully will still be ok.


The weather is calling for steak and a Ribeira del Duero


My first one of these this evening. Had to wait for mine to arrive while another wine in the order came into stock.

Felt rather left out when everyone was drinking it a fortnight ago!


Sounds like a cool year St Estephe! Apart from the soft tannins…


Fish (haddock) and potato wedges, with sweetcorn, both home grown. With this.

Perfectly decent, and quite comparable to the Talmard Macon IMO. Less mineral, maybe more fruit. Better than their entry level PN.


@adbdorset Keen to try the recently released WS Exhibition Cape Chenin. Its in my shopping basket and will be ordered before the weekend is out!


I think you’re spot on as the entry level wine although fresh and sprightly was some what one dimensional and did not work with our dinner.
Might have to reach for the MasterCard and upgrade!


We have some Lustau to try for our next outing…Hope it works.


After a busy time writing emails to my solicitor about various financial enterprises with which I am much less than happy, I suddenly remembered the idea of food and drink. Grabbed a bottle of Cono Sur Bicicleta Viognier 2020 and put a frozen fish pie in the oven.

The wine came from either Waitrose or Tesco and cost about £8 I think, maybe a bit less. It’s good value and eminently drinkable, if not extraordinary in any way. First impression was the colour was a bit odd, but actually I don’t think it is. It just seems to have slightly less colour than I think it should, as if a bit washed out.

Mainly peach and apricot flavours, quite lush; second glass disappearing rapidly. The pie is still heating up and Djokovic has just dropped a set!


After last week’s pizza party, today was a visit to the calzone-zone, accompanied by a bottle of society Barbera d’Asti. Uncomplicated easy drinking, thoroughly enjoyable and just the thing to distract from a grey day here in the North West.


Lustao is good. Much better than this. The red is great in negroni (and shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I quite like the rosé with a load of ice and a slice of orange)


Rosé @Brocklehurstj …Ready for a centrally heated house and a cocktail then as we wait for spring…

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Loft conversion completed today with carpets finally fitted. Started pre-lockdown in feb, was meant to be finished before 3rd baby arrived. Said baby is 4 months old now. So celebratory Vina Arana Gran Reserva replete with carpet remnants in the background. Cheers all!