Weekend drinks thread Nov 5 - Nov 7

It’s a cracker! I have another 2 bottles I’m glad to say.

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Given that I’ve got drinking windows on 2017 Cote Rotie’s as already good to go from TWS, yes. That said I did have a 2017 Patrick Jasmin Cote Rotie recently. It was a very special wine, but didn’t feel very Cote Rotie-esque to me. I don’t know if that was age or a lack of knowledge of this particular wine maker, but I definitely wanted it a decade older than it was.


Those names and others come flooding back to me now, @robertd - some happy reminiscing for me last night :~}

Another of the places we holed up for a few days R&R after several back-to-back long walking-days was a YH in a small village called Lautenbach; Auberge de Jeunesse Dynamo La Schellimatt.

Finding these pictures last night, I recognise it like it was yesterday we were there - an amazing and remote place towards the very top of the mountain; although sadly at the time an area noticeably scarred by that 1980s acid rain thing, but I’d imagine or certainly hope in a better state now.

This was the scene of one of those daft things you do at that age - we’d the three of us been walking hard all day since dawn with lumpy heavy rucksacks etc, after several days of the same, and were pretty wiped out. We got to the bottom of the road up to Lautenbach, and I can remember now feeling “frustrated” seeing we had a big uphill walk to get to our YH. We were on last fuel.

As we finally staggered into Lautenbach, hungry thirsty aching & empty at about 8-9pm, we noticed a fine-looking Inn; not part of our cunning plan of course, but it took us no time or discussion to decide to follow our good luck and sally forth and blow some budget on some good food & wine, thinking as we did that our YH was just round the corner in the village. Should have checked, shouldn’t we.

Several hours later after an amazing meal that I still remember today, and a bucketload of wine followed by some sort of flaming spirit desert or 4, we staggered - for different reasons this time - out of the Inn ready for a 5-minute stumble to our YH. Oh dear.

We found someone to ask directions - luckily my French is good - who pointed up the mountain, explained a few key directions where the path forked etc, and clearly found the situation tres amusant. All we could see was a vague silhouette of a forested peak some old distance away. Well up for anything at this point however, with a skinful inside us and in invincible teenage spirits, we thought nothing of this, sparked up some postprandial ciggies, and headed off, full of the joys of life and glad we hadn’t had to face this earlier …

We did make it in the end, intact and still laughing at it all, but heaven only knows how - it was pitch dark on the “track”, we were drunk as skunks and then some, our torches ran out of batteries, and we very quickly ended up inching along holding each other’s rucksack like elephants trunk-to-tail, with the person at the front flicking a cigarette lighter to get occasional flashes of light, and slurred “mind the tree-trunk / watch out for the edge” etc instructions passed down the line. We of course forgot the various fork-in-the-track instructions, and in truth really could have ended up anywhere.

Sheer good luck was still ours that night though, and we finally rolled up at our destination a couple of tres amusant hours later. We had booked ahead and the owner had waited up for us, greeted us with friendly hugs as we rocked up in the small hours, and gave us some more grog of some kind before we zonked and slept for 12+ hours. Bliss.

We were the only folk staying there over the 3-4 days we were there, and had the run of the place, did some foraging and cooking of wild goodies we found with some game given to us by the owner - lovely chap he was and incredibly generous - and it really was an amazing place to be for a few amazing days, I’ve got to say. Probably the highlight of 3 amazing weeks, and all this has woken a determination to return to the area before long. Fortunately my vape has an inbuilt emergency torch, so I’m feeling well-prepared already :~}


A new grape for me on Saturday evening whilst celebrating my brothers wedding in Ankara. 2019 Kavakildere Prestige Kalecik Karası.
Very enjoyable indeed.


That field blend is one of my most memorable wines this year, but in a good way! Tis a curious beverage for sure.

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Thank you Mark, I picked your comment up from here as well Ch Angludet 2012 - #2 by MarkC where you mentioned the 2012 aside the 1989. More evidence that I might have been better opening a 2012 before the 2010.

Good to hear that about the 2009 Peyrabon Mike. I will have a look at your other recommendation as well. I have been looking for what might be suitable to buy EP for 10 years hence but perhaps I should be concentrating on bottles with a few years on them already to put away.

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I tried to do this before starting into my first EP a few years back, but my problem was finding mature examples of wines that are available EP (at least with TWS). Now I’ve pretty much got that figured out I’m a little wary of waiting 10+ years on EP when I’m not getting any younger! Ho hum, should have started this forty years ago! :smiley: I’ll probably restrict myself on Bordeaux EP in future to the Bordeaux Old Favourites case, typically, but not always, three each of Cantermerle, Angludet, Batailley, and Langoa Barton all of which I’ve now had and loved with some ago on them.


Got the 2018 from the Waitrose offer.

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Yes, went down very easily. A crazy mix though - Mencía, Mouraton, Grao Negro, Garnacha Tintorera, Bastardo, Godello, Dona Blanca, Palomino.

Somehow have half a glass of each remaining so looking forward to transferring those bottles to the recycling bin this evening.

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Angludet is my go-to Left bank Bdx, a sleeper Cru Classé in all but name, and hence vvgv. But I haven’t started my 2008’s yet ! I would think 2010/12 are still too young atm.


Can i ask where the Dom Sainte Anne came from?

Not the 2012. Here’s my notes…
July 2019

Lovely nose of blackcurrants, red fruits and a little spice.

Quite light on the palate reflecting the vintage, but some tannins still evident.

A very nice example of this from a lesser vintage. We Coravined two glasses of 1989 as a comparison. Latter was fading a bit, but more complex

July 2021
Some signs of age on the rim. Light, delicate fruit, tannins barely noticeable, but probably needing drunk soon.

The 1989 was one that took a lot longer to come round! I still have a bottle…I agree that the 2010 will need time and also that it punches above its price.


Of course. TWS - the recent 2015 museum release: Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Notre Dame des Cellettes, Domaine Sainte-Anne 2015

Now out of stock. I should have decanted it - I did my only previous bottle and it had some lovely tertiary flavours albeit a little bit thin imo. This bottle was decent but not as good as the previously decanted version.


TBF I don’t have any 2012’s. Just 2005 (lovely now,) 2008, 2010 and 2018; all untouched. So - guilty of extrapolation !

2012 was quite a light vintage, not for long keeping. What used to be called a ‘luncheon claret’ I believe…

I recall it well because I first tasted it when a friend brought a bottle for lunch at a BYO restaurant…it was primarily a fish restaurant! I had some with scallops and it was actually an improbably successful match…


Do you think it needs a little longer @GHobson?

Dom Ste Anne wines are notoriously slow to show themselves but I’d hoped this one might be more accessible than the two main cuvees (les Rouvieres and les Mourillions).

The first bottle I had for 2 hours in the decanter and it was very nice. The thinness (if that makes sense) was the concerning factor for me. By that I think I mean lacking in concentration of both mouthfeel and flavour. It had some lovely flavours and aromas (fig and garrigue which for me are heaven) but they didn’t last long on the palate or nose and I had to search for them a bit.

I think the second bottle didn’t get the treatment it deserved. I thought it would be a good cheese wine but in fact I think perhaps a Chardonnay would have been better for the cheese we had. It was a bit clunky as a pairing but the fruit was evident and generally people said they liked it. By that point we had already mashed our palettes substantially though!!


lightly dusted plaice fillet, new potatoes, peas and mixed salad accompanied by Mrs M’s favourite!
2020 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin (New Zealand, Marlborough)

Saturday - Unexpected lunch with son in Aylesbury at Honey Bee pub. We both ordered Steak & Ale pie, but that was unavailable, so we went for in-house battered haddock and got a bread-crumbed grey fish which may have been pollock but as both ‘fishes’ were the same size and shape was probably formed of fish bits. Anyway it fell to bits when cut. There were only three reds and three whites on the ‘Wine menu’ - Hardy’s Chardonnay, Canaletto Pinot Grigio and a bulk shipped anonymous South African Sauvignon Blanc that our son got - as would I.

In evening at home usual chicken, new potatoes and spicy home-made baked beans with

2019 Beyerskloof Pinotage (South Africa, Western Cape)

Sunday for aperitif the very tasty

N.V. Graham Beck Brut Cap Classique (South Africa, Western Cape)

and for dinner roast beef, roast parsnip and potatoes, steamed pointed cabbage, tenderstem broccoli spears and cauliflower florets, with Yorkshire Pudding, and a decent claret

2014 Château Tour St Bonnet (France, Bordeaux, Médoc)
I bought a case of these EP and they are now drinking so well they have been my go-to claret this year. Only two left now, and they’ll go soon.

And another week is over, but next week will be different!!

(Villa Maria and Beyerskloof from Sainsbury’s, Graham Beck from Waitrose, Ch Tour St Bonnet from TWS)

(Further to my mid-week thread pots. At the Italian tasting on Thursday the winner was Chianti Rufina Frascole 2018, runner up was Santa Tresa Cerusuolo di Vittoria 2081

@GHobson - really great idea using national flags to identify where wine was produced. Mind if I copy you?)


I see that someone on CT describes it as that…or even, wait for it…‘motoring claret’!

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Of course, be my guest!

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