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Weekend drinks thread Nov 5 - Nov 7

Bonfire party tonight. Any wine suggestions to go with pulled pork and honey chipotle sauce?



I’m having a 2017 Rioja Vega (Tanners) with some home-made Boston Baked Beans.


I like to go with a syrah with spicy pulled pork , something with plenty of Rotundone . I recently had This which was great and would go nicely with your food combinations .
Failing that, a St.Joseph .


I put The Whistler on my wish list after watching “Exploring an Icon: Aussie Shiraz with Freddy Bulmer” on uTube. Unfortunately, haven’t hit the buy button on that yet.

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Victoria Moore’s Food And WIne Dictionary recommends xinomavro with pulled pork and BBQ sauce so that might work.

In addition, for the same combo, zinfandel, cheap Chilean pinot noir and new world red and white Rhone blends also get a mention.


Yes, I was wondering about Undurraga Finca Las Lomas Leyda Pinot Noir Rosado on the basis that rose wine quite often goes surprising well with spicy food. It’s cold enough outside not to need chilling either :).


A challenge for a Friday afternoon! I had to look it up and am now in love with all things sesquiterpene. What a word!


Just opened this and the nose is very elegant.
Textbook Margaux, just lovely 1st impression and a bit of a bargain when it was £75ib per case of 6
Enjoy the bonfire night!


Popped this in the decanter before heading out for my son’s football training so it’s had 2 hours in there.

This is a stonkingly good wine. In a great spot now.


Found a lovely wine shop in Ankara this evening. 2013 Sarafın Shiraz, very balanced between fruit and oak and the bottle didn’t last too long between the old man and myself.


Exhibition Soave this evening. It’s providence is well documented. Doesn’t have the same depth or intensity as Pieropan’s Classico but is very nice nonetheless and a little cheaper.

A really good match for spring and summer drinking. Very quaffable and only 12.5%. Pleased I bought a half case.


Two wines from Cantena tonight. A Malbec-Malbec from 2014 and a straight Malbec from 2017. The former comes from grapes grown in the Angelica and Pyramides vineyards and was definitely more complex than the Malbec.

Malbec-Malbec - Opaque centre. Deep red rim. Medium plus nose. Rich, black plum. Ripe strawberry. Tabacco and dark chocolate. Big, rich palate. Firm, ripe tannins. Medium acidity. Dry. Some maturity. Black plum. Black currant. Cedar and vanilla. Dark chocolate. Note of liquorice. Long finish.

Malbec - Opaque centre. Youthful rim - purple. Medium nose. Black plum, bramble. Rich palate. Soft tannins. Medium acidity. Ripe, plum fruit. Blackberry. Slightly one dimensional in comparison to the 2014 Malbec-Malbec. Perhaps a little jammy? Long finish


Too much knowledge … Just doesn’t sound like something I should be drinking at all! I’ll have to try and block this from my memory.


Had a glass and a half of the Domaine Belle Crozes left for tonight after a night off last night. Day 4 is the best. Will give the other bottle a year or two.

Opened this beauty to follow up.



Made fizzy Kirs with

Not great to be honest. Will try it on its own but I am really not hopeful despite the (mostly) positive reviews.


Probably a bit lacking in sesquiterpene I expect.

Trying a Waitrose offer Rondolino Vernaccia di San Giminiano this evening, at seven pounds something. A pleasant, enjoyable drink, with a taste of ripe, mature lemons. According to the label a hint of almonds - I can sort of see where they’re coming from though I don’t think almonds would otherwise have come to my mind.



I was thinking of trying this and had somewhat raised expectations, based on the reviews, as you say. Against a background of alcohol-free wine generally being atrocious of course. Let us know what you think of it in its unadulterated state.



This evening, I cooked some brined cod, with leek purée; normal and winter chanterelles; samphire; and a mushroom, red wine and black garlic sauce. We drank Rolly Gassmann Riesling Pflaenzerreben, 2011.

Opulent but balanced, with lots of mature, petrolic aromas and confit citrus. The typical Rolly Gassmann residual sugar was a good offset to the mushrooms and the richness of the sauce. Very balanced, and very easy to drink.

Happy Weekend, all!


I’ve got one of these open for tonight - a 2017 Domaine de la Taille aux Loups, Remus, Montlouis-sur-Loire.

I had my first of this case last year, and enjoyed it but wasn’t blown away by it. This time it’s nearer to what I’m hoping for from it - a really enjoyable tension between acidity & salinity, dryness & weight, and light orchard fruit & that light brioche thing; with a dab of light acacia honey towards the end. Very nice indeed, light but substantial, and very glad I’ve got 4 more to go.

Seemed better with food though than sipping alone as I am now, so I may just rustle up a [light, of course] savoury snack or two to keep it in good company.

It took me a while to “get” Chenin, but I’m seeing better what it’s about now and it’s a grape I shall certainly be looking for more of. Anyone tried the François Chidaine ‘Les Tuffeaux’ one currently on the WS list? Good reviews etc, but perhaps a bit sweeter than the Remus I think? Not that there’s anything “wrong” with that if so of course :~}


Good to see you knocking up another quick simple dish, @robertd :~}

I enjoyed your recent missives & pics from The Vosges - my first travelling w/o family was right there in The Vosges, back in summer 1984 just after my O-levels as they were back then, doing a hiking & youth-hostelling holiday with two friends when I was 15 [quite strange to think I was so young, looking back now! My two friends were properly grown up though at 16]

I was really taken with the area and can remember good times in Strasbourg, Colmar and a little place called Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines I think it was, where we holed up for a few days R&R after a lot of long walking. Other places too but I can’t remember the names now. We were on a tight budget of course, but I can still remember the lovely food, and the [only very very occasional glass of] lovely wine with it.

Despite really liking it, I’ve never been near the area since, and seeing the terrain in your photos brought back a lot of great memories :~}