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Weekend drinks thread Nov 19-21


A bottle of this for me last night and continuing tonight - a 2020 Mandrarossa Fiano.

Despite Fiano sometimes being a bit “in your face”, I’ve always enjoyed it and have many happy memories of bottles of this with frittura mista on balmy Sicilian evenings after work.

This one is particularly good in my book - a bit brash perhaps and needs assertive food to complement it for my tastes, but very tasty and enjoyably intense, with the lush fruit and acidity underneath it; some nice salinity too [and just a wee bit of spritz I think]. Something of a shimmering blue ocean on a hot sweaty day.

Not quite in the Guido Marsella league - are there any Fianos that are? - but very delicious and great value for a tenner.


Sometimes things work well, and sometimes you just keep getting it wrong. This weekend was the latter.

Had planned takeaway for Saturday night but late change as shakshuka in the fridge apparently needed eating up. What to pair with all those deep tomatoes? Tough, ideas welcome for future occasions! Went for a Pieropan soave as freed some 2018 from reserves recently and keen to try it. Have had 2014 and 2015 but this didn’t seem as good but I think it was the food pairing. Lost those zesty flavours… My bad.

So tonight a banker: homemade beef pie. With 2005 Parde de Haut Bailly. Coravined using the new attachment thingy for the first time to help air it. Sampled while cooking: still very dry but tannins soft and some lovely old aromas - classic pencil shavings.

And then the surprise. Cut into the pie to find it wasn’t in fact beef but chicken and sweet corn - made for the kids.

In case useful to anyone, I can confirm that aged Bordeaux is not a good pairing for chicken pie…


Sunday night envy here - one of my perennial faves this one, and I agree the time on the lees takes it to another level.

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@Herbster that was laugh out loud funny!


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We also drunk a bottle of this across two days at the weekend and found it a solid wine and support your comments. Didn’t quite pair so well on the first evening with Nigella’s chicken and chorizo (should have gone for a nice basic rioja) but it went great with last night’s lamb tagine.


It’s a great wine, one of the previous vintages was even better - full of basil, lemon and aromatic herbs.

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Have decided that Tuesday is still the weekend, had my booster Jab (Moderna, a new one for me) and therefore will be opening this St Emilion 2015 - £12.95 seems reasonable. Will update once it has had time to air.

With baked potato (empty out the cooked potato, roughly chop, combine with cooked bacon & leeks & return to potato skin & into oven until golden) - with green salad to compensate for all the carbs/ salt/ bacon fat. I call it my Yin / Yang diet.


Jeepers - just read up on the Moderna side effects - they look fun! perhaps I should have opened a much cheaper bottle of wine :slight_smile:


I had the Moderna booster on Sunday, and have been feeling a bit rough for the last couple of days, but nothing too bad at all.

A cheap one for us tonight, Zorzal Garnacha 2020.

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Had moderna booster yesterday. Today very slow, flu and muscle stiffness. Seems to be getting better.

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The St Emilion is working this evening, perhaps I will not notice the Moderna side effects.


Friday - the last full day of a week long holiday in Paignton. A lot of dining places are closed as the season has ended, but I didn’t see any sign of restaurants above the league of chains. So on our last night, as we couldn’t get a table at Harbour Light we had a fish’n’chip takeaway from The Paignton Pier Chippy Co with a bottle of savvie from Tesco Express.

2021 Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, South Island, Marlborough)

The F’n’C was superior to other chippies, freshly cooked to order and came with a sachet of tartare sauce and a giant wedge of lemon. The wine hit the button. We were glad, we hadn’t gone to the nearby Brewers Fayre, and we could enjoy our meal without ‘background’ music.

Saturday - we arrived home in the dark and had our usual chicken, new pots, spicy home baked beans and the comforting

2017 Bellevue Estate Pinotage Houdamond (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

Sunday We were celebrating (prematurely as it turned out) so for aperitif I opened an excellent fizz,

N.V. Domi Moreau Champagne Cuvée d’ Argent (France, Champagne)

It’s taking on a golden colour but still had the generous stream of bubbles that attracted me to buy this when I first tasted it.

With roast beef, roast parsnip, potatoes, steamed brussels, cauliflower and tenderstem broccoli (plus Yorkshire pudding from a previous batch I had in the freezer because the ones I had just made had refused to rise) we had

2001 Château Coufran (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Haut-Médoc)

I bought some of these clarets in the summer as a result of comments on this board. I was not disappointed with a 20 year old claret for £19!

And so ended the weekend.

(Stoneleigh from Tesco, Houdamond from M&S, Domi Moreau from Bordeaux and Beyond, Ch Coufran from TWS)