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Weekend drinks thread Nov 19-21

I know this is a bit early but one of our local farm contacts just dropped off some Dexter beef fillet, so it’s a change of plan with a lunch of steak frites.

Going with this as it’s all a bit quick but first taste does not disappoint.

Note to self - walk for dessert!!


Fillet stake and good wine. A great start the weekend!

I have pitifully few Margaret River wines and can see them featuring in my 2022 buying plans.


If you have a Tesco near you the Ring Bolt is available and on a discount well priced - for what it is.




Lots of rosé on the website out of season is at bin end prices and I’ve enjoyed this estate’s reds a number of times. Eating some lovely Indian snacks from Bristol Sweetmart (great local place for Indian food and ingredients)


An absolute belter of a wine to start the weekend.

This is my sixth from the case purchased Feb last year from TWS and its really hitting its stride now.

If you told me this was a £30 wine I would not have been surprised. It was half that price when I bought it last year and can still be purchased at Justerini’s for £94 DP for 6. Mega value.

Such an expressive nose . More than a whiff of petrol (I am hoping that when I tell that to any future grand children that they will have no reference point for that tasting note) but also pick up fruit blossom and muscat grapes,

On tasting there is amazing balance to this wine. The gentle acidity cuts nicely across the generous dessert apple and apricot. Super length too.

Really looking forward to seeing how this evolves but suspect that I will struggle not to draw the remaining 6 bottles out of Reserves before the end of this year.


Lieser’s wines are very good value at all levels and I’ve never been disappointed.


My first Muscat this evening. Bought last year as part of a mixed case I put together.

An unusual taste. Subtle and very distinct.
Pale yellow in the glass. Citrus and mint nose with something menthol but it’s the palette that’s different.

The taste is rich with citrus pith, fragrant flower and stone fruit. A long dry finish with slightly bitter twist. Very good.


From TWS a few years ago, drinking very well now:


Couple of drams only this evening, tomorrow is out in Leeds with friends. Feels like a rare treat these days.



For us the weekend opens with an Aloxe Corton 2010 from Domaine Guyon, bought in Normandy a few years back. I always find it tricky to judge when to open such a bottle, and impatience usually wins. But this is well nigh perfect now - a typical Pinot, which lingers smoothly on the palate after a mature light leather on the nose. The good thing is there are two more hidden away.


Bit of an indulgence tonight. Côte de Veau, mushrooms in garlic, cream and flat leaf parsley washed down with this divine 2015 Rheingau Riesling. Trocken, mid gold, almost shimmering packed with exotic fruits wrapped in fresh acidity.
Now replete.


Blimey, exactly the same here Tom, albeit from an Alsace mixed case when TWS first offered it. I’d have opened the same myself tomorrow if Waitrose had any king scallops but no, damn ! Anyway, I’m really grateful for your notes :+1:

@GWills , once again thanks for your notes, yours too is part of a mixed case that remains in reserve. Hmm, and something that may change soon now !

Here tonight with an iberico pork steak, roasted veg, and steamed new potatoes with butter, parmesan and chives ( a totally inappropriate exercise in using up stuff left from midweek )…

…for starters I had no idea that the label name was actually an appellation !

Unoaked but lees aged. TWS notes mentioned baked apples. I’d go further as it smells like apple pie to me. Baked green apples, citrus and a lovely lees-y freshness on tasting. Medium bodied, nothing complex but it’s so balanced and harmonious that the components add up to more than the sum of their parts. A really pleasurable wine that doesn’t require too much thought but is disappearing all too quickly here. Really good VFM ( £10.50 ) too.

Have a great weekend everyone !


Another Beaucastel blanc night (going glass by glass by coravin), which went beautifully with with salmon steaks and a couscous salad. Decadent, but worth it.

Then a glass of Zilliken auslese in front of the TV. Bought this from the Society a few months ago as looked ready to drink. Absolutely delightful - really fresh, zingy but well rounded. And so persistent - a mouthful of richness I’m still tasting minutes later. I’m sure it could keep for a while and develop - but not this bottle! Have a few more making up a mixed case in reserves, and looking forward already to when that arrives.


@Tom_R - quite a way to introduce yourself to muscat! That’s a really good wine - it’s generally more muted on the nose than many classiques, but has great depth and complexity. All your notes chime very much with what we’ve found. @Embee - we often drink muscat with scallops - that’d be a good choice, I’d say.

This evening I cooked some poached smoked haddock, with a potato cake, lightly curried savoy cabbage and mussels, and a poached egg. We drank Albert Boxler Pinot Gris, 2012.

This was a wine that came in a Mystery Case. It’s quite old for a classique, but so well made that it’s far from over the hill. The fruit has toned down, but that’s being replaced by an increased spiciness, smokiness and pepper, especially on the finish. Its characteristic nuts and honey are still there, while any sugar is fading and turning it drier which seems to add to the length. An excellent bottle, but one to drink now.

Happy Weekend!


And duly noted here, they’re a great match as I found out in the not too distant past :smiley:


Bit of wine cabinet clearance earlier finishing off some previously coravined bottles but now really enjoying this coffee porter



Stoneburn Malborough Sauvignon Blanc - a winner if you like your NZSB. An almost colourless wine, very pale indeed. Zingy and zesty, but not painfully so, unrestrained passionfruit sharpness without straying into battery acid territory like some cheap NZSB. A bit of gooseberry and so on, but not much of the minerality described. Subtle or complex it isn’t, but it is a nice slap around the tastebuds for a Friday evening, if you are into this kind of wine.


Two bottles from TWS last night accompanied a tapas style evening ranging from Japanese prawn dumplings, through chorizo sausages to Brie and slowed roasted tomatoes. Both wines dealt well with the varied flavours. The Iona continues to impress after Anna’s recommendation at tasting earlier this year. The Cabernet Franc from the Loire is growing on me - for someone who loves the Argentine versions of this grape variety, the second bottle of La Noblaire seemed richer than the last bottle I had.

Iona - Mid green, gold. Rich, buttery nose. Vanilla. Butterscotch. Peach. Melon. Pineapple. Medium plus palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Buttery. More citrus - lemon, hint of lime. Clear oak. Some tropical fruit develops as wine warms. Peach and pineapple. Long finish.

Dark red centre, purple rim. Medium nose. Black currant, bramble. Herbaceous notes - leafy. Medium palate. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Dry. Initial impression of cedar and black fruit. Blackberry, brambles. Hint of strawberry. Medium finish.


The clock might only have just struck 5, but it’s MrsB’s third consecutive night out and the kids and puppy are more disgruntled about that than me.

It’s getting close to kids’ supper (I waited until it was in the oven, at least) and the puppy keeps pretending to have understood toilet training, before swiftly and indelicately revealing what a dreadful teacher I am.

So, anyway, I feel the desire for one of these


I bought a few of the 2019 (no longer available), but I haven’t opened one yet. I wonder how it compares with the 2018? TWS has Schloss Lieser Estate Riesling Kabinett 2019 at £13.50 (low stock) and the notes say it was an outstanding vintage for the estate, although obviously it won’t be comparable with the Goldtropchen vineyard.