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Weekend drinks thread 26-28 Nov 2021

Seems unlikely that this hasn’t kicked off already, but I can’t see a thread, so here we go:

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée, bought at the knockdown £22/btl sale price, and a bargain:

Lovely fine bubbles, biscuit and brioche, melts in the mouth. Happy weekend all.



Yes, a real bargain. I have bought 6 too.


It’s great stuff I’d brought some to a tasting a while ago and was well received. I haven’t really tasted enough english fizz to know how it compares but at the £22/bottle price was hard to say no to a case


A curry tonight and so opened a bottle of Von Schubert’s Abtsberg Kabinett from 2016. Quite a lot of residual sugar for a Kabinett but with sufficient acidity to balance it.

Pale lemon, green. Intense nose. Lime, honey, beeswax. Notes of kerosene. Rich palate. Fresh acidity. Residual sweetness. Lime and honey. Some pink grapefruit. Long finish. Initially, I thought the residual sugar would be too much for the acidity but it cuts through on the finish to give a nice balance.


That rarity, a 100% Pinot Meunier. Vegetal nose, rich, medium length, a bit ‘hollow’. I think the best champagne needs some Chardonnay in the blend.


Thanks @Jimmybob for starting the thread !

This here tonight…

…a Vire-Clesse ‘les Pretres de Quintaine’ 2012 from Andre Bonhomme. Firstly some geeky stuff.

It’s from a SE facing single vineyard planted more than a century ago. The wine was matured in 400 litre barrels, 25% of them new. with 2138 bottles produced according to the label.

Remarkably fresh for a Macon of its age with lemony fruit, butter and a savoury mealy quality on the nose. Fresh citric attack followed by rich and savoury flavours, as per the previous notes, on tasting. Deep and concentrated in flavour with fresh acidity to balance and a long tangy finish to end. A really impressive wine that would stand comparison with far more expensive examples from the Cote d’Or.

It was a fine partner to dinner too. With seared scallops, samphire and dried dulse seaweed to start…

…followed by Dover sole with brown butter, lemon and capers, new potatoes and more samphire. Er, although I was slightly gutted that the beautifully fresh whole brill on the slab in Waitrose earlier today was just a touch too large even for my appetite !

All the best for the weekend everyone.


Back from holiday this afternoon so it was batch cooked bolognese from the freezer for dinner with the renowned No-brainer . I usually open a Chianti with bolognese and struggle with change although I do find the montepulciano very drinkable.
Rather wish I’d ordered a decent supply of the exhibition Chianti Classico.


@Jimmybob - I took the liberty of adding the year to the thread title. Hope you don’t mind.

This evening I cooked some baked fillets of John Dory, served with a fregola and shrimp risotto and steamed fennel. We drank Domaine Neumeyer Finkenberg “Pinsons” Riesling, 2019.

One of the new (to us) Bas-Rhin producers that we visited in the summer (based in Molsheim, home of Bugatti), and this is as lovely as I remembered. The dark colour belies the finesse of the wine, with a zesty and also slightly camomile, floral quality to the nose. There’s body and substance there, but it’s finely etched, with ripe citrus and a backbone of minerality. Just right with the fish.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Opened on Wednesday, finished on Friday - argh, which thread??



I’ll put it in the weekend thread because that’s when it was showing at its best.

At first, it really seemed like the vibrant, black-cherry fruit was being completely outgunned by the white pepper and I just wasn’t feeling the love, but now, on day 3, it’s pulled itself together and become something much more harmonious and rather lovely.

I hope this sticks around on the list long enough for my next order :wine_glass:


Still living out of suitcases in temporary accommodation so tonight I opened another recent Waitrose sale wine. £12 on offer.


I know it’s PN but my initial impression was that the colour seemed a bit washed out, lacking any vibrancy. And to be honest this was pretty much my first impression on tasting. It was a pleasant enough match with a mushroom pasta though and over time there’s more flavour coming out. Mainly sharp raspberries, earth, and orange peel. It is growing on me but not pulling me to buy more. It’s 2019 and not too smooth. Probably better in a couple of years.


Creamy Garlic Mushroom Gnocchi with a wonderful Pecorino. Normally, I’d have gone with Gavi, but I’ve run out. This worked, splendidly! Happy Friday, everyone! :clinking_glasses:



Felt a little festive this evening (4weeks to go) so a bottle of Deutz recently arrived from reserves. Very nice with nose of russet apple.


Recently liberated from reserves. Boizel Grand Vin 2008. Green straw coloured. Mousse is brief and yet there’s plenty of sparkle on the tongue. Nose is a little earthy, presumably because of the 50% PN, nothing toasty but perhaps a bit mealy. Zippy entry. Nick mentioned grapefruit in his and I’d go with that. Also green apple. This has a savoury edge to it alongside a bright acidity and a salty finish. It’s got some weight to it, flavours persist and It’s actually pretty good.


Tonight saw us with a bottle of TWS Exhibition Pauillac 1998 which, alas, was beyond drinking date in my opinion. It was rather thin, lacking in fruit and ever so slightly soured. The cork was split at the top under the capsule which may explain the taste somewhat. Not a good result but the good news is it was the last one! We drank half the bottle before giving up. Better luck tomorrow, I hope!


Enjoyed this last night with home cooked fish ( channel whiting) and chips.
A real pity I did not buy 12 but hey ho.
Delightful - restrained, lemon citrus finish and perfect weight of fruit just :+1::+1:, especially with the food.


Well this was a fun evening. With friends I hasten to add. All were enjoyable.

The reds were a real contrast in terms of age.
The Whistler was very enjoyable, but young for my taste. I get the mentioned of elegance in a few other reviews. Some mintyness on the finish which I don’t usually like but this didn’t overwhelm. I though there was a hint of Cru Beaujolais about it. Quite classy and a long life ahead.


At the other end of its life is the 2007 Perdiguier. It’s still going but hardly any fruit left. We had it with a mountain of cheese and it went well. All tertiary flavours and soothing.



Planning ahead for this evening: Château Fourcas-Borie, Listrac 2011 (bought Jan 2020 TWS £16.50) with Roast Lamb. A light Bordeaux from a ‘meh’ year - but I like it as an unpretentious and very drinkable claret, mostly merlot. Currently decanted hoping it will open up.

Lamb half shoulder from a local hill farm, Clee breed apparently. I’ve boned out, mostly de-fatted, and re-rolled with plenty of garlic, salt & green peppercorns. A kind of internal marinade for 8 hours. Will be roasted hard & fast & rested until rosy pink.

The bones, trimmings, celery & a couple of onions have been browned and are now simmering for a few hours to make the start of a gravy.

With dauphinoise potatoes, lots of garlic and cream. Salmon for the Lady Lapin, with a posh Muscadet (TWS are very good at that).

UPDATE: feeling a bit rubbish, touch of flu etc. Changed the Muscadet for TWS Brut Champagne - purely for medicinal purposes you understand. Feeling better already.


M&S took a bit of a dive after they sold off all there more expensive wines that so many of you took advantage of !

Their range could easily be described as stodgy uninteresting and short, but changes are supposedly on the horizon and the first step was the Found range which several on here have already sampled as have I in a limited way.
So having taken the wife to our local M&S the other day I disappeared to the abbreviated wine section to see what they had, to be honest not much change, so I thought I would try another of the Found range and alighted on the Greek version.
Greek wines have taken off on the WS site and a welcome change an addition they are, though to me they have been variable.
Anyway the Found Greek effort is the Xinomauro and Mandilaria blend, two grapes apparently from different ends of the country put together by Apostolos Thymiopoulos.
To me it was reminiscent of a Bordeaux blend, it had that damp cellar nose with blackcurrants raspberries, and a well integrated palette of raspberry and soft tannins plus a lot of length, all in a very old Bordeaux 13.5%.
Not as in your face as many of the Greek wines I have tasted but none the worse for that, different enough to make the purchase worthwhile and in a style that wont put people off, I thought this was very drinkable, but M&S need to do a lot more to the rest of their wine range, the Found series is a good start, though Waitrose have confusingly come out with a Loved and Found range, I think they could have tried bit harder with that one.


Had the 2015 recently and it was superb.

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I believe that this particular wine is also sold as the ATMA red blend under thymiopolous’ own label