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Weekend drinks May 27th - 29th 2022

Broke off the day for an early sundowner, house pouring Rosé in a Provençal style - delicious.


I shan’t leave @adbdorset here alone. Starting off the weekend with this Slovenian number.

Elderflower, apple, lemon, lime, pepper, and some hints of tropical, possibly banana. High acidity, medium body. Youthful and drinking now.

Cheers and happy weekend all.


This is drinking very well now with a superb complexity.


It is Mrs Matthews’ birthday this weekend and Anne likes Volnay, so here is our Friday night wine.
Spicy, acidic and quite dense fruit more primay at this age. No oak, which is a delight. Guiton is very reasonably priced.


Gabriëlskloof ‘Elodie’ Chenin Blanc 2020, Swartland, 13.5%
Excellent young Chenin.
Smokey, mineral, honeysuckle, blossom, lemon zest, intense and complex. Will develop.


Opening with a sherry.

Bodegas Caydsa, Bajo de Guia Manzanilla

Nutty, herbal, salty and very pleasant well chilled in the last of the garden sun.


First ever bottle of this wine, shared with the in-laws who are visiting from The Netherlands after a 2.5 yr hiatus. What a wine!


And the weekend is off to a flyer but sadly OOS.


Candied lemon, sweet baked apples and something that reminds me of an oil stone. Quite light but the zippy acidity and crisp tangy bite make this oh so moreish. Not complex but everything just works together (balanced), this may not see Saturday.

Have a good weekend all!


Bought this earlier in the week to see what it would be like as I have 6 in reserves that I don’t plan to touch for a few years, wow! Seriously good at such a young age.

Black fruits on the nose and dark purple in colour. I’m absolutely in love with this and now kicking myself for not getting more, future me is going to be very happy when I try another bottle, thanks me!


Sorry to inflict another Iceland In yr’Face update; feel free to scroll down.

A stupendously scenic drive through the southern part of the West fjords to Stykkisholmur on the north of the Snaefell peninsula. The views compensated the horrible unmade (gravelled") potholed roads for most of the journey.

In order… Dynjandi waterfall, you’ve seen the waterfall now drink the beer, Latrabjarg cliffs, (the tallest bird-populated cliffs in Europe @ 440m), and very nearby the actual westernmost point of Europe-not-counting-the-Azores, scenes en-route, Stykkisholmur harbour, campsite (where it was warm enough on the leeward side to sit out - 12 degrees), and my turn to cook - a fresh monkfish curry with mini-mart swoop ingredients, and a Vinbudin bottom shelf Chilean plonk which needed not to be serious to be enjoyable

For those with least finger-wagging inclinations I’ve also posted about this morning’s breakfast on the what are you going to do thread.


Friday dinner brought a Risotto Primavera, followed by cheeses and finished with Sticky Toffee Pudding. These wines were enjoyed (except the red which was a disappointment). All from TWS.


Wow! An amazing set of landscape photos - just looks so clear and sparkling. Good to hear that some wines are affordable. Is the seafood as good as it sounds?

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Glass of white with roast chicken.

Chateau de Beauregard, Saint-Veran En Faux, 2018

From a mystery case bought last year. Lovely.


You know how to live ! :wink:

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I had it a month ago and it was excellent!
I have one bottle left and like you said it will develop

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First of a selection of TWS Italian whites delivered recently. This Grechetto comes from Tuscany - an easy drinking accompaniment to our Thai selection.

Light gold, straw colour. Medium nose. Lemon, nectarine, grapefruit. Slightly nutty. Light palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Grapefruit. Lemon. Lime. Red apple. Almond notes. Medium finish.


We had the same wine last weekend - superb.

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Entry level wine at Vinbdudin is around the ISK 1800 mark - about £11. So, double what you’d pay for similar in UK.

Fish ? absolutely, fresh as a daisy; either fresh fish in Netto (one of the main supermarket chains) or in fishmongers attached to export companies selling small quantities to the public, such as in Isafjordur or Eglisstadir; these have needed tracking down as the market is aimed at locals not tourists. We have a good freezer in the vehicle which has been used to its full potential. So far we’ve had cod (x3), pollock (x2) haddock, monkfish and halibut. Oh, and gorgeous mussels. There’s also a farmed salmon scene here and we’ve had the gravadlax and hot smoked styles too.


Sushi night yesterday with a few friends.

Not much qualitative analysis going on, but the Muscadet was the best match for sushi (the fizz disappeared before we sat down), but the Albariño worked pretty nicely as well.


I cracked open a 2017 of one of these last night - a Boekenhoutskloof Semillon; one of my all-time favourite wines. Obvious infanticide opening this so young, but having found some really rather cheap bottles on sale early last week and snagged the lot, I felt the need to check one for quality control purposes.

Based on some of this one last night - I’ll be keeping the bottle going for a few nights yet to get a feel for how it develops - one of those times where you’re glad you jumped in.

Some straight from the bottle and some decanted for an hour or two = a wee bit bright and noisy & clunky compared to the older more settled ones I’m more familiar with [2009 especially, Waitrose used to stock them and they were a regular buy for me on the 25% off 6 deals], but all the right stuff is clearly there for a beautiful bottle some years down the line - the luscious neroli / tangeriney thing, rich sweet sexy fruit, blossom honey, slightly herby, slight spice, oaky [a bit too much at the moment for my tastes], nice waxy oily dense texture. The splash of Muscat they add to these is really evident at the moment it seems to me. I think it’s that splash of Muscat that raises these Boekenhoutskloof Semillons to a different league to other Semillons for me; gives a gorgeous aromatic floaty florality, lending a beautiful additional breadth & depth to the overall package.

This is defo one of my desert island wines, absolutely no doubt about that :~}